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A Big Present of Spiritual Puppets!

When the two black-armored demon generals shouted a command, the black spiritual puppet immediately turned into a black line and rushed towards them. Although it just threw a normal punch, it created a strong gust that nearly caused the hollow s.p.a.ce before him to collapse. Its momentum produced waves of black air blasts.

All of a sudden, the spiritual puppet had already appeared in front of the demon fox and landed its punch on him!

The demon fox's pupils dilated in shock. It was impossible for him to evade that strike in time. Upon impact, he let out a shriek of pain and his bones were all broken.

However, after his body was pulverized, there was no fresh blood flowing out from him. Instead, there were flashes of lightning which engulfed his presence. Standing a thousand zhang* away, Lu Sheng whose white robes were now stained with blood reappeared with a deathly pale face. His expression was exceptionally serious.

“A Late Divine Transformation Realm spiritual puppet. It sure is hard to defeat it… If I didn't use my wind lightning phantom body to withstand its punch, I would have died just now. The strength of its single punch is more than enough to take my life…”

He had summoned eight clones using wind lightning. However, when he was dealing with the Wild Beasts just now, six of them were destroyed. Now, the spiritual puppet had destroyed another one, making him have only one more left…

Before he even had the time to contemplate his next move, the spiritual puppet transformed into a cloud of black smoke, emerging in front of his body and landing another punch on him!

Lu Sheng's eyes were filled with surprise. It was at this moment when he was at his weakest as he had just exhausted his strength. He could not reactivate his remaining clone once more to take this punch.

If it lands on my back, I will definitely not survive it!

“Be careful!”

A red shadow flashed past and stood behind Lu Sheng. Facing the incoming attack from the Late Divine Transformation Realm spiritual puppet, he showed no signs of fear.

One of his hands was covered with jade-colored flames, emanating the aura of the Second Level of Jade Life Realm. Without reservation, he hurled that fiery hand and collided with the punch from the spiritual puppet.

“Blood Ignition!”

Lu Ao was also putting his life on the line!

The power of his palm was nearly comparable to that of a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert's all-out attack. However, as soon as his palm met the puppet's punch, his palm collapsed immediately like rotten wood!

A sudden tremor spread throughout the air. With a loud bang, Lu Ao was severely injured by the punch of the spiritual puppet. As for Lu Sheng who was worn out, he was sent flying away while spurting blood from his mouth by the shockwave of the collision.

Looking at the two grievously injured beings, the two black-armored demon generals wore evil smiles.

“Aren't the members of the Luo Yun Tribe very proud of themselves? Apparently, other than that Lu Bei, the other generals are just useless beings who can do nothing other than feasting and drinking…”

“Detestable…” Lu Sheng and Lu Ao stabilized their stance with difficulty. If it was not because their opponents had a Late Divine Transformation Realm spiritual puppet, the two of them would not have suffered such a terrible defeat. Moreover, if they fought in that desperate manner earlier, they would at least be able to inflict heavy damage on them.

Unfortunately, their opponents were just too cunning. They only used their spiritual puppet without involving themselves as if they had already seen through Lu Sheng and Lu Ao's intentions.

Although there was only a single puppet, the both of them were already unable to cope with it. Besides, there were still two Mid Divine Transformation Realm experts awaiting the proper time to take action. Therefore, for Lu Sheng and Lu Ao, they had no chance of winning at all.

“We are probably going to die here today…” Lu Sheng's tone was calm but his eyes were blazing with a frenzied battle intent.

“As generals, death is inevitable. So what is so scary about it?!” Lu Ao harshly wiped out the blood stains on his beard and smiled while his eyes were burning with anger.

The light from their blood ignition became brighter and stronger. The black puppet took a step forward and mercilessly threw another punch!

They could not take it. They could not receive that punch head-on at all… But just like what Lu Ao said… as generals, what was so frightening about dying?!

The two of them had made up their minds to detonate their demon souls at this moment as their final attacks before they died!

The punch of the black puppet formed into a ma.s.sive squall that enveloped the vicinity of ten thousand zhang* around them, tearing the s.p.a.ce apart.

The two black-armored demon generals from the Upper World leered at Lu Sheng and Lu Ao. They were looking forward to see the two of them die and then obtain their demon pills without needing the slightest effort!

However, just as the puppet approached them with his deadly punch, Lu Sheng who was determined to sacrifice himself suddenly revealed a look of astonishment.

He untied the compa.s.s on his waist and took a closer look at it. On the surface of the compa.s.s, a mark glowing in purple light was moving towards them with an unimaginable speed.

“He has come!” Lu Sheng yelled surprisingly.

“Who has come?!” Lu Ao's eyes sparkled with curiosity. At the next moment, the heavy stone gate at the northwest entrance was pulverized to pieces by a dark purple shadow!

Upon seeing that sudden explosion, the two black-armored demon generals from the Upper World were shocked. In a flash, the purple shadow had already flown in front of the black puppet, congealing into the physique of a young man!

The young man had a pair of horns on his head. His body was completed covered in purple scales and his long black hair was dancing in the wind. On his purple wings, there were a thousand s.h.i.+ny black plumes which were sharp like swords! As he just reached out his hand and bent his palm upwards, a jade-colored s.h.i.+eld surged and the shadow of a mountain slowly loomed. Emanating an indomitable aura, he used that to block the incoming punch!

Although his body refining realm was just at the Second Level of Jade Life Realm, when the puppet's punch collided against his palm, the sound of mountain crumbling echoed throughout the air. This young man with immense devil qi had actually blocked the punch of a Late Divine Transformation Realm puppet!

“Anyone who hurts the members of the Luo Yun Tribe shall die!”

From his palm, one thousand droplets of rain glowing with blood light shot out like darts and flew as fast as shooting stars. When they landed on the chest of the black puppet, deafening sounds of bombardment were heard, making the earth below their feet quake.

Although they did not manage to completely break the black puppet's defense, the immense strength of the volley of projectiles had struck it down to the ground from the air. A large pit was formed on where the black puppet fell.

What made everyone present feel weird was that even though the puppet had just made contact with Ning Fan only once, the spirituality within its eyes were gone. On the left part on its face, a black mark the shape of a crescent moon slowly emerged.

“Lu Bei! It's you!” Lu Sheng's facial expression was immediately filled with delight. As for Lu Ao, he discontentedly stopped himself from detonating his demon soul and literally fell to the ground on his b.u.t.tocks due to exhaustion. However, the joy within his eyes was hard to conceal.

Having him here, it will be difficult for the both of us to die here today!

On the other hand, the two demon generals from the Upper World are certainly doomed!

However, what made Lu Ao feel amazed was that Ning Fan actually came in his demon form. Besides, judging from the aura of his demon form, Ning Fan's demon intent had attained the level of Small Accomplishment!

“It can't be wrong! During the battle on the Cloud Platform five years ago, I'm sure that he had just attained the Divine Transformation Realm. Presumably, he completed his Third Bloodline Awakening in recent years. For demon cultivators, they could only congeal their demon intents after completing their Third Bloodline Awakening. In other words, this kid has managed to congeal his demon intent and cultivate it to the level of Small Accomplishment within just five years! He is indeed a monstrously talented person. Lord Honorable Demon General's foresight is really always keen and sharp!”

As for Lu Sheng, he did not think that much like Lu Ao. After calming his feeling of surprise, he warned Ning Fan, “The two generals seem to be extremely proficient in controlling puppets. You must be extra cautious…”

Carelessness contributed to major setbacks just like the saying goes, 'A single wrong step causes one to die in the Wujiang River'. Innumerable experts who had attained high cultivation levels usually lost their lives because of carelessness. In a way, Lu Sheng's warning was actually out of good intentions in this case.

“Don't worry! They can summon as many puppets as they want. None of them would be effective on me!”

Ning Fan trod towards them in his demon body with purple wings. His eyes were filled with pride and dignity as if he was the person who could disregard the Heavenly Dao!

His formidable aura force which was on the level of Half-Step Void Refinement Realm pressured the two black-armored generals to the point of nearly suffocating. Immediately, both of them were panic-stricken.

“I am Xu Wei. This is my brother, Xu Dian. We are the demons of the Puppet Spirit Race. Before this, we had no idea that General Bei is here. We are sorry for our offense! We will leave now! We hope the general can have mercy on us!”

The black-armored general who was named Xu Wei was literally horrified at this moment. He could feel that his control over the Late Divine Transformation Realm puppet was completely gone after the black colored crescent mark appeared on its face!

Without a doubt, it showed that Ning Fan had managed to subdue a Divine Transformation Realm puppet without much effort!

What is that technique?! I haven't even seen or heard of it before!

“Have mercy on you? If I am a few seconds later, would the both of you show mercy on them?! Hmmph!”

Ning Fan spread his wings and disappeared, leaving only his afterimage at the place he was standing just now. With an incredible speed, he emerged behind Xu Dian and slapped harshly on his head.

It was just a single smack. However, Xu Dian felt as if there was a one thousand zhang* tall mountain falling upon him. His face was filled with surprise which was replaced by horror as he knew he could not react to it at all. When the tremendous force impacted his head, his skull was literally smashed to pieces!


His skull exploded into blood mist while his lifeless corpse fell upon the ground. However, there was no sign of his demon soul.

Ning Fan emitted a light hum of surprise. Xu Wei then took a step back, patted his storage pouch to produce another spiritual puppet. His brother's demon soul was attached to that puppet.

Puppet Subst.i.tution! It was the innate life-keeping ability of the Puppet Spirit Race. At the moment one's demon body was destroyed, they could immediately subst.i.tute their bodies with a puppet by transferring their demon souls to a spiritual puppet nearby.

Ning Fan's eyes sparkled with interest.

The innate ability of an influential True Spirit Race sure has its own uniqueness.

However, Xu Wei and Xu Dian did not feel lucky or relaxed. Their expressions were plastered with terror.

The speed that Ning Fan displayed just by travelling with his wings was clearly at the level of Void Refinement Realm!

This kid is just an Early Divine Transformation Realm cultivator but his speed is nearly at the highest top speed which a Divine Transformation Realm expert could reach… He is just too amazing!

However, from the cruel act that Ning Fan did just now, Xu Wei understood that he would definitely not let the two of them go after offending the Luo Yun Tribe.

“Big Brother, let's go all-out!”


Grasping Evil Chapter 289 1

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