Grasping Evil Chapter 177 Part1

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Slaughter of Demons, Battle Points Pouring Like Rain!

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Two breaking news began to spread in Ju Shan Guan, one good, one bad.    

The bad news was the destruction of the spiritual veins within the vicinity of a thousand li surrounding Ju Shan Guan. Revered Snow took all the blame and claimed that it was due to him borrowing the power of the spiritual veins to heal himself from the poison. As such, no one had the audacity to further investigate the real reason behind it. All the cultivators felt that it was unfortunate that Ju Shan Guan would become an abandoned city once the demon tide ends.

While the good news was Revered Snow's full recovery!

Ning Fan had been in Great Jin for the past one and a half months. In another one and a half month, the Teleportation Formation would then activate.

There was no time for him to waste anymore. He must gain enough battle points!

As the day of the final battle was quickly approaching, Revered Snow gave an order. He gathered a total of thirty-three Nascent Soul Realm cultivators with nineteen of them being those from the Rain Palace while the rest of them consisted those of Great Jin. He then separated them into groups of 3, also bringing the soldiers from the War Division to eliminate the demons' strongholds.

The reason why the demons seemed endless was because of a few old demons at Nascent Soul Realm establis.h.i.+ng 'Demonified Cities'. They applied the Demon Transformation Technique to create small demons!

This technique could forcefully turn domestic animals into demons while also making the demons at Vein Opening, Harmonious Spirit and Gold Core Realm twice as powerful. However, the technique took a heavy toll on the newly created demons and would cause them to die within a few months. Besides, this technique would also cause them to lose their sanity, turning them into crazy and bloodthirsty beasts.

If there were no immediate actions taken against the demon tide, it would be the same as giving the demon forces more time to grow. Furthermore, the demons were buying time for their general to complete his Dragon Transformation. When that time comes, it would be even more challenging to eliminate them.

Ning Fan was tasked to exterminate the demons at Lin Jue Ding City in the northwest part of Great Jin!

The city was located at the peak of a mountain. Currently, the city had become a breeding ground for demons. It was also said to be guarded by a few demons at the Nascent Soul Realm.

Outside Ju Shan Guan, twenty-one Gold Core Realm cultivators and two hundred and fifty-seven Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators from Great Jin boarded a shuttle, heading towards Ling Jue Ding with Ning Fan and the others.

The s.p.a.ce shuttle belonged to Great Jin. It was a spindle-shaped flying s.h.i.+p with an incredible travelling speed. The wind created by the momentum of the shuttle was so strong that a cultivator at Vein Opening Realm wouldn't be able to withstand it. As such, only Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators and above were permitted to board the shuttle. No ordinary voyage s.h.i.+p was comparable to it. However, this shuttle came with a disadvantage. The s.h.i.+p was too small to even set up a defense formation.

Two other Nascent Soul Realm cultivators were in Ning Fan's group. One of them was Jie Xiu while the other one was Yun Ruowei.

The members of the groups were decided by the order of their arrival at Ju Shan Guan. On the day Revered Snow gathered all the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, Yun Ruowei arrived just before Jie Xiu with Ning Fan being the last one to arrive.

Ning Fan had a complicated relations.h.i.+p with Yun Ruowei as something had happened between them before that caused the latter to be embarra.s.sed. Ning Fan was really out of options and had to use the bewitching technique on her in the past. As such, a deep-rooted Heart's Devil had been haunting her to this day. It wasn't something that could be settled with just an apology.

"I'm really sorry for what I've done that day!"

"I've already forgotten about the incident in Orchid Temple. You don't have to worry about it anymore. I have advice for you. Please don't be stubborn. I know your situation so if you meet an Mid-Nascent Soul Realm demon later, let me be the one to handle it."

Yun Ruowei was a Mid-Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. Although Ning Fan possessed many aces, he was still only at the Half-Step Gold Core Realm. Even if he was able to block Yun Kuang's attack, have a an extraordinary skill that can wipe out Gold Core Realm demons and even a Four Revolution Pill Refining Technique, it was still dangerous to fight against an Mid-Nascent Soul Realm demon at his current realm.

Yun Ruowei was not trying to belittle Ning Fan. A Nascent Soul Realm demon can still escape with its Nascent Soul after its body gets destroyed. To completely eliminate a Nascent Soul was quite difficult. In her opinion, Ning Fan would not be able to teleport as good as a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. That's why she didn't think that Ning Fan would be able to chase after and kill a demon's Nascent Soul.

Ning Fan remained silent and calm. He didn't even argue or explain. The plans for the operation were all determined by Jie Xiu and Yun Ruowei. Ning Fan only stood at the front of the shuttle with his eyes closed while his hands were clasped together behind his back.

As they travelled in the sky, they noticed that the lands they pa.s.sed by were all deserted. It was truly a disheartening view.

Aside from that, there were a few reckless and scattered demons who tried to stop the shuttle. Most of them were at the Harmonious Spirit Realm. Occasionally, there would be a few Gold Core Realm demons engaging them. Whenever a Peak Gold Core Realm demon appeared, all cultivators aboard would panic. However, before the demons could come close to the shuttle, a black sword sense would spread out in the sky, cutting down demons below the Early Gold Core Realm in just a blink of an eye. The demons that survived would then be crushed by Ning Fan with his ice punch attack, Ice Smash.

Ning Fan took advantage of the situation and consumed a Burning Blood Pill! His body began to absorb the power of the pill!

Meanwhile, ma.s.sive killing intent surged within him, waiting for the right time to be vented out!

The level of his Colossal Bone Secrets Arts now broke through the third realm!

The battle points on his Jade of Achievement were pouring in like rain again!

The weakest among the twenty-one Gold Core Realm cultivators was at the Late Gold Core Realm. All of them once followed other Nascent Soul Realm cultivators to hunt down demons. However, throughout their previous expeditions, they hadn't seen a single cultivator that was as powerful as Ning Fan!

Sword Sense was an overwhelmingly powerful divine ability!

It's such a misfortune that this Old Ancestor Zhou Ming was born in Rain World. If he were to be born in the Sword World, there's no doubt that he would be looked highly by Void Fragmentation Realm cultivators and be accepted as a disciple. After thousands of years, he would be cultivated into another Sword Emperor at the Void Fragmentation Realm!

With Ning Fan dealing with all the demons, the cultivators on the s.h.i.+p were happy that they didn't need to risk their lives. They only needed to give a hand at times to kill the demons which survived Ning Fan's initial attacks.

Using Sword Sense depleted much of the strength of his spirit sense. Despite knowing that, Ning Fan wasn't worried at all as he had lots of recovery pills. Once the strength of spirit sense diminishes, he would immediately pop a few pills into his mouth and restore his power.

Three days pa.s.sed by and the shuttle had already travelled for one hundred thousand li. Along the journey, Ning Fan eliminated thousands of demons, acc.u.mulating two hundred and fifty thousand battle points!

Furthermore, he obtained a Dao Fruit that was formed after killing a demon at Peak Gold Core Realm.

Now, there were two Dao Fruits in his storage pouch! Consuming them was one of the ways to raise his cultivation realm faster after he forms his core.

Yun Ruowei and Jie Xiu were responsible for arranging the formation of the Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators and a.s.signing tasks to the Gold Core Realm cultivators.

Ning Fan's responsibility was making sure that the shuttle was not hindered by demons!

Another three days pa.s.sed by and they were now approaching Ling Jue Ding!

An approximately ten thousand zhang tall mountain emerged at a thousand li away from their shuttle. It looked as if there was a halberd piercing into the heavens. The way to the peak was steep and on the summit of the mountain, a huge demon city stood tall. Dark clouds were hanging over the sky above the city.

When the shuttle got closer to it, a black demon tide instantly came rus.h.i.+ng out from the city. If one looked closer at it, there were at least tens of thousands of demons!

A deadly and b.l.o.o.d.y demonic atmosphere spread across the sky. The expressions of each and every Gold Core Realm cultivators on the shuttle turned pale.

"It's really unexpected that they've transformed so many demons in this demonified city!"

Luckily, most of the demons in this particular tide were only Vein Opening Realm demons. Harmonious Spirit Realm demons were nearly a thousand in total while Gold Core Realm demons were around a hundred. Even so, the number of demons greatly outnumbered the cultivators on the shuttle.

Suddenly, four rays of light emanated from the city and four demons appeared in front of them. The four of them were at Nascent Soul Realm!

Three of them were at the Early Nascent Soul Realm and had yet to stabilized their realm. It was as if they had forcefully increased their power to Nascent Soul Realm. One of them was at the Mid-Nascent Soul Realm. Its hair was that of a lion's mane. On its undistinguishable appearance, its eyes were radiating its thirst for blood. Moreover, there was a blood-red rune in between its brows.

"Haha! Arrogant humans! How dare you intrude one of our central regions with just an insignificant amount of troops?! Kill them!"

When the order was given, the demons jumped on a demonic cloud and charged at the shuttle making it as if a black tide was trying to drown it.

The speed of the demonic cloud was swift. Within ten breaths, they almost collided against the shuttle!

On the shuttle, Jie Xiu and Yun Ruowei's expressions hardened.

"I can't believe that we would be faced with four Nascent Soul Realm demons. From my perspective, three of them advanced their cultivation realms forcefully using some sort of secret arts. As such, their strength shouldn't be superior to mine. However, the Mid-Nascent Soul Realm demon was one who had a genuine cultivation realm. On top of that, it might be one of the twelve companions of the demon general…"

"There's no other alternatives. I will handle the old demon with the lion's mane. You and Fellow Daoist Zhou Ming will handle the other three. Abandon the shuttle and prepare for war!"

Upon hearing that order from Yun Ruowei, the twenty-one cultivators at Late Gold Core Realm together with the two hundred and fifty-seven Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators flew out from the shuttle and got into formation to defend against the demon tide.

As for Yun Ruowei, she took the lead and teleported towards the demon with a lion's mane. When it realized that Yun Ruoei was the leader of the human cultivators, it quickly rose and dashed towards her.

Ning Fan behaved indifferently with his eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with coldness. There was no fear in them but disappointment instead.

This demon with a lion's mane was undeniably one of the twelve companions of the demon general. Unfortunately, it wasn't a female demon. As such, there's no way Ning Fan would keep him in his cauldron… Twelve companions. Apparently, not all twelve of them are female. The plan to capture all the twelve demons is no longer feasible.

The only thing left to do now is to kill!

The power of wind and lightning surrounded him and a pair of silver wings as large as three zhang appeared on his back!

Whenever his wings fluttered, there would be thunderclap and wind howls. He was like a flash of silver light, radiating towards the demonic cloud!

His speed was comparable to the speed of an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. But his aura astonished the lion-maned demon!


At this moment, Ning Fan seemed like the combination of an immortal and a devil!

He intruded in the area where not a single human could be found. He then activated his Sword Sense and a black strand of flowing energy swept across the place. The cloud was cut into countless pieces. The same thing happened to hundreds of demons at Vein Opening and Harmonious Spirit Realm. Only wails and cries of the demons could be heard from the distance.

Not enough. It's still not enough!

A number of Burning Blood Pills were popped into his mouth and immediately took effect. The pain of having his blood burned started to provoke his feelings, driving him mad. At the same time, tremendous killing intent welled up within him!

After tens of breaths of time, the two opposite forces finally engaged each other after travelling thousands of li. Thousands of demons had been annihilated by Ning Fan alone. After activating his Sword Sense for more than ten times, nearly tens of thousands of demons died!

None of the demons could avoid being stricken with fear when their gazes met Ning Fan's!

Under the effect of the pills, his Colossal Bone Secret Arts broke through the fourth level of the third realm!

Yun Ruowei was inwardly amazed by the strength of Ning Fan's Sword Sense. The lion-maned demon's expression turned gloomy and shouted in rage.

"Python King! Marten! The two of you stop this person. Don't let him slaughter any of the small demons anymore! Elephant King, go finish the blind cultivator off!"

Right after the lion-maned demon gave the orders, a fat and dark-skinned man who was two zhang tall impeded Jie Xiu's path. At the same time, an elegant man in white robe and a scrawny man clad in yellow robe made a beeline towards Ning Fan.

Since the start of the battle, there were mult.i.tudes of demons and cultivators falling off the heavens and losing their lives.

Ning Fan held neither compa.s.sion nor sympathy to their deaths.

The searing of his blood under the effect of the pills made his eyes look even sharper. Those eyes scanned through the two men approaching him!

Both of their expression changed! Those eyes are truly sharp!

"Brother Yellow, let us kill him as fast as possible without showing any mercy! This human looks strong!"

"I understand! Demonic Technique, 'Yellow Wind'!"

"Demonic Technique, 'Snake Scales'!"

The two of them flicked their fingers in incantation patterns together. In their minds, they knew that they were going to die soon ever since they were turned into demons. No matter how terrifying Ning Fan can be, they were not afraid to fight to their death!

The two techniques were only at the Nascent Soul Realm. Judging from the inflexible movements of their fingers, they seemed to be unfamiliar to the techniques they possessed.

"Hmmph! Those techniques are just a bunch of little tricks! Not good enough! Crus.h.!.+"

Activating Sword Sense, Ning Fan cut through the Yellow Wind and even the thousands of silver snakes condensed using the demon's spirit sense!

He then slapped his storage pouch and took out a black corpse.

"Black Armor (Note: Ning Fan named the black corpse as, 黑甲 'Black Armor'), you handle the man in the white robe! I will kill the man wearing a yellow robe first!"

When the words came out of his mouth, his wings flapped and a ray of sword light shot towards the scraggy man in yellow clothes.

Note :

Measurements :
a. li = 500 metres
b. zhang = 3.13 metres

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