Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1769 - Don’t Feel Wronged

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Chapter 1769: Don’t Feel Wronged

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“Old Qi! You contemptible b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How dare you? How could you call me thick-faced? You are obviously much more shameless than me! Whenever the Monarch’s Hall is mentioned, you are more emotional than anybody else, as if it is the worst enemy to you in your life. Well, two of your sons have joined the Monarch’s Hall, haven’t they? Oh, your grandsons, at least five are in the Monarch’s Hall! Over ten of your adopted sons and adopted grandsons are with them!

“I am being polite to call you shameless! You are a f*cking hypocrite! You talk like a man and you act like a ghost! F*ck you! You have sent more people into the Monarch’s Hall than any of us! You were so angry when you scolded me as if you were going to kill me! I am good at acting? No… You are the best actor… You old b.a.s.t.a.r.d…

“Oh, Old Yue, what is wrong? You know I am going to get to you, don’t you? Old Qi sent most men into the Monarch’s Hall. That is true. Well, you are the worst! You would like to get your entire clan to join the Monarch’s Hall! People of four generations of your clan are in the Monarch’s Hall… One in the Seven Stars, two in the Twelve Units! I think you would definitely get yourself into the Monarch’s Hall if you can! How could you call me contemptible? When you teased me, you didn’t even blus.h.!.+ You really are the worst kind in the world…”

The old men were embarra.s.sed, smirking and rubbing their hands…



“Heh, heh…”

They looked at each other with the same improper expression.

“Oh, have you sent your men to the Monarch’s Hall too?”

“You too? That’s a surprise…”

“Heh heh… Heroes always have the same view…”

“What a surprise! You have people in there as well…”

One old man was shaking because of his extreme anger!

It was Master Qin.

“You! You… You…” Master Qin’s face turned blue because of his anger. He said, “You guys have disappointed me! You… How could you do that? Don’t you have a conscience? This is unforgivable! What are you?”

The other six old men looked awkward, and n.o.body said a word.

Five of them stared at Master Ju. ‘Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You shouldn’t expose us… Why do you have to sell us out… Well, now what? Old Qin is going to die in anger… Oh heavens, please don’t let Old Qin die…’

“For one hundred thousand years… The Seven Lotus Clans have always been united. We always figure out ways to keep harmony…” Master Qin looked so sad, looking at his brothers. “We have deep and strong bonds… You… Now… Each of you has done sneaky things behind the others… Contemptible!

“It seems like no matter how old you are, you can always be contemptible villains… You guys are unforgivable…

“Lord Ye of the Monarch’s Hall is surely a great leader. The Hall of Life and Death is unbreakable. Cultivating in the Hall of Life and Death is over a hundred times faster than anywhere else. I know it, don’t I? I know that it is a good place, a good opportunity to raise our children. It will give the children a bright future… However, I have never even thought…”

The other old men deeply lowered their heads and felt regretful.

‘Ah… We owe Brother Qin too much… We must do something to make it up for him…’

Suddenly, Master Guan raised his head and looked at Master Qin. “Old Qin, how do you know cultivating in the Hall of Life and Death is a hundred times faster than anywhere else? It should be the secret of the Monarch’s Hall! How do you know?”

The other old men raised their heads and stared at Master Qin too.

They were cunning men, and they were enlightened… Something was wrong!

“That’s right… Everybody knows the Hall of Life and Death has rich spiritual qi, but n.o.body knows how fast it can be to cultivate in it except those who cultivated in it. Old Qin, how did you know the secret if you haven’t sent your men into the Monarch’s Hall?”

“Wait! Do you know it? Tell me how you got to know it, will you? We know it because our children told us. What about you? Is it just a blind guess? Come on, that’s absurd!”

Suddenly, the other old men stared at Master Qin, and Master Qin was embarra.s.sed.

Master Yue smirked and said, “You can’t expect things to be clear without any explanation. Look at Old Qin’s face. It reminds me of something. I was a little confused, but now I figure it out!”

The other old men seemed to understand something too. Master Qi said, “Old Yue, just tell us what it is. Don’t keep us guessing!”

Master Yue slowly and solemnly said, “I know as much as you do. You just need to connect the dots… There is something we are all aware of. Some good men of the Qin Clan, some of the thirty most powerful ones, suddenly disappeared recently… We never found out where they had gone. What about now? Think about it… Old Qin knows the secret of the Monarch’s Hall! Oh, b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l… We almost killed ourselves because of guilt… That’s ridiculous…”


As Master Yue finished speaking, the others gave the same response. As they looked at Master Qin again, it felt different.

‘The old b.a.s.t.a.r.d acted like he was furious and sad. It turns out, he got the biggest advantage!’

‘What a star of acting! He is such a remarkable actor!’

Master Qin blushed. He stared at Master Yue and said, “Don’t you dare! Do you have proof?”

Master Yue humphed and said, “Well, I don’t. You have done such a great job, Old Qin, leaving no traces behind. My clan is in charge of intelligence, so I guess I know a little more than you all…

“I have no idea where that thirty men of yours have gone, but I am sure they disappeared at the same time recently…”

Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1769 - Don’t Feel Wronged

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