Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1692 - The Original Body of the Cane of Void

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Chapter 1692: The Original Body of the Cane of VoidTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

n.o.body had ever seen the Cane of Void. In fact, there weren’t any records about the Herb of Darkness, the One Meter of Red, or the Colorful Gourd. The Cane of Void only grew with emptiness. n.o.body knew what it looked like. n.o.body knew what power it had. People weren’t even sure if the Cane of Void really existed…

That was why people called it the cane that appeared nowhere.

All in all, the Cane of Void was much more mysterious than the other three great spiritual plants!

Ye Xiao was so surprised… The bird who was so close to him in his arms…

It was actually a Cane of Void!

That was the true top-cla.s.s spiritual medicinal plant in the universe!

When he told Fang Wudi it was the world’s most valuable medicinal plant, he didn’t know it was true…


Ye Xiao felt like he was drunk, lost, unconscious…

Erhuo was not affected that much by it though. ‘Yes, it is the Cane of Void, so what? Okay. It is the rare treasure of the world. That doesn’t change the fact that I am the boss! I am the Primal Spirit in Chaos! Every living creature is under my command…’

‘Come on… Master… You can’t just forget about how important I am because of the bird… When I was an egg, I already fought with you side by side… You can’t forget about the egg over the bird! The egg is important!’

‘Be careful!’

The bird… No, Bab was… Hmm… No. The Cane of Void was dragging Ye Xiao to find its original body so that Ye Xiao could have it…

Ye Xiao could plant it in the Boundless s.p.a.ce after that…

The bird must have heard the cat’s complaint… so it wanted to be settled as soon as possible to make a prestige!

‘Holy h.e.l.l…’

Ye Xiao felt like he was dreaming. ‘Is this real?’

‘I… I must be dreaming…’

‘This is definitely a sweet dream… Please, don’t wake me up! I want this!’

Erhuo thought, ‘Holy h.e.l.l… My master sucks. I can’t believe this is actually enough for him. What an ignorant p.r.i.c.k… Well, I can’t deny it though. If the cane moves to the s.p.a.ce, it will bring us great benefits…’

Ye Xiao was ready to get something extraordinary, but he truly didn’t expect to have such a great gain. The prime spiritual plant of the universe was falling into his hands!

He had followed Bab for thousands of miles, but he still felt like he was in a dream.

Bab was moving extremely fast leading the way. It kept looking back to urge Ye Xiao.

Bab couldn’t wait anymore.

The sooner it settled in the Boundless s.p.a.ce, the sooner it could develop into a Divine Spiritual Root.

That was totally different from being just a great spiritual plant…

‘This is so good!’

‘I can’t wait…’

‘Why is the master so slow…’

‘Oh, thanks to the master. He helped me see clearly what kind of person my former master was. He showed me how nice a human being could be…’

Ye Xiao was a little hasty after being urged by Bab for many times.

He asked Hawky to turn bigger so that he could ride on it. Suddenly, thunder had struck down, and he rushed out on the hawk’s back.

Bab was shocked. It competed with Hawky earlier when it was a big bird. It had been a little better than Hawky, but now it wasn’t!

Hawky was moving at top speed, so Bab couldn’t stay behind. With a sound, it became a big bird too. With some colorful lights around its body, it rushed forward with a dash…

The two giant flying beasts were flying at the highest level among the clouds. They moved tens of thousands of miles within a second.


They had arrived at the entrance of a foggy valley. Bab stopped.

“Is your body in this valley?” Ye Xiao asked.

It should be, or Bab wouldn’t stop there.

“Chirp, chirp, chirp…”

Bab chirped excitedly and jumped around. That was arrogant and domineering. The colorful lights were s.h.i.+ning on it, which looked splendid.

“What? Not in the valley?” Ye Xiao was confused. “What? Here? At the entrance? How come?”

Was Bab playing? Was it a trick? Ye Xiao didn’t understand.

Bab chirped proudly. It stood up on two huge rocks at the entrance of the valley and chirped.

Ye Xiao was shocked.

“Do you mean… these two rocks… are your body?”

Ye Xiao widely opened his eyes.

The two rocks seemed to be a part of the mountain, which at least weighed tens of thousands of kilograms. The rocks seemed to be the most eye-catching things in this valley.

Bab chirped. It shook its head and then the rocks actually changed. Ye Xiao’s jaw fell to the floor.

With some weird sound, the mud on the rocks was getting off as if something mysterious was going to appear.

As expected… After a while, the two rocks cracked into pieces. It became a crystal cane that didn’t touch anything, not the sky, not the earth. It was like a fake vision.

The cane just stayed in the air, which was as thick as a human finger, tens of feet long. However, Ye Xiao felt like it had no end.

“Is this the Cane of Void?”

Ye Xiao looked at the crystal cane.

He could feel the life energy in the cane. It seemed the energy in the cane was inexhaustible.


The bird proudly raised up its head.

That was right. It was the eternally changing great Cane of Void.

Ye Xiao was shocked. That was such a perfect disguise.

Without Bab’s instruction, n.o.body in the world could possibly find the cane. The Cane of Void was actually just some rock at somewhere conspicuous.

There must have been tens of billions, even hundreds of billions of people who had walked over this place…

n.o.body ever noticed the rocks.

The Cane of Void was incredibly good at hiding. How impressive!

Ye Xiao thought about it and felt shocked and inspired.

Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1692 - The Original Body of the Cane of Void

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