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The War between the Devil Armies and Yue Armies (3)

"Requesting both seniors, fellow daoists, to a.s.sist me on defending the city, I shall face him alone! "

Hearing Ning Fan's request, both Jing Zhuo and Gui Qiaozi retreated back above the Ning City wall with lingering fear… the illusion technique was just too horrifying, which caused them to become extremely vigilant! 

Without a doubt, it seemed like there was only Ning Fan who could fight against Tian Yizi today. 

"That is a Nascent Soul old monster, would Ning Fan be victorious?" Bai Feiteng said in an unconvinced tone, as if he had forgotten the gap between him and Ning Fan. 

"If he does not come out victorious in this battle, not just Ning City, but also the whole Yue Country would face devastation… if I am not wrong, Tian Yizi is just a refined corpse. Its true ident.i.ty could only be one person…" Gui Qiaozi said with a serious tone.

"Who is that person?" Young cultivators like Bu Kuangfen did not know about such secrets, but when the old monsters who had lived thousands of years heard what Gui Qiaozi said, their countenance changed abruptly. 

"The corpse devil who ma.s.sacred seven low ranked Cultivation Countries single-handedly two thousand years ago?!" At this moment, Bai Feiteng could no longer stay calm.

The cultivators who were observing from a hundred li* away had their expression dramatically changed, as if they had received an unbelievably terrifying news. Previously, they did not understand why Zhong Xuanzi who was an old ancestor of Great Void Sect would run away immediately after seeing Tian Yizi. Now, it turned out that he must have seen through Tian Yizi's background.

Corpse devil… Two thousand years ago, numerous top ranked sects had records of this madman! He was the ruthless person who made many Nascent Soul old ancestors from mid-ranked Cultivation Country suffer greatly!

That person's physique could shatter magical treasures, and it was said that he was a master of corpse refinement, and had thousands of Harmonious Spirit refined corpses in his possession. 

"When thousands of corpses were unleashed, all Cultivation Countries would fall", most sects' had such statement in their records, but none had met the author of this statement, hence they're unable to imagine the terror of it! 

"Immemorial evil vein! The previous descendant of the Corpse Demon Vein was still alive?!"

"Return to the sect immediately, notify all sects of Yue Country that the corpse devil descendant has entered Yue!" 

Tian Yizi focused his eyes. He had activated 70% of the pressure, however he was still unable to affect Ning Fan's mental state. 

In the meantime, he secretly activated his Third Corpse Pupil to unleash the illusion technique, but was cut down by a sword shadow of Ning Fan. 

The shred of power of the immemorial star within the Starlight Sword Shadow made Tian Yizi's eye blaze with excitement. 

"Immemorial divine weapon!? I knew you are an immemorial evil vein holder, I had no idea that you had an immemorial divine weapons too, however… but from today onwards, your immemorial divine weapon is mine!" 

"Really? Then we shall see if you have what it takes to handle it! Giant Sword Mode!" 

Ning Fan flicked his wrist. Then, the Starlight Flying Sword that was covered in a brilliant light turned into a heavy, seven-feet-long sword. A vague rumble of thunder was produced with just a casual swing. 

Ning Fan's body expanded twice its original size after he unleashed the Eighteen-Meter Body body refining art. As the icy rainbow closed in, the enormous sword was slashed at Tian Yizi!

Previously, he had experienced the tyrannical strength of Tian Yizi's physique. Thus, this time, he wouldn't hold back. 

"*Gasp!* This sword has two forms? Why wasn't it mentioned in the "Corpse Devil Record"?!" Tian Yizi seemed both excited yet cautious. The "Corpse Devil Record" that he mentioned was where he acquired the corpse devil inheritance in the past. It differed from the inheritance of Ancient Chaos' memories. Despite that, he was deemed to have acquired the inheritance from the previous generations.

Tian Yizi put down the black coffin without hesitation and executed a body refining technique. His body grew until it reached 30 meters in height. Clearly, his body refining technique was much more superior to Ning Fan's Eighteen-Meter Body

Ning Fan who looked gigantic earlier looked like a dwarf in front of Tian Yizi now. His height was only as tall as Tian Yizi's calf. 

After turning into a giant, Tian Yizi became so audacious that he took Ning Fan's enormous sword slash bare-handed. 

The Eighteen-Meter Ning Fan had the strength of at least ten thousand jin, but when the palm and the enormous sword connected, Ning Fan's blood and qi welled up as his physical strength was weaker than Tian Yizi by more than a margin. 

It wasn't because Tian Yizi's Body Refining Realm was more superior to Ning Fan. It was just that his mastery of the Body Refining Technique was much greater than Ning Fan.

Actually, Tian Yizi felt uncomfortable after forcefully taking on the sword slash. Both of his feet plunged deep into the gold and metal floor of the s.h.i.+p, and his wrist hurt so much that it could snap any moment. 

"This child has such a powerful Body Refining Realm. This old man lacks one more step to break through to the Silver Bone Realm, but this brat's Silver Bone seems so much more powerful than the average… is it because he has condensed the star of fiendG.o.d?"

Tian Yizi's eyes showed a hidden shred of jealousy. He, who was a descendant  of a FiendG.o.d, was rarely jealous of anyone. Ning Fan was considered the first on his list.

Luckily the "Colossal Bone Secret Art" he cultivated was an unusual Body Refining Technique. It was a Nascent Realm, Low Grade Body Refining Technique robbed from a Nascent Soul old monster of some mid-ranked Cultivation Country. 

Using the "Colossal Bone Secret Art" to turn into a giant naturally couldn't be compared to the giant experts like the Bone Sovereign, but compared to Ning Fan's puny technique—his body refining technique was definitely more superior. 

"What a pity! Within the entire Ning City, there's only you who are able to resist my illusion technique, but you couldn't even take on a single palm strike of mine…" Tian Yizi smiled disdainfully.

"Is that so?! Imperial Thunder!" At this moment, the starlight shone in Ning Fan's gabella. All of a sudden, thunderclap rumbled in the sunny sky unceasingly! 

A lightning flashed above the enormous sword. Tian Yizi was shocked, and his palm was sliced off by the enormous word.

No blood could be seen and Tian Yizi's expression was without a shred of pain, his gaze looked empty for the first time, however. 

On the other side, the lid of the black coffin flew open, a vicissitude aura poured out of the coffin.

"Good, very good! You aren't weak to be able to hurt this refined corpse, but you're still no match for me! Even if you have broken through to the Gold Core realm, you are still not my opponent, unless you are a Nascent Soul!" 

A dark shadow flashed out of the coffin. It was a decayed palm that struck upon the enormous sword; instantly, an unspeakable force was channeled through the sword. Ning Fan felt a tremble in his chest, coughed up mouthfuls of blood and his gaze turned grim!

That was Tian Yizi's true body, a half-step corpse devil who was near the borderline of the second transformation. Ning Fan found it hard to take on the single palm strike even with his Silver Bone Body. 

As a matter of fact, the thing that Ning Fan's physique was unable to resist the most was the magical force that came from the palm strike… the vast magical power that coursed through the sword almost shattered the immortal veins in his arm. 

In the Cauldron Ring, how powerful was that true corpse devil?! 

Ning Fan's expression was icy cold, but immediately after that, he wiped off the traces of blood and his eyes brightened. 

Indistinctly, he could feel a great qi from far a distance flying towards him from the direction of Sinister Sparrow Sect! 

Apart fromTian Yizi, Ning Fan, too, also had his true body! 

li* - half a kilometer

jin* - half a kilogram

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Grasping Evil Chapter 135 Part2

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