Grasping Evil Chapter 66

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The river was as green as jade. On the river bank was the territory of the Green Clan. A hundred miles off the river bank was a pavilion that was filled with dense Yin Qi. It was a gathering site of the ghosts.

In this day, a youth named ‘Zhou Ming’ had joined Green Clan in a somewhat low-profile manner.

Some said that Zhou Ming had a fluctuating cultivation grade. Sometimes his Qi was as low as at Harmonious Spirit realm, and at the other times his Qi was as high as intermediate Gold Core realm. He had killed a medical officer who had just broken through Gold Core realm, who had very unstable cultivation grade.

Some said that Zhou Ming was a wild and arrogant ghost who had declined Great Elder’s offer.

In conclusion, there was nothing pleasant about Zhou Ming’s news.

If anyone asked whether there was any good news about Zhou Ming at all though, then the answer would be yes, there was. Zhou Ming was a good looking and slim young man. Many female ghosts had targeted him privately.

If they had the chance to pluck Zhou Ming, they would totally give themselves up to pleasure.

On the other hand, this news wasn’t good to Ning Fan because he was that ‘Zhou Ming’.

In Green Clan’s territory, in a desolate bamboo house, Ning Fan breathed out a mouthful of foul Qi while healing his injuries.

During the day, he killed the medical officer named Huang Xie to seize a position in Green Clan, but he had been injured as well.

During the battle he wasn’t able to use his incarnation, his Separation Slayer, second style sword intent and the small sable.

Besides the two magical treasures that belonged to ghost cultivators in Zhou Ming’s storage pouch, there was nothing else he could use. In order to prevent his cover from being blown, he used his intermediate Gold Core’s spirit sense to wield the Ironbone s.h.i.+eld and Blacklotus Nail. After a few twists and turns of the weapons, he was able to gain an upper hand against Huang Xie and killed him.

Currently, he had joined the Green Clan silently just like he planned.

His initial plan was to get rid of the elder who guarded the vault in the entrance, but the elder was a late Gold Core expert. Even if Ning Fan used all of his strength, he wouldn’t be able to take him down on a one-on-one combat. As such, he gave up on that idea.

If this plan worked, he would replace the vault elder’s job. At that time, he would be no longer the medical officer of Green Clan but the vault elder. He just needed to gently open the door of the vault and stole the Sense Beads unnoticeably.

“This is quite troublesome… but master once said that good things will come with plenty of obstacles. An evil cultivator must learn how to be patient with these barriers.”

His injuries recovered when it reached the night time. He was planning how to approach the vault of Green Clan and steal all the Sense Beads.

The security of the vault was very tight. Besides the vault elder, there were at least ten intermediate Gold Core and fifty early Gold Core ghosts taking turns in their patrol.

He pushed open the door. He intended to walk around the territory of Green Clan, trying to find the chance. The moment he went outside his door, two females ghosts landed from the sky with a swoosh, blocking his path.

One of them was wearing white blouse, skirt and shoes. Her eyes were two b.l.o.o.d.y holes as though they had been scooped out when she was alive. She had a bright and beautiful face though, and her bosoms were seducing and her waist was slim and curvy. If she could regain her sight, she would be a very attractive beauty.

The other female ghost was wearing a red long dress. Her lips were as red as blood while her pupils were slightly reddish. On her abdomen was a b.l.o.o.d.y hole which wouldn’t heal. She had an elegant face but her blood-red pupils were filled with tears of blood. The resentment and anger caused green veins to rise on her face, making her look terrifyingly ferocious.

“Prince Zhou Ming, please hold your step! According to the rule of Green Clan, anyone who had just joined the clan isn’t allowed to leave at night in ten years’ time.” The white-clothed girl said. Her voice was as clear as spring water, which was good enough to compensate the flaw on her face.

As for the female ghost in red, her expression was ferocious. She bared her teeth and her eyes were looking with disdain towards Ning Fan.

“Humph! You can’t leave your accommodation!” Her long fingernails swung in the air at Ning Fan. A dangerous b.l.o.o.d.y light was circulating on those.

“Oh? So I’m not allowed to go out at night after joining the clan? I see…”

Ning Fan mused on the rule of Green Clan he didn’t know.

As they couldn’t guarantee that the newly-joined ghosts were followers with good intentions, the rule was set to prevent these newcomers from doing anything that would harm the clan’s reputation. As such, any newcomers would be watched by two experts for the duration of ten years’ time.

The two guards that kept tabs on Ning Fan were two strange looking female ghosts.

His eyes twitched. The female ghost in white was an early Gold Core expert while the female ghost in red was an intermediate Gold Core expert. With the two of their strengths combined, killing him was going to be a very easy task.

However, at any rate, these two were females. Ning Fan’s eyes twitched. He wanted to try whether he could take down these two girls unnoticeably.

His face was revealing a harmless smile as his feet slightly tapped the ground. The incarnation was silently separated from his body and entered into the ground and moved closer the two girls.

If the incarnation could get to the two girls, Ning Fan was confident that his Yin Plucking Finger would gain full control of the girls. 

However, the moment Ning Fan’s incarnation separated the incarnation, they noticed something was wrong. They turned their waists and moved thirty meters away from Ning Fan. Meanwhile, they waved their palms to summon a Whistling Arrow Crystal in their hands. As long as they noticed an unusual change, they would crush the crystal without hesitation to alarm the entire clan.

“What are you trying to do?!”

The girl in white warned. She was shocked as she didn’t imagine the harmless-looking youth would try a sneak-attack on her.

As for the girl in red, her eyes were blood-red bright. Murderous intent emerged from her eyes and her disdain vanished.

They were surely cautious females. These must be the instincts they moulded from the Demon Sinister Forest.

Ning Fan had been very cautious while controlling his incarnation for the sneak-attack but they moved away from their positions instinctively. It seemed making a sneak-attack on them wasn’t going to be that easy.

“Just wanted to invite you two beauties to my house to have a drink. Will the two of you humour me?”

“There is no need for that. You should stay in your house. Don’t try to leave! Also, I am a blind lady, not a beauty.”

The female ghost in white didn’t expect Ning Fan would invite her and call her a beauty. Her face blushed until her neck. Her snowy white skin had turned pink-red.

The female ghost in red withdrew her stern expression and laughed with a puff.

“You said that the two of us are beauties? Haha…you are truly an idiot. Quickly return to your house now. Sister forgives you despite the fact you were trying to sneak-attack me. But, there will be no second time for this. I don’t care what your intentions of joining Green Clan are, you should put it away until you are stronger.”

The two girls vanished in the night sky but Ning Fan knew they were still watching him from the vicinity.

If he tried to attack them again, he was afraid they wouldn’t show any mercy to him.

“Female ghosts…not bad. It seems it has become very difficult for me to do anything at night. In which case, I will only begin my observation during the day. There has to be other ways no matter what.”

Ning Fan smiled coldly. He turned back to his house. His gestures and movements were steady. He wasn’t affected even by a bit by the incident just now.

As he turned, he sent out an even voice.

“How may I address you two celestial beauties?”

As his voice dropped, a light stroking sound was heard from the bushes.

The female ghost stumbled over a rock and fell because of nervousness. This female ghost was seriously shy.

“I…I’m not any celestial beauty…My name is…”

Before the female ghost could say out her name, the female ghost in red shut her mouth.

“Stupid! What do you say when someone asks?”

The female ghost with red lips smirked.

“I am called ‘Broken Intestine’, she is called ‘Blind Eyes’ and you should be called ‘Ill-Intention’… be careful next time. The ghosts of Green Clan aren’t as nice as us. If you aren’t cautious, you might become one of us.”

“I see, thanks for your reminder.”

Ning Fan closed the door. He could feel the two of them being rooted with restrictive spells.

“They aren’t the members of Green Clan. They probably got captured. That’s why there are restrictive spells in their body, and that’s why they are ghost servants, one without intestine and the other without eyes!”

Two words suddenly appeared in his mind.

Not all the parts in the Third Region was united. These two girls must be from another clan. They were captured and planted with a restrictive spell before they were brought here to become ghost servants.

“Do I need to break the restrictive spell for them? Although I can’t pluck them because of their ghostly physique, I don’t mind having two extra cauldrons that can chat with me…”

Humans couldn’t engage in intimacy with ghosts or their grades would be severely damaged. The main intention of Ning Fan joining Green Clan wasn’t capturing cauldrons. With the help of the two girls, it would be easier for him to sneak into the vault and seize the Sense Beads.

Ghosts aren’t necessarily ruthless and emotionless…

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Grasping Evil Chapter 66

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