Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 290

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Quietly, Medusa’s eyes looked at Ye Feng and began to become gentle with hidden bitterness, it was revealed with sincerity, not deliberately.

These changes, whether to Medusa herself or the bystander Benjamin, were not noticeable. Medusa unknowingly fell into the hypnotism of Ye Feng, began to be affected by hypnotism, and had a kind of inexplicable affection for Ye Feng, and she felt that this was natural.

As for Benjamin, he thought that Medusa was still acting. He didn’t know that Medusa had already being caught by the trap of Ye Feng. She went for wool and came back shorn. He had put it into her life for the rest of her life. There was also the fate of herself and Benjamin.

“You will listen to me later.”

Ye Feng came to Medusa, holding her soft shoulder and pressing her on the sofa. The words were like magic, so Medusa couldn’t help herself.She nodded.

At this time, Medusa, where was her idea of ​​murdering Ye Feng?

Benjamin was a bit strange, even if Medusa wanted to seduce Ye Feng, isn’t she being a little too obedient? he should have been wrapped up like an octopus! There was no temptation to match the beautiful and s.e.xy enchanting body of Medusa.

“She has already yielded, what about you?”

Ye Feng did not pay attention to Medusa first, but turned his head to look at Benjamin. Since the two of them came from two different forces being the viper and the Perkone Corporation, Ye Feng had to work hard to control both of them.

His purpose was to let the two be counter-espionage, sneak into the viper and the Perkone Corporation and to provide him with more accurate news!

Now that Medusa has basically gotten in, he would give orders to her after settling the situation, and Benjamin was a hard bone. Ye Feng was really not sure about whether he could handle this white robust man.


Benjamin snorted and looked up, like a prost.i.tute, Medusa sat on the sofa, and his heart became more and more strange.

What was this woman doing, how could her behavior be so abnormal? Did she really intended to surrender?

“She has surrendered, and everything, I can learn from her mouth. Since you are not going to surrender, it is useless to keep you”

Ye Feng said faintly, opened his right hand, a group of fireb.a.l.l.s like the flame that had just burned the black killer appeared in his hand.

This time, Benjamin finally figured it out clearly, Ye Feng really did not rely on anything when he created a fireball in his hand, and this fireball could burn a person’s body in a few seconds. Even ashes would not be left!

On the other side, Medusa saw Ye Feng’s means of exhibiting for the first time, at this time she had been controlled by Ye Feng, but she was slightly surprised. She didn’t think much about it, now her heart was full the figure of Ye Feng.

Relying on hypnotism to control people’s minds, the damage to the human mind was too great, so if it was his own person, Ye Feng would never use such a hypnotism on them.

And Medusa was his enemy, even if he killed her, it would not be that bad.

“I will count to three, I hope you can make the right decision.”

Ye Feng looked in Benjamin’s eyes, the Red Flame Fire Ball in his hand swayed, and seemed to be thrown out at any time.

Benjamin swallowed his saliva.

He thought about it. It seemed that there was no point in resisting it now. No matter whether Medusa was really surrendering or pretending to surrender, it was not good for him.

If Ye Feng really threw the fireball on him, wouldn’t he have a sad end?

“That’s good, I will cooperate with you.”

Benjamin finally could only compromise, slightly nodding, while looking at the Medusa on the side, but seeing that her face did not show any reaction, it seemed that what he chose had nothing to do with her.

This made Benjamin’s heart secretly uncomfortable, they crossed the oceans and the sea. To deal with Ye Feng’s teammates,and at the critical moment it seemed that the people of the Perkone Corporation were not reliable!

However, his thoughts at this time were loosened, and Ye Feng finally found the opportunity again.

Immortal Arts, hypnotism!

Ye Feng stared at Benjamin’s eyes, and used hypnotism,he told the other party in his subconscious, Ye Feng was his top boss, and in all of his actions he must first consider Ye Feng’s interests in the future.

Benjamin’s eyes suddenly became sluggish, and then resumed to be clear, but Benjamin at this time was not just Benjamin. His att.i.tude toward Ye Feng had changed from the bottom of his heart.

For those who were determined, Ye Feng’s hypnotism couldn’t  do much, but Benjamin’s mind had been disrupted by Medusa, and finally Ye Feng had sneaked in and won his heart.

Next, Ye Feng’s task was to clarify the matters of the viper and the PerkoneCorporation. By the way, he instilled some thoughts into the two, and made them become spies of Ye Feng in their own organizations.


After a long time, Ye Feng alone came out of the office, the espionage plan was finally done.

Starting tomorrow, Benjamin and Medusa would each return to the Viper Killer Organization and the Perkone Corporation to become Ye Feng’s eyes and ears, and for these two international organizations, Ye Feng’s understanding was more thorough.

Benjamin was in the top 100 killers in the world. He was good at communicating with people, disguising his ident.i.ty, and launching a critical strike on mission targets in the crowd!

This was similar to the sacred killing techniques in the Immortal Cultivator’s World. It could hide the person true cultivation and ident.i.ty. When the person was close to the target, even when the target was talking to each other, he would suddenly burst out and deliver a fatal hit.

On the number of murders, the difficulty and success rate of completing the task, Benjamin and the former exorcist nun Gu Si Ding were at almost the same level, except for the frontal fighting ability, Benjamin was worse than Gu Si Ding.

Of course, Ye Feng could easily kill Gu Si Ding because of the difference in their combat ability. Benjamin’s comprehensive quality was far superior to that of Gu Si Ding, and he was of great use to Ye Feng.

As for the blonde girl Medusa, she was one of the world most wanted criminals of the Perkone Corporation. She was a woman who was a big drug lord in Europe and America a year ago. After being wanted by the U.S government, Medusa and the big drug lords all became the running dogs of the Perkone Corporation.

“It seems that the Perkone Corporation and U.S have a lot of concealment between each other…”

The Perkone Corporation has harbored the wanted criminals of the country, and it was clear that the authority of the country did not attach much importance time it.

It was a pity that both Benjamin and Medusa didn’t understand the core situation in their respective organizations, so Ye Feng had a little regret, but fortunately, it was not all that important. If they go back to be spies, they should be able to get a lot of useful information.

Ye Feng was walking outside, suddenly he felt a soft, delicate and a s.e.xy body that exuded fragrance suddenly slammed into his arms.

“Hey, Sister Lin, what are you doing here?”

Ye Feng looked down and saw that it was Lin s.h.i.+qing who rushed over and accidentally ran into him.

Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 290

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