Grasping Evil Chapter 210 Part2

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Xiao Wanluo's Request

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To rookie cultivators, the two promises were the same as two meat pies as large as heaven. They would surely be moved. However, in Ning Fan's eyes, they were just empty promises.

"If I want immortal jade, I could just kill you since killing you is as easy as picking one's pocket! Do I need you to return them to me?! Moreover, all human cauldrons in the Pill Cauldron Gate has already been bought by me. It would take at least hundreds of years to raise another Nascent Soul Realm human cauldron… Your promises are worthless! If you aren't sincere enough, don't say that I have turned against you!"

His smile faded and was replaced by a cold expression. Xiao Wanluo uncontrollably retreated a few steps. His forehead was beaded with cold sweat.

"I'm sorry Fellow Daoist Zhou. Please be a little more patient. I have yet to finish what I want to say! There are still a few other benefits and one of them is something precious!"


"Does Fellow Daoist know about the 'Pleasure Devil Sect'?"

"Do you think I am unaware of a sect that is among the top ten sects? I heard that they trade human cauldrons. I actually plan to visit the sect someday to buy some human cauldrons."

Ning Fan kept his indifferent demeanor. Only then did Xiao Wanluo heave a sigh of relief. Inwardly, he thought that this Zhou Ming truly was not a fool. The latter was not a person that was easy to deceive.

It was true that the first two promises were pointless promises. The third promise he was about to give Ning Fan was the promise that he knew could itch the latter's heart.

However, the third promise was too costly. If he was not in a situation with no other alternatives, he would definitely not promise to give Ning Fan the third benefit.

"There is something that Fellow Daoist might not know about the Pleasure Devil Sect. The human cauldrons that they sell are usually kidnapped from the External Endless Sea. However, most of their female cauldrons are women from the Internal Endless Sea…  This sect has an unfathomable background. It is rumored to be a sect that was arranged to establish a presence in the External Endless Sea by one of the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea. The human cauldrons auction of the sect is divided into three stages. The first auction is selling the Gold Core Realm cauldrons; the second would auction the Nascent Soul Realm cauldrons; and the final one would auction the cauldrons at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm. Not everyone would be able to attend the auction. Only those with the 'Pleasure Devil Pa.s.s' are permitted to enter. Fellow Daoist might have heaven-defying power. But if Fellow Daoist does not have a pa.s.s, then you would not be able to enter into any of their auctions."

"Oh? There's something like that? How does it relate to becoming the old ancestor of the Pill Cauldron Gate? Could it be that Fellow Daoist Xiao has one of those and you will be willing to gift it to me once I help you?"

"Precisely! This pa.s.s is a token of friends.h.i.+p that was given by the Pleasure Devil Sect to my previous master who was a Half-Step Nascent Soul Realm expert. If fellow Daoist is willing to hold the position of old ancestor in our sect, I a.s.sure you that I will present it to you with both of my hands! Besides, the pa.s.s will bring you one more benefit… Aside from being able to partic.i.p.ate in the auction of the Peak Nascent Soul Realm cauldrons, you will also get the 'Profound Liquid of Mother Earth'!"

"Profound Liquid of Mother Earth?"

Ning Fan was astonished. He had heard of this item before. A drop of the liquid could increase 10 units of magic power. It was extremely rare, but anyone who possess a pa.s.s would definitely be ent.i.tled to some of it.

However, Ning Fan was not after the liquid. He was after the Profound Heart of Mother Earth!

The Profound Liquid of Mother Earth was something that can only be produced by the Profound Heart of Mother Earth. If Pleasure Devil Sect has the liquid, it also meant that the sect possesses the heart…

Moreover, the Profound Heart of Mother Earth had been rumored to increase 10% of the success rate of attaining Spirit Severing Realm once consumed by a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert!

Attaining Spirit Severing Realm was extremely difficult in and of itself. For ordinary cultivators, the chance of achieving the realm was not even 1%. Increasing the success rate by 10% was truly heaven-defying!

Doubtlessly, the Pleasure Devil Pa.s.s was an invaluable item.

But Ning Fan could not understand why the Pleasure Devil Sect which was supported by one of the Venerated Seven would give out the Profound Liquid of Mother Earth to rope in the Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts of the External Endless Sea.

Is it even necessary?

There was no such thing as a free lunch in this world, especially in the External Endless Sea where every cultivator were greedy and would even kill for their own benefits.

With the pa.s.s and the ident.i.ty as the old ancestor of the Pill Cauldron Gate, I can join the auction of the Peak Nascent Soul Realm cauldrons and also obtain a drop of the Profound Liquid of Mother Earth. However, I'm afraid that they won't give out the juice for nothing. I suppose they will request the cultivators to do something in order to obtain the juice as a reward.

Ning Fan's eyes turned clear and directly stared at Xiao Wanluo.

This Xiao Wanluo must only be telling me the good things and holding back the unpleasant ones!

"You haven't finished speaking yet, I presume. I believe I will need to perform some tasks for the Pleasure Devil Sect after having the pa.s.s…"

"Aiya. Look at my memories. I was so clumsy to the point where I forgot to tell you about it. It's true that the benefits of having the pa.s.s are appealing. However, once Fellow Daoist arrives at the Pleasure Devil Sect, Fellow Daoist must obey their request. They normally ask the cultivators to enter the 'Secret Realm of the Broken World' to find some 'little things' and accomplish the given task… The task is dangerous. But if Fellow Daoist act cautiously, it is not hard to complete. Besides, even if Fellow Daoist fails the task, it won't matter as Fellow Daoist will still get the liquid!"

Xiao Wanluo was putting on a smile but the sweat on his forehead started to slide down to his cheek. He could not even conceal a single trace of information.

This Zhou Ming is not easy to trick.

"Whether it is dangerous or not, I will judge it for myself! It is not a valid reason for you to hide it from it! Leave me now! I'll consider it!"

"Yes, yes!" Xiao Wanluo replied while cursing himself inwardly. He seemed to have offended Ning Fan because of his dishonesty.

When he faced Ning Fan, all his pride of being a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert was crushed. What he displayed was just fear and anxiety.

Hopefully Ning Fan would accept his offer and becomes the old ancestor of the sect. Otherwise, Xiao Wanluo would really end up running away.

After Xiao Wanluo left, Ning Fan went into a shady place and summoned Stone Warrior to check the genuineness of what Xiao Wanluo said.

Stone Warrior was an honest spiritual puppet that would tell Ning Fan everything he knew.

"This man did not lie. It is true that the Pleasure Devil Sect has the Profound Heart of Mother Earth. Every person who possesses the Pleasure Devil Pa.s.s will be given a drop of Profound Liquid of Mother Earth. The cost is to enter the Secret Realm of the Broken World and hunt some demon beasts to collect demon pills… That Secret Realm is located beneath the sea of the Pleasure Devil Immortal Island. Only cultivators below Spirit Severing Realm can enter the place. Furthermore, the demon pills that the sect wants are the Demon Pills of Wild Beasts!"

"Wild Beast? Those beasts which are comparable to Spirit Severing Realm experts? Entering the Secret Realm to kill those beasts and obtain demon pills? This isn't just dangerous, but also insane!

"Speaking of Wild Beasts, they are different from what you think. The Secret Realm is a strange place… A Gold Core Realm demon beast that enters into it would turn into a Wild Beast at Spirit Severing Realm in just hundreds of years… However, the Wild Beasts are like demons that forcefully gained their cultivations realm. Their demon power is close to Spirit Severing Realm but their demonic techniques and means are just at the Gold Core Realm… Those Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts would be able to hunt some of them at their peak state… Cultivators will still get a drop of liquid even if they return from the Secret Realm without contributing any demon pills. But the demon pills brought back from the Secret Realm can be used to exchange for more drops. One Wild Beast consists of one pill and it can be exchanged for a drop of liquid. I once heard that a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert had managed to obtain eleven demon pills and exchanged for eleven drops of liquid. In a flash, he raised his magic power by 110 units… If you intend to break through to the Late Nascent Soul Realm, the Secret Realm is a good place for you."

"A fake Wild Beast which has only Gold Core Realm techniques despite its Spirit Severing Realm magic power… One demon pill for one drop of Profound Liquid… This is a good deal. Apart from buying human cauldrons, going to the Secret Realm makes the trip all the more worth it. If they are genuine Wild Beasts, I will naturally retreat. If they are fake Wild Beasts like what you said, it will not be difficult to kill them! If I get a thousand demon pills, I will gain ten thousand units of magic power! Besides, if there is a chance, I'll steal the Profound Heart of Mother Earth away. However, such a precious item wouldn't be kept in the External Endless Sea. I suppose it's in the hands of the mysterious supporter of the sect…"

"I have no opinion in your intentions to go to the Pleasure Devil Sect. But what about the things that you've promised me…" Stone Warrior began to blabber.

"Don't worry. Before I leave Peng Lai, I will first find Bei Xiaoman!"

Ning Fan lost his patience. He moved his finger, turning Stone Warrior into a stone statue and kept him.

Almost immediately, Ning Fan made up his mind.

To explore the Secret Realm in the Pleasure Devil Sect, I must accept Xiao Wanluo's request. I have to first become the old ancestor of the Pill Cauldron Gate and obtain the pa.s.s!

Just as the moment Stone Warrior was turned into a statue, his gaze swept across the female corpse.

As she noticed him, a faint light flashed in her eyes as discontentment came over her. She did not like to be watched by any other men except for Ning Fan!

That glimpse he had on her was enough to make him tremble in fear, causing him to feel shocked and unclear towards the female corpse!

"She does not display any traces of magic power but why is she giving me a threatening feeling?! Don't tell me that she's a Mid Spirit Severing Realm expert?! Since when did Zhou Ming subdue another Mid Spirit Severing Realm fighter?!"

Note :

Measurements :
a. li(里) = 500 m
b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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Grasping Evil Chapter 210 Part2

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