The Skyrider Chapter 109

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As long time went by, people here gradually found their minds and a stir burst out among them.

"Why Yuxu Inheritance is f.u.c.k formidable like that? Even the fantastic Trans.m.u.ting Body into Sword cannot compete with it!"

"In the inheritance compet.i.tion among outer disciples, Ye Feng didn't show Yuxu Inheritance. This means he has learnt this skill in these days…Just in several days, he incorporates Yuxu Inheritance to a high level. How amazing his cultivation talent is!"

"He really displays daunting potential by vanquis.h.i.+ng two superiors on the Qingyun List consecutively. He must become an all-powerful, highly-respected man in the future.

"Yuxu Inheritance has risen actually from today…"

The crowd completely fell into a mess, all people discussing Ye Feng.

"Elder Weng recruits an excellent disciple…" Elders who had seen the past two combats let out sighs, for no disciple under their Inheritance could be on a par with Ye Feng.

In a sudden, a type of bloodcurdling explosive sound resounded in the vacant s.p.a.ce, and Yi Jianfei, the legendary Elder of Luoyun Sect, dropped down from sky.

"Weng Wuyou, d.a.m.n you…" Yi Jianfei released a roar; his long hair danced in wind and his clothes were broken. All of these indicated he suffered huge losses in the fight with Weng Wuyou.


As the l.u.s.ter gleamed, Weng Wuyou appeared before the crowd with his body centered by star splendor. He was vigorous and energetic, and no injury could be found on him.

"Yi Jianfei. Indeed, I need to say thanks to you. If I have not experienced the previous fight with you that almost destroyed my cultivation belief, I think I can't get the quintessential Yuxu Inheritance and break my bottleneck in cultivation." Weng Wuyou stood on a cloud and gazed at Yi Jianfei with calmness.

"You were defeated by me, so you will be a loser all the time before me!" Yi Jianfei snorted; he generated brilliant sword light in hands and pushed out. Countless sword lights broke forth and cut to Weng Wuyou directly.

"Your cultivation belief is wrong. This is why you have made no progress in cultivation." Weng Wuyou shook his head. Meeting the widespread sword light hurrying to him, he kept his composure and never showed tension.

"Break it!" Before the moment when the sword light touched him, two beams of light in Weng Wuyou's eyes shot toward the upcoming attack. He let out a shout and generated the star power in his body. Then the widespread sword light before him was smashed into chippings. What a horrible scene! The raid launched by Yi Jianfei with all his strength was solved easily.

"You…" Yi Jianfei's face became pale. He was clear that the strength gap between him and Weng Wuyou was so wide, so continuing the combat was meaningless and would bring much shame on him. Phfft! Without any hesitation, Yi Jianfe summoned the rainbow bridge and landed on it to leave Yuxu Inheritance Mountain quickly.

"Kendo Inheritance came here in high spirits but left with terrible results…"

"Will Yuxu Inheritance shake off weakness and climb to the top again?"

Plenty of Elders sighed for the fast changing world, and then they got close to Weng Wuyou with their faces full of smiles.

"Senior, congratulations! Yuxu Inheritance will dazzle the sect in the future…" Those Elders gave credit to Yuxu Inheritance.

"You make fun of me! Yuxu Inheritance has only two persons now. How can we compete with all you guys and your Inheritances?"

"Don't play a trick on us! Except you, your disciple Ye Feng can correspond with our 100 disciples in power…" One Elder released a sigh.

The Skyrider Chapter 109

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