Grasping Evil Chapter 105 Part1

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According to the legend, the Treasure Ama.s.sing Vase was in the possession of the G.o.d sovereign in Rain Immortal World. It was also known as the wealth of the world. They were afraid that this vase was the legendary Treasure Ama.s.sing Vase… No, it had to be the real Treasure Ama.s.sing Vase! It would pour out ten immortal jades forever. If the possessor had leisure time, he could let the vase continue pouring immortal jades for years until it reached millions of immortal jades.

So obviously, this person wasn't a beggar, but a tyc.o.o.n and also a highly revered figure in Rain Palace. Despite all that, he had a very low cultivation and poor memory.

"Very well, since fellow Shu Buyun possesses the Treasure Ama.s.sing Vase, it's sufficient for him to open a gambling stall. This old man will gamble one thousand immortal jades on Ning Fan being defeated! And another hundred immortal jades on draw."

"This old man will gamble 3000 immortal jades on Ning Fan being defeated and 1000 on draw!"

"Old man will gamble 5000 immortal jades on Ning Fan being defeated and 1000 on draw!"

Each old expert placed two bets - one was betting on Ning Fan to lose the match and the other was to draw. Naturally, this was a prudent step on their part although none of them thought that Ning Fan would have the strength to draw with Revered Bai.

This was because no one could really tell about the 'result'. What if Revered Bai was kind enough to end the match with a draw? In that case, even if they lost, they would still gain from the other bet, which meant that they would make profits no matter what!

This beggar named Shu Buyun must have too much money and wanted to give them away to people. Ai, he was truly a good man. Anyway, with the Treasure Ama.s.sing Vase, his fortune was limitless. Perhaps by giving away some of his fortune allowed him to achieve enlightenment and break through to the intermediate Harmonious Spirit realm.

This man must have a very solid background. Even though he has a low cultivation base, he could never be offended because the Void Fragmentation experts in Rain Palace could raze Yue Country to the ground at any time.

No one gambled on Ning Fan to win. Even those who repeatedly declared that they would support Ning Fan were tempted to bet that Ning Fan would lose.

The gambling stall of the beggar spread instantaneously throughout Sinister Sparrow Sect. No one would refuse when there was a chance of making profits.

After hearing that the beggar was a Divine Guard of Rain Palace, every one of them gave up the intention of murdering this beggar and steal away his fortune, even though the beggar was merely a Harmonious Spirit expert.

The only thing that annoyed them was the beggar's poor memory. Whenever they placed a bet, they had to get a receipt to avoid the beggar denying their claims later on.

Furthermore, there were ten old experts who were taking turns to watch the beggar, in case he ran away with all the immortal jades. Although the beggar was a member of Rain Palace, the bottom line was that he shouldn't refuse to pay when others won in their bets. 

When the word was spread to Bai Feiteng's ears, his facial expression seemed conceited.

Innumerable old experts had bet Ning Fan to lose and none of them bet that Ning Fan would win. Undeniably, this was something good!

"This old man will gamble 10000 immortal jades on me winning the match!" He would be a fool if he failed to see the benefits behind this. He took out all of his fortune and placed a huge bet, ignoring the odds of a match resulting in a draw. This was his confidence in himself. He was confident that he would win.

If he won, he would be paid 10 million immortal jades! Such tremendous amount of fortune could shake even the composure of a Void Fragmentation expert.

That would certainly be a windfall of profits, but he didn't expect the beggar to pour out 10 million immortal jades, because no one knew how many years it would take for the beggar's vase to ama.s.s 10 million as the vase could only produce 10 immortal jades every time. He had already decided to only ask for 100 000 immortal jades from the beggar after the match. He would consider this as an act of kindness to Rain Palace. Besides, if he got too many immortal jades, he would be targeted by Nascent Soul experts of the other counties, bringing disaster upon himself. It wasn't worth to bear such a risk just to get the 10 million worth of fortune. 

As a matter of fact, most of the old experts had the same thinking as Bai Feiteng. This had always been their approach in life - never be too ruthless in someone else's businesses.

Gradually, almost all of the cultivators on the jade platform had either bet on Ning Fan to lose or a draw. The beggar's eyes were full of boredom and disdain as he looked at those gamblers.

Thanks to Ning Fan, I'm going to profit from this.

He couldn't help but feel delighted for discovering a way to make tons of profits.

Everyone in the world was conceited and foolish, but he was able to tell how Ning Fan had concealed his abilities at the first glance.

He liked this kind of gambling. There was a huge disparity between the two combatants and this would become his best chance to earn a profit. Also, this was a chance for him to observe Ning Fan.

"Could this man be the one that Big Brother has been looking for?" There was a flash of brilliance in his eyes. 

Just as this moment, a girl in blue walked forth to place her bet. Immediately, the beggar turned back with a face of a rascal man.

"What are you betting on?" 

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Grasping Evil Chapter 105 Part1

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