Grasping Evil Chapter 96

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An Obscure Person Was Training His State of Mind with Calligraphy!

2/2 chapter! 

Lan Mei had a very shameful dream.

In her dream, she was stark naked and was hugging Ning Fan while he was caressing her dirty a.n.u.s.

The feeling was too stimulating for her. It was a million times stronger than masturbation. 

Is this the pleasure of being a woman? That is so good…

Lan Mei was still unconscious as her legs were spread open by Ning Fan to cure her illness.

There were many kinds of stoned girl. In Lan Mei's case, she still had the monthly menstruation which indicated that her body was still quite normal. All she needed was just some poking or jabbing.

A cut with the sword produced blood, but under the nourishment of the Flesh Regenerating Pill, the wound healed very quickly.

The only imperfection was some scars left on the pink wound, which made this the only flaw in the apparently perfect thing.

Ning Fan took out a millennium-old spiritual ginseng, chewed it and smeared the juice on Lan Mei's genital spot with his tongue.

Having not experienced this kind of sensation before, she uttered moans from time to time despite having lost her consciousness.

Using his mouth? Ning Fan could only do this to his wife by lowering himself, and he had only provided such treatment to Zhihe. Lan Mei was the second one. In fact, Lan Mei had already become an indispensable person in his heart.

If you are buried underneath the Bright Moon Pond after your death, I will… die along with you as well in this pond! 

Lan Mei's words lingered in his head, causing him to release a sigh.

She was chosen by the Old Devil for Ning Fan to marry, but now, it had become Ning Fan's own choice. 

Lan Mei was still in a daze when she woke up. She first saw Ning Fan's head, stretching towards her bottom part and was using his tongue skillfully.

For a moment, she felt too ashamed to open her eyes. She was a maiden who had never experienced this kind of thing, but this night, her purity had been s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Ning Fan.

She checked the mark on her hands and found that it was still there, but her  a.n.u.s had already been attacked once. Also, her orifice would also be attacked by Ning Fan's tongue once it healed.

There was the sound of overflowing spring water. The bedding was wet and she could smell the fragrance of the room.

Only then did she realized that Ning Fan had brought her back to her bedroom while she was still unconscious.

But immediately, she discovered an extremely awful thing. While Ning Fan was licking her orifice, standing beside them was a young maidservant of twelve or thirteen years old with her hair combed in a bun and holding a basin of hot water. She was there to help clean the residual blood of Lan Mei.

That maidservant was no doubt the close servant of Lan Mei, Ke Er!

Stinky Ning Fan! Do you really know how to treat me? How can you let Ke Er watch us? Shameless! 

She didn't dare open her eyes because she had no idea how to face Ke Er if she did so.

Her lower body had already been played by Ning Fan. Although Ning Fan was her fiancé, but… this was a matter between husband and wife, how could a maidservant be seeing this kind of stuff…?

The maidservant, was young and innocent to these kind of things. Though this was a process of Ning Fan treating her illness, it was still too erotic to a little girl like Ke Er.

Her small face was slightly blushed. Her big pair of eyes were staring at Lan Mei's lower body with curiosity. The rhythm of her breath was starting to get a little unnatural.

The good news was that Ning Fan didn't stay too long. After he finished smearing all the medicinal juice over her orifice, he left her legs and said to Ke Er, "Help your miss clean them up. When she wakes up, tell her not to get out of bed and get wet for half a month's time."

"Roger. Um, isn't Mister… staying back to accompany Miss?"

"No. It's not too good if this matter spreads out. Although I don't care about my reputation, but 'Little Lan' probably will mind it a lot."

Finished speaking, he pushed open the door and left, while Ke Er quickly began to scrub and clean Lan Mei's body.

Who permitted you to call me Little Lan?! Lan Mei felt a little ashamed in her heart. This was her infant name. No one else other than her mother dared to call her this name.

Then, she felt a cooling and refres.h.i.+ng sensation coming from below her body. It made her relax. She was surprised to discover that the meridians in her lower body was circulating smoothly, and she had broken through to the intermediate Harmonious Spirit realm!

If there was no Ning Fan, she might just be a lonely girl who always put up an arrogant facade in front of everyone. Ning Fan's appearance had not only given her warmth, but also the happiness that a woman should have.

Thank you…

She smiled sweetly. 

When Ke Er saw Lan Mei's face, she became more startled than seeing ghosts. 

Eh! Miss smiled so sweetly for the first time!

The night had pa.s.sed. Ning Fan returned to Dual Cultivation Palace and went immediately into seclusion. Lan Mei's illness had been treated. Another problem was resolved before his seclusion.

The Profound Yin Qi was located at the fifth level of Dark Sparrow's grave. Although Ning Fan had never been to that place before, he didn't think that he could find it when even Void Fragmentation old experts could not. In that case, he would just put that matter aside until it was the right time.

The pills had also been delivered to Ning City. During his seclusion, he expected that the Three Black Demon Guards would have significant improvements. 

So there was only one more thing before he went into a long-period of seclusion.

"Bone Sovereign…"

Cold light and killing intent flickered in his eyes. He was waiting, waiting for Bone Sovereign to make a move, to leave Sinister Sparrow Sect and ma.s.sacre the clans outside! At that time, he would follow the Bone Sovereign and kill him!

He waved, taking out an old and ancient book. It was no doubt the Characterless Heavenly Scripture.

Nothing was recorded inside this scripture as if it was functionless. The only valuable thing in this scripture was the four words on the cover.


The killing intent from these four words was more than ten million times greater than Ning Fan's and the handwriting was very mature.

When his eyes fell upon these four words, the killing intent inside of him found a way to use a catharsis that was beyond peace.

This Characterless Heavenly Scripture seemed functionless, but he had found some valuable thing inside this waste material.

That was Restrain Killing Intent!

He stood up, walked towards the windowsill, spread open the rice papers and wielded the ink brush, attempting to imitate the handwriting of the scripture.

The four words—Death for the Monarch—were askew and crooked like a reptile.

Ning Fan's handwriting wasn't good. He was very poor when he was young and it was considered rare that he knew a few words. After acquiring the Ancient Chaos' Memory, his knowledge had virtually reached a terrifying stage, but that didn't make his handwriting any better.

However, he wasn't concerned about how beautiful or ugly his handwriting was. What he cared about was the charm within those characters. The way he imitated the author's style of writing seemed as if he was also imitating the age of the words.

Lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting could help enhance one's mental state. Ning Fan's mental condition was getting more peaceful while his mental state was being enhanced unnoticeably.

He seemed to understand something from the calligraphy. 

He felt that killing intent might not be strong enough even if you display them openly. Sometimes, it would become much sharper if you concealed them.

An obscure person amazed the world with a single brilliant feat. A man who didn't fly, pierced through the heaven in the first attempt. A restrained aura could allow one to burst forth. A saved-up aura could allow one to enhance the aura!

The only regret was that no matter what, he couldn't imitate the four characters that had the trace of lasting and undiminished appeal.

But this didn't disrupt him from consolidating his mental state from calligraphy.

The first day, w.a.n.g Yao had yet to leave the Deacon Palace probably because he had expended substantial amount of his magical power.

On the second day, he left the Deacon Palace but only to meet a few elders, and then he returned to the palace.

On the third day, there was no movement about w.a.n.g Yao.

Ning Fan wasn't in a hurry. On the third day, as w.a.n.g Yao remained immobile, he would be immobile as well.

That proud woman, Bai Lu hadn't come to disturb him, perhaps it was because of that night. After learning Ning Fan's true cultivation base and the truth about the plucking, she had secluded herself in her room for several days, as if she was still in a bad mood. Not only her virginity had been s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Ning Fan, she had also been deceived for a few times!

However, to Ning Fan's surprise, that woman didn't come yelling to murder him. 

No one had come to interrupt him. In three days, he had written a thick pile of rice papers. He could now restrain his killing intent naturally. His mental state had improved compared to three days ago.

At the same time, the words he wrote were looking better. It looked more fluent and mature. There was a sharp light hidden in between the strokes of those words.

He was sitting near the windowsill, closing his eyes, but his hands were casually writing the four words with the ink brush.

As the night fell, he stopped writing all of a sudden. A sharp light of killing intent flashed past his eyes!

At this moment, a grey-robed youth turned into light that was undetectable by people's eyes and ears, and rushed out of the grand formation of Sinister Sparrow Sect!

w.a.n.g Yao had moved!

"You will die tonight!"

Ning Fan's killing intent surged in his eyes; the rice papers on the table were blown away by the wind.

He rode on the moonlight and gently created a temporary opening on the formation of Sinister Sparrow Sect with a slash of his Separation Slayer. Then, he casted the Falsifying Art Chant to conceal himself and headed towards w.a.n.g Yao's direction stealthily.

The direction seemed to be leading to where Western Hu Clan was located. Perhaps this was the clan that w.a.n.g Yao targeted.

In the Dual Cultivation Palace, a woman in thin garment was looking out of her window with complicated eye expression and saw the departing Ning Fan under the moonlight.

She was Bai Lu.

She didn't shout to pluck Ning Fan or to kill him.

Originally, she hated Ning Fan very much, but after thinking that she could pluck Ning Fan and keep him as her cauldron, her hatred for him diminished.

By now, she knew that Ning Fan had cheated and taken advantage of her which annoyed her very much.

Though she still hated him, there was some kind of complexity in her hatred.

Her mind was in a state of confusion right now.

"This stinky man, I wonder which clan of girls he's going to harm tonight. Forget it. As long as he doesn't do it on my sisters here, it has nothing to do with me. Humph! It's even better if he dies out there."

Bai Lu berated him, but couldn't help leaving the room and head for Ning Fan's courtyard.

In his room, rice papers scattered all over the floor. Most of the papers were written with ink brush. She bent over and picked up every piece of paper, arranged them in order and placed them on Ning Fan's writing desk. Her countenance became more complicated when she saw those lofty handwriting.

"They are very nice words."

The Western Hu Clan was located in the Cold Moon Mountain of the western region of Yue Country.

In this mountain, there was a pool of high quality spiritual spring named Cold Moon Spring. Not only could it be used for cultivation, it could also be used for crafting, concocting, planting and cooking.

If one used the spiritual spring to bath, then one's life would lengthen. It could also be brewed into spiritual wine that could improve one's cultivation base.

This mountain of spring had nourished the Western Hu Clan. It had supported up to a thousand people in this clan.

Numbering 500 persons, Hu Cavalry was ranked fifteenth in the war guards of Yue Country! Every single one of them was a Third Level Vein Opening expert with a Second Level Vein Opening flying beast that could fly and attack Harmonious Spirit experts!

Their overall combat power perhaps wasn't very strong, but they were all riding strange beasts that could fly. Thus, not even Harmonious Spirit experts dare to offend them as they pleased.

In addition to the Hu Cavalry, there was a powerful group that included 11 Harmonious Spirit experts. The strongest one was the patriarch of Hu Clan—Hu Fengzi, a peak Harmonious Spirit expert.

Rumor had it that he was getting closer to breaking through to the Gold Core realm. Some said that he had even touched the bottleneck of Heart Devil.

During the night, a group of Hu Clan's cultivators were patrolling within the two hundred miles of the Cold Moon Mountain. Every one of them was strolling unconcernedly.

The so-called patrolling was merely getting rid of some 'little cats' and 'little dogs' who intended to steal the Cold Moon Spring Water.

Throughout Yue Country, there was basically no one that would come here and make trouble with the Hu Clan without giving it a second thought.

But tonight, they were destined to be frightened to death because a grey-robed youth with a gloomy smile appeared in the zone of Hu Clan in the dark clouds.

The patrol guards changed their expressions drastically. The intruder undoubtedly was a Harmonious Spirit expert as he could hover in the sky!

If the intruder was coming here with benign intention, he wouldn't choose to come in the middle of the night. Plus, this man's eyes were filled with killing intent. He must have come here to cause trouble for Hu Clan!

"Quickly! Release the Spirit Arrows!"

On the ground, among the patrols was a long-bearded man who seemed like the leader. His facial expression changed drastically when he found out that the intruder didn't bear any good intention.

Immediately, he ordered to release the spirit arrows and sent distress signals to the others.

A fat expert took out a purple jade spirit arrow and struck out a magical seal. The spirit arrow instantly burst into pieces of jade and turned into a purple light that shot straight towards the night sky and produced the sounds of night owls.

The grey-robed youth did not stop him from releasing the arrow. When the spirit arrow was released, all the buildings in the two hundred mile radius lit up! And immediately, three Harmonious Spirit old experts flew up to the sky holding their magical treasure.

Among the three of them, two were early Harmonious Spirit experts and one was an intermediate Harmonious Spirit expert. When the intermediate Harmonious Spirit expert saw that the intruder was merely a grey-robed youth, his expression turned into a sneer.

"Which clan's brat is this? What's your intention of coming to our Hu Clan in the middle of the night when you should have been sleeping soundly?"

There was no doubt that the grey-robed youth was a Harmonious Spirit expert as he could fly. But what difference did it make even if he was a Harmonious Spirit expert? Even early Gold Core experts wouldn't dare to simply break into Hu Clan.

Therefore, the elder didn't put the grey-robed youth in his heart and his tone was full of contempt.

However, the youth was still wearing his cold smirk. His white teeth that was visible in the moonlight frightened the people around. Suddenly, he glowed with tremendous white light, turning into a 300 meter tall White Bone Giant!

A trace of an early Gold Core Qi was exuded from the giant's body along with a sneering laugh.

"Today, Western Hu Clan will become my food! Die!"

The giant roared so loud as if he was using some kind of sonic magical art. The three Harmonious Spirit experts and the patrols below were crushed instantly in the sonic waves, dying without a complete corpse!

"Gold-Gold Core expert! And…what's this magical art?!" On top of the mountain was where the patriarch of Hu Clan. Hu Fengzi was in peaceful seclusion, but when he swept across the White Bone Giant with his divine sense, he felt some tingles on his scalp.

With his hundred years of experience, he had never seen a cultivator that could transform into a giant!

The 300 meter tall giant showed a jeering smile as if he had sensed the divine sense of Hu Fengzi. Every step that the giant made caused a rumbling earthquake. He neared the foot of the Cold Moon Mountain, sent a punch with a force that could push the mountain into the sea. Instantly, the 3000 meters high Cold Moon Mountain was pulverized!

Hu Fengzi was badly injured by the impact; he was now in terror.

He felt that the intruder wasn't just a Gold Core old expert. This intruder's combat power was beyond the Gold Core realm, even much stronger than those late Gold Core old experts!

"How did my clan offended such a being? Where's the Hu Calvary?!"

"Grandchild's apology for arriving here late with the reinforcement!"

A black-clothed youth armed with a spear and riding a flying eagle beast with 500 experts riding the same flying eagles behind him, soared up to the sky like five hundred rays of light.

Hu Clan was in chaos right now! Hu Cavalry pledged to fight to their death!

"Set the formation to execute this demon! We'll never retreat if it's still alive."

The black-clothed youth gritted his teeth.

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