Grasping Evil Chapter 109 Part2

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Revered Ning!

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The reason the old experts were shocked wasn't because of Ning Fan's ability to initiate the heavenly tribulation, but his speed of cultivation. It was too fast!

Before entering the sect, he was merely an intermediate Harmonious Spirit expert. After being in Demon Sinister Forest for a month, he broke through to the late Harmonious Spirit realm, and half a year later, he advanced to the peak of Harmonious Spirit realm. Moreover, he had found his Heart's Devil during battle and could overcome the tribulation at any time and form his gold core!

This speed was way too fast… A middle-aged Gold Core expert would be born in Yue Country?! This… this was undeniably monstrous!

All the old monsters with profound cultivation base like Gui Qiaozi (Sinister Sparrow), Elder Song Feng and the beggar could vaguely discern the struggle in Ning Fan's heart as it swayed away. Gui Qiaozi, the one who had a deep understanding of Ning Fan, let out a gentle sigh.

He understood why Ning Fan struggled. It was because this kid had too many beauty fetters. Would he choose to forget all of them…?

Because of this struggle, he would become a matchless expert after he broke through to the Golden Core realm and his cultivation would advance at a tremendous pace… but what would he choose? Would he choose to form the core?

A hint of shame was plastered on Gui Qiaozi's face, because not even him had any emotional debt before his core formation. He only started to have feelings for Lan Mei's mother after his core was formed. He wouldn't dare away his sentiments.

Bai Feiteng's face turned gloomy once more and within the gloominess, there was fear.

The fall of the Ice Sun didn't cause any harm to Ning Fan. Conversely, it had expedited the process of Ning Fan's core formation, making him understand his Heart's Devil entirely.

A while later, Bai Feiteng's gaze trembled. He discovered that the Ice Sun was turning illusory and even disintegrating!

"How could this be…? The Ice Sun is a heavenly might!"

Bai Feiteng retreated two steps and regained his balance. He then launched several magical seals into the Ice Sun, attempting to stabilize it, however, his eyes immediately narrowed in horror.

A small cloud of black fire began to spread in the Ice Sun, incinerating the cold Qi in all directions. 


A youth's voice sounded from the Ice Sun, and immediately, the whole huge and shocking sun disintegrated. A youth inside was holding a black fire of dragon. His eyes and body were covered with frost. With a point of his finger, the Ice Sun was destroyed.

"It's finished…"

The youth spoke flatly. A black light flashed past his eyes. With another point of his finger, the rolling black fire in his hand turned into a sea of fire that spread across, immediately turning into a black whirlpool and caught Revered Bai!

"Black… Black Demon Flame! Earth Vein Demonic Fire! Fifth Grade Spiritual Fire!"

Countless of old monsters rose upright from their seats, staring at the black flames in disbelief.

According to their knowledge, this flame belonged to Revered Alchemist Han. Even if he was only at the Harmonious Spirit realm, this flame made him one of the top ten figures of Yue Country!

Even though everyone knew that Ning Fan was Old Monster Han's disciple, no one knew that the old monster imparted this flame to Ning Fan!

"Earth Vein Demonic Fire… When this fire is used, not even a fourth grade cold Qi is a match for it. There is no more suspense in this battle…" Elder Song Feng's eyes revealed astonishment. He could not believe that he was watching an old opponent of his being defeated by a youth, but this was the fact.

This youth is too powerful. It would be absurd if he couldn't win against Revered Bai!

"No, I won't lose! I still have the Profound Heavy Armor…" Bai Feiteng's eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with madness. All of his magical strength had been channeled into the armor to defend against Ning Fan's black flames.

A sizzling sound was heard from the armor as though it was having difficulty in resisting the power of the black flames, but eventually, the flames were blocked.

But at this moment, Ning Fan casted a spell and shouted!

"Dragon Vortex Fire, First Revolution!"

In an instant, the whirlpool of flames revolved fiercely, causing the armor to produce a sizzling sound once more. Lines of fractures began to form in it.

"You can't break!" Bai Feiteng fished out more than a dozen Core Level (Realm) talisman and plastered them violently on the Profound Heavy Armor. Screens of light were created in the sea of fire, turning into lines of defense.

In this way, the Profound Heavy Armor was able to hold the might of the first revolution of the Dragon Vortex Fire, but almost instantly, the second revolution had been struck out!

"Dragon Vortex Fire, Second Revolution!"

The color of the flames became darker. Bai Feiteng's beard and hair began to burn.

The cracks in the armor spread once more. It wasn't far away from breaking apart.

"This old man has already said it, you can't break this!" Revered Bai went insane. He patted his storage pouch and took out a secret bottle of pills that could enhance one's magical strength. 

He started to feel the distending pain in his meridians, and his magical power was once again boosted. He then channeled the magical power into the heavy armor to strengthen its defense and to block Ning Fan's Second Revolution of Dragon Fire.

If it was an early Gold Core cultivator who confronted the Second Revolution of Dragon Fire, he would just be wounded severely, but when the dragon fire was a.s.sisted by the Black Demon Flame, its power became more incredible!

All the coldness on the scene had been swept away and was replaced by a scorching heat. Each and every old monster were fixing their eyes at the dragon fire technique. Their facial expressions displayed astonishment.

Plenty of them had admitted that they wouldn't be able to withstand such a fire, however, despite Bai Feiteng's severe injuries, he was still able to defend himself and this complicated the situation.

"The Second Revolution isn't enough… unless this kid can cast the Third Revolution… but not even the tyrannical Old Monster Han could cast such a fire…" The head of the Flying Swallow Sect, Xu Fei, a Gold Core old expert who had been bullied by the Old Monster, sighed deeply.

He wouldn't be able to cast out the Third Revolution fire.

Xu Fei's remark put many old monsters in contemplation. Ning Fan had expended a lot of his magical strength. If he couldn't break Revered Bai's lines of defense, this match would be a draw.

"A tie… if this is the case, lesser money will be won. Forget it…as long as Revered Bai doesn't lose this match, all of my fortune won't be wasted."

Some of the old experts were thinking about their bets. Everyone had already eliminated the possibility that Revered Bai would win. What they antic.i.p.ated was for Revered Bai to tie with Ning Fan in this match.

However, these people were destined to be disappointed, Ning Fan had altered his spell once more!

"Dragon Vortex Fire, Third Revolution! Snap him, Black Dragon!"

Coldness glowed in Ning Fan's eyes. The swirl of flames surged. In the innermost of the whirlpool, the flames condensed and formed a humongous head of a dragon and bit on Revered Bai's shoulder, ripping away a big chunk of the heavy amour along with a piece of fles.h.!.+


Revered Bai wailed, but the pain in his shoulder aroused his ruthlessness.

He fished out pieces of magical treasures, more than a dozen of them. Each of them were Intermediate Grade and extremely precious.

But at this moment, he had already completely forgotten about victory or defeat, gamble, everything. The only thought left in his mind was to block Ning Fan's attack so that he could protect his own face!

"Break! Break! Break!"

Each magical treasure was detonated frantically by Revered Bai. The power of the explosion had created an opening in the heavy sea of fire. Revered Bai covered his injured shoulder, took advantage of the situation and rushed out of the flaming whirlpool. All of his hair and beard were seared off. His Profound Heavy Armor was full of cracks. He was totally in a state of discomfiture.

At least, he had survived Ning Fan's Third Revolution Dragon Fire!

"Finally… finally it's a draw… in this way, I won't lose my face…" He no longer had the thought of victory in his mind as he was no match for Ning Fan.

The persistence of Revered Bai made Ning Fan understand that this old expert wasn't as vulnerable as Sister Bing Ling and Yue Ling, but was molded and shaped out of the sea of blood. There were innumerable old experts like him and Ning Fan definitely couldn't underestimate them!

"Ice Rain Technique!"

Ning Fan's magical strength was almost depleted. With a bend of his finger, he casted his last skill - the First Grade Ice Rain Technique.

Numerous old monsters treated this as an insignificant technique, and Revered Bai wasn't exception. He panted, gazed at the icy spikes and smiled coldly.

"The match is tied… this ice rain won't harm me…"

Every spike of the ice stabbed on the metal armor. With the Profound Heavy Armor, none of the icy spikes could get through the iron sh.e.l.l.

But due to the cold Qi in the spikes, frost was spread all over the armor and it broke apart without a warning!

The remaining ice spikes stabbed into Revered Bai's vulnerable body, causing his body to be badly mutilated. Of course, Ning Fan avoided the vital spots.

He had already said that he wouldn't kill Revered Bai, but only to injure him severely!

"What-what?! Revered Bai could even withstood the Third Revolution Dragon Fire, but why was he defeated by this Ice Rain Technique? This-this!" Each and every old monster was gaping at the scene with shock. They were shocked as to why an Immortal Vein was able to cast out two different attributes of magical techniques.

To cast the Dragon Vortex Fire, Ning Fan must have at least a Fire Vein.

As for the Ice Rain Technique, although it was merely low grade, Ning Fan would need an Ice Vein to launch this strike.

A Double Spirit Cultivator!

those who figured this out was gazing at Ning Fan in disbelief. It seemed like they had already found the answer as to why Ning Fan could cultivate so quickly. 

A Double Spirit Cultivator with monstrous talent!

"You…you…" Revered Bai's tone was very soft. He wanted very badly to die right now. Staying alive after this defeat means that he would be sneered by countless experts, which to him, was worse than death, he was a man of dignity.

"You lost because you have underestimated me… the name Revered Bai made you become used to the sense of superiority, forgetting that there are people even stronger than you outside. The cultivation world is very huge. You and I aren't the strongest, not even those high and mighty Void Fragmentation old monsters."

While he was speaking, he darted a glance at the beggar unnoticeably.

"Don't provoke me again, or else…"

Without a second word, he turned and headed to the center of the platform. His eyes swept through all the guests indifferently. Under his stifling gaze, not even the Gold Core old experts dared to sound a word.

This kid isn't just the number one expert below Gold Core realm… Even among the Gold Core experts, there were only few who could defeat him!

"From today onwards, there would be no more Revered Bai in Sinister Sparrow Sect, but only me, Revered Ning!"

The youngest revered devil in the history of Sinister Sparrow Sect, Revered Ning was born today! He would enjoy the sect-master-level of treatment from now on!   

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Grasping Evil Chapter 109 Part2

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