Grasping Evil Chapter 135 Part1

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The War between the Devil Armies and Yue Armies (3)

"Fellow Daoist Jing Zhuo does not need to be so formal, with the arch-enemy at hand, now is not the time to chat…" Ning Fan helped Jing Zhuo up, his gaze swept upon Tian Yizi. 

As for Purple Yin's s.h.i.+ps that had gotten far away, Ning Fan had no interest in them, as Nan Gong had brought men to chase after it. The real threat that he was most worried was the one inside the black coffin! 


Not just Jing Zhuo, Gui Qiaozi, even the other Gold Core backups, exclaimed.

Extreme Yin Gate was annihilated, leaving only the Heavenly Dao Sect, Tian Yizi and a few Heavenly Dao cultivators, though they weren't easy to deal with, they shouldn't be considered as the arch enemy. 

They belittled the Heavenly Dao Sect too much.

As though authenticating Ning Fan's words, Tian Yizi held a compa.s.s, his gaze pierced blazingly towards Ning Fan's direction. 

The compa.s.s spun more violently as it got closer to Ning Fan. As of this moment, Tian Yizi faced the sky and laughed brazenly in a coa.r.s.e and deep voice, which didn't fit the current situation. 

"It's the ancient corpse! So it's in your possession! Excellent! This will save me the trouble of searching for it! The corpse IS MINE! Hand over the corpse and I will give you a swift end! As for the others, THEY SHALL BECOME MY NEW REFINED CORPSES!"  

Tian Yizi retracted the compa.s.s, stood with his hands behind his back and unleashed a wave of overbearing pressure. This pressure amounted to only 30% from its true body, however, it was only a shred weaker than Jing Zhuo's, and was stronger than Gui Qiaozi's by a margin. 

Under this pressure, everyone in Ning city gasped in surprise, Tian Yizi's pressure was indeed abnormal, but not as tyrannical as Old Ancestor Jing Zhuo, so he must be overly audacious to declare bathing this place with blood with the experts here! 

Jing Zhuo coldly harrumphed and stepped forward. His aura climbed higher with each step he took. His magical force had reached Nascent Soul. Although his aura had yet to reach the Nascent Soul realm, he was a lot more powerful compared to ordinary old ancestors.  

People who were near to Jing Zhuo, including Bai Feiteng, were suffocated by the pressure he emitted, but when it reached Tian Yizi, it felt like a wind blowing harmlessly across his face, which was later followed by a sneer.

"If your only reliance is this False Nascent, then I have to regretfully announce that he cannot save you all!"

Tian Yizi sneered and performed an incantation gesture. The four Harmonious Spirit zombies near him started to decay, then burst into blood mist. Corpse qi and blood mist, rolled towards Tian Yizi, and immediately his qi increased, gradually surpa.s.sing Jing Zhuo's, reaching the early Nascent Soul realm. 

At this moment, a gale swept across the sky. His qi had turned the spiritual force of the five elements and the clouds in the sky chaotic!

The combat intent of Bu Kuangfen had gradually diminished, and was immediately replaced with fear. Tian Yizi's Qi was even much stronger than his sect's old ancestor! Despite being a Gold Core expert, he couldn't help but feel helpless. Upon hearing what Tian Yizi had said and knowing that Jing Zhuo was only at the False Nascent realm, each old monster looked doubtfully at Jing Zhuo, waiting for an explanation. 

"Yes, due to some circ.u.mstances, I am still not a true Nascent Soul cultivator…". With him being situated at the center of Tian Yizi's Qi, cold sweat slowly seeped out of Jing Zhuo's forehead. Although feeling not comfortable, it wasn't enough to freeze him. 

His words had splashed on everyone's heart like a bucket of cold water, however. 

The person they relied on, Old Ancestor Jing Zhuo… was just a False Nascent cultivator… and Tian Yizi's Qi was even much stronger compared to Jing Zhuo's… 

Could it be that this so called first Nascent Soul expert of Yue Country hadn't  broken through the Nascent Soul realm?! 

Could it be that Tian Yizi who looked to be at a disadvantage was the true Nascent Soul cultivator?! 

Each and every cultivator's eyes started to show fear towards Tian Yizi. A Nascent Soul cultivator was powerful enough to level a low ranked Cultivation Country to the ground. Even with Jing Zhuo who was a False Nascent cultivator in their presence, they might not stand a chance against Tian Yizi… They were afraid that there would be danger today.

Tian Yizi laughed coldly, everyone's fear couldn't help but arouse his disdain. "This is just half of my power, now, behold the 70% pressure!" 

Tian Yizi once again performed an incantation gesture, the eight Gold Core elders behind him decayed and burst into blood mist. 

After absorbing the blood mist, Tian Yizi's Qi rose once more, almost reaching the peak of early Nascent Soul realm!  

With 70% pressure gus.h.i.+ng out, people like Bai Yunteng and Yan Bai, couldn't help but feel the air thinning, their magical force churned. Above Ning City, except for Jing Zhuo, Gui Qiaozi and Ning Fan, no one was able to resist this overwhelming pressure! Blood light shone from Tian Yi Zi's vertical eye, Bu Kuangyan and three other Gold Core elders of Fire Cloud Sect felt psychologically affected, as if they had been invaded by Heart Devils! 

"I'm afraid that he has already reached the level of peak-early Nascent Soul realm?! And this is just 70% of it, if he released all his power..." Even Jing Zhuo had changed his expression dramatically for the first time. His defence against Tian Yizi's pressure slowly crumbled. 

It was extremely weird, because not even Nascent Souls had such a pressure… unless, Tian Yizi secretly used an illusion technique when he unleashed his pressure?! 

For an instant, Jing Zhuo and Gui Qiaozi looked at each other, both caught a clue from each other's eyes. 

They nodded at the same time, they then roared and cast out all their magical force, trying to break the illusory technique.

Their joint magical force was vast, and was on a par with an ordinary early Nascent Soul cultivator. 

The only method to break an illusion technique that one had no knowledge of was with incredible magical force. Although their method was correct, their joint magical force was still weaker than Tian Yizi's, hence they failed to uncover the illusion technique.They could only make the air surrounding them flicker with red strings that lasted only for an instant. 

Those red strings were the origin of the illusion. But having a clue was not enough as they still could not break it, and instead, due to the aggressive use of their magical force, they had enabled those red strings to invade their bodies, which forced their mental state to go haywire 

Both Gui Qiaozi and Jing Zhuo were shocked. What kind of foul energy these blood strings have that it could invade the two of them who had cultivated their mental state for thousands of years?!

"What illusion is this…? When did he execute such a technique?!" 

The both of them could not comprehend Tian Yizi's method, but Ning Fan understood it well. The blood strings that emerged just now confirmed Ning Fan's hypothesis on the mystery of this technique.

It was blood red because there was evil sense sent out by the Third Corpse Pupil. It was extremely invasive and could enthral people's mind! 

The shape of the string was the power of the spirit sense. It was exploiting the invisibility of the spirit sense to mask the evil sense! This was the origin of the Third Corpse Pupil Technique! 

It was the spirit sense… and even if it was the spirit sense, it couldn't scare Ning Fan!

"You, enough!" 

The star on his glabella shone, the Separation Slayer that was refined in his glabella immediately turned into a starlight and flew forward, cutting whatever that stood in its way, annihilating the surrounding hidden energy of spirit sense. 

Pupil Technique was an eye expression, and that expression in the eye was a type of spirit sense. If it was the offensive-type Pupil Technique, whoever that was caught by the eyes would find it very difficult to break the spell. However, this was an illusion technique, and was a Joint Illusion Technique. Once a clue was found, breaking it wouldn't be as difficult! 

A few slashes had severed all the spirit sense blood strings. Ning Fan's gaze shone sharply. He reversely gripped the Separation Slayer, turned into the icy rainbow and stormed straight towards Tian Yizi.

It seemed like no one was able to break Tian Yizi's illusion technique except him, hence he was the only one qualified to fight against Tian Yizi.

Tian Yizi, who had the Corpse Devil Vein, had actually refined the rare Third Corpse Pupil. He could even go toe-to-toe against an intermediate Nascent Soul during his pinnacle state! 

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Grasping Evil Chapter 135 Part1

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