Grasping Evil Chapter 84

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An Exchange for the Contribution Points, the Characterless Heavenly Scripture? 

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Jade Royal Dan > Jade Royal Pill
Foreign Minister > Feudal Ranking Elder

The news about the gamble between Ning Fan and the White Honour was spread all over Sinister Sparrow Sect fast.

The confrontation between the great genius of the generation and an old senior would be a satisfying match.

Out of all the elders, only very few believed that Ning Fan would win despite how much they valued him, but all the young disciples regarded him as their idol and deeply believed that he would win against the White Honour.

One of the main reasons was because young generation liked to believe in miracles.

After the news was spread out, every young disciple of Sinister Sparrow Sect who saw Ning Fan on the way greeted him with respect and admiration, but none of these concerned Ning Fan at all.

In half a year's seclusion, he could not only break through the peak of Harmonious Spirit realm but also the fake Core realm.

In such a long seclusion, he needed lots of preparation.

The first thing to prepare: concoct pills!

Breaking through to the peak of Harmonious Spirit realm and to the fake Core realm required tremendous amount of Consolidating Spirit Pills.

He needed Vein Opening Pills to enhance the strength of the Three Black Demon Guards and compensate the shortage of competent experts in Ning City.

He also needed to concoct a fine Third Revolution Pill named Purple Gold Pill that could stimulate advancement in Gold Core realm. Even if the pill failed to bring an advancement in her cultivation base, it would at least improve her magical strength and act as a foundation in her future advancement. Despite the advancement, Ning Fan wasn't worried that she might be strong enough to break the Spiritual Puppet Art planted inside of her, his spirit sense had already reached the peak of Gold Core realm. Even if she broke through to the Nascent Soul realm, she still wouldn't have any luck in breaking the seal.

As for Lu Nanzi and Nanyang Zi, although their cultivation base were too weak for Ning Fan, they had a broad connection with the people in Yue Country, Lu Family had existed for many years and has a good reputation. Along with their broad knowledge in trade routes, he should a.s.sign them the task of collecting spiritual herbs, immortal ore and etc. Furthermore, Nanyang Zi was a Feudal Ranking Elder of Great Void Sect, so he knew pretty well how to conduct pay-to-pay activities with other sects and clans.

However, the ones that he was most concerned of were Nangong, Situ and Yuchi. Nangong had a meticulous mind and incisive strategy which relieved Ning Fan in leaving Ning City to him. As for his cultivation law, he cultivated both ice and lightning. His lightning spirit energy had already reached the early Gold Core realm while his ice spirit energy had already reached intermediate Harmonious Spirit realm. Although his lightning vein had been crippled, Ning Fan had a way to regenerate it, but it would be a painful process.

Once he succeeds, Nangong would become a Heavenly Spirit Cultivator that has an ice and lightning veins, the properties of this immortal vein would be a notch higher than Ning Fan's ice and fire veins.

So, if Ning Fan was able to nurture this talent well, he would become one of Ning Fan's strongest commander.

Situ on the other hand was a swordsman with an extremely strong will that even Ning Fan would feel ashamed of sometimes, but the thing that this commander lacked the most was insights of masters. With Ning Fan as his master, he could hone this commander into an impeccable swordsman.

As for the weirdo, Yuchi, Ning Fan could only laugh at him, but because of this strangeness, he also had many advantages over the others. Normally, people wouldn't mate with pigs but this weirdo did. With Ning Fan's money, this guy would surely advance the quickest compared to the other two just now. Although it might be a little revolting, his little pig would turn into a woman one day when it reached the Gold Core realm.

Yu Chi was a simple and honest man, but he practiced Dual Cultivation with a pig, and that would surely make his future bright and unimaginable.

The next time Ning Fan returned, he would not only help the three of them greatly improve their strength, but also grant them a Jade Royal Pill each. 

He wouldn't dare give such a violent pill to his beloved woman, but he believed that those commanders had enough willpower to bear the pain of the first Jade Royal Pill they consumed.

He believed that there are still Jade Royal Gra.s.s and Coiling Evil Gra.s.s in Rain Immortal World besides Seven Apricot City, he wanted Nangong to acquire all of them secretly.

What he needed the most was time. If he was given a few more hundred years of time, he was confident that his Three Black Demon Guards would rule the whole Rain Immortal World and kill every Void Fragmentation expert that were still alive.

Too bad, I only have a hundred years of time…Moksha Emperor…

The thought of Moksha Emperor made his eyes glitter and his fists clenched

Apart from concoction, he also needed other preparations; improving his own cultivation and his Black Evil Flame would take place during seclusion.

As for the Black Yin Qi, he would find a chance to ask Sinister Sparrow for it. This old man shouldn't be stingy considering he was the nominal son-in-law.

After he left the Long Inclining Hall, he headed straight to the Merit Hall in Inner Sect with his mind fully occupied with his thoughts.

What he wanted to do right now was to exchange some items from the hall with his horrifying 2 150 000 contribution points. 

I wonder if there's something that will pique my interest in the Merit Hall. 

Ning Fan was filled with antic.i.p.ation.

The Merit Hall finally settled down after a series of uproar due to Ning Fan's horrifying contribution points.

The elder who was in charge of the hall, Meng Chu felt relieved after knowing that there wasn't a single problem with Ning Fan's contribution points. It was just that Ning Fan used a lethal poison to ma.s.sacre those Gold Core ghosts. To him, it was good news because the Merit Monument was fine and he wouldn't be blamed for it.

It was already late in the afternoon where most of the disciples had taken their lunch and has gone into seclusion. So, the inside of the Merit Hall was quiet and deserted.

Meng Chu was sitting on a rattan-made rocking chair leisurely, enjoying his spirit tea and humming casually and gently. This was the leisure life that he liked the most.

"What does cultivator cultivates for? To achieve longevity of life? Wrong! What's the purpose of getting an eternal life? It's to obtain happiness! I, Meng Chu am feeling darn happy right now and I don't need an eternal life for that!"

Meng Chu was an open-minded man. Ordinary cultivators wouldn't understand his state of mind, but Sinister Sparrow and the other cultivators like  him were totally impressed by Meng Chu's frame of thinking.

After Meng Chu's converse with himself, a chuckle was heard from outside the hall.

"I disagree with your statement elder Meng Chu. We must have the strength to protect and keep our happiness. Without it, our happiness would cause jealousy and could be taken away by someone else."

The voice came from a young man, but his tone was mature and old. It refuted what Meng Chu had just said.

Meng Chu put down his tea cup, and looked displeased. It had to be some ignorant Vein Opening disciple who was criticizing him. But his angry face automatically changed into a smile the instant he saw the visitor.   

The visitor wore a white robe and a black cloak with a Dual Cultivation jade token. He was the famous 'Harmonious Spirit killer' named Ning Fan.

Meng Chu hastily got up from his chair and greeted Ning Fan with a smile. "Hehe! Elder Ning must have a leisure mind to come and visit my Merit Hall, I don't have any good cauldrons here that can be plucked, unlike your Dual Cultivation Palace,."

Meng Chu's words dumbfounded him.

In the eyes of devil cultivators, was he the devil who only knew how to pluck to advance his realm?

However, it couldn't be helped because he practiced the Dual Cultivation and his advancement was indeed terrifying. Anyone would think that he must have spent lots of nights with other girls to achieve such a rapid advancement.

He on the other hand wasn't really bothered by it, he then said with a faint smile.

"Naturally I have come here to exchange for some items. But I'm still new to Sinister Sparrow Sect, so I still don't know what are the good items here."

"Good items? Hehe, there are a few stuff actually…they were crafted by famous masters as plucking tools. Hehe, Elder Ning, I will show you this item named Jade Yang Root first!"

Meng Chu had a look that was eager to please Ning Fan. Later, he quickly took out an item from the jade cabinet.

That item was made out of a top grade jade but was delicately carved, it was a Yang item solely for a man which dumbstruck Ning Fan.

He was thinking why was Meng Chu so determined that he would like this thing?

"Hehe! Is Elder Ning satisfied with this Jade Yang Root? And also, there's this Luminous Pearl harvested from the Southern Demonic Sea. If you stuff this pearl into the woman's body, *chuckling*, it will be … you know…"

A dirty look was plastered on his face. Ning Fan realized that if he didn't interrupt his filthy mind, this elder would surely introduce more erotic tools.

"It's enough Meng Elder, please unveil the formation of the counter, I'll search for it myself."

"Eh? Is it because Elder Ning thinks that I'm not erotic enough? Ai, it must be  true because I haven't touched a women in the last two hundred years. Well…that year, I do have an intimate relations.h.i.+p with the widow next door. Ai, I'll stop here. It's been two hundred years and I have already forgotten where she was buried. That was my first night of pleasure…"

Ning Fan felt speechless about Meng Chu's behavior. This was what usually happened in the evil sect. There were always weird evil cultivators that was beyond anyone's imagination.

Perhaps there were also numerous righteous cultivators with false pretenses, who also stole, robbed and raped. They might look better than the evil sect because of the façade that they always put up on their faces.

Ning Fan sighed faintly. This was the first time he considered the difference between the Righteous and Devil Path. He concluded that all human beings had seven emotions and six desires, including those who practiced evil cultivation, but cultivation depended on the cultivation that one practiced. Those who practiced evil cultivation were ferocious and violent and focused on advancement, whereas righteous cultivators were magnanimous and focused on the foundation.

He was walking in a slow pace while his eyes gazed every row in the cabinets. Meng Chu on the other hand followed behind Ning Fan with care, trying his very best not to offend this famous elder.

Century-Old Eastern Jade Gra.s.s. If it was older, it could be used to produce a bewildering incense called Jade Growing Smoke. Anyone below Nascent Soul wouldn't be able to resist it, too bad…

Bright King Coral. This can be used to stabilized the foundation of spirit sense. As my spirit sense advanced too quickly, it needs something to fortify its foundation, but the price is expensive. Each for 50 000 contribution points? Forget it, I'll just get one.

Lightning Water. That's a good thing as well, but the sign states is 'some kind of water'. It seems like no one in Sinister Sparrow Sect is able to identify its origin. 10 000 contribution points for this? It's way too cheap. It's worth it even if I spend a million contribution points on this item, this is the Divine Spring used to craft Immemorial Divine Weapon. I can use it to reforge my Separation Slayer. It will then be shrouded with lightning. I will take it!

Eh? This is…?

Ning Fan stopped in his track, raised his hand to take out a volume of an ancient book with a green cover.

Meng Chu saw that Ning Fan took the item directly out of the cabinet without being blocked by the formation. It shocked him because that was a Spirit realm formation, not even Gold Core experts could penetrate it except for the Four Devil Honors.

I also initially thought that Ning Fan wasn't rash by accepting the gamble with the White Honor. Now it seems like his power is relatively on par with the White Honor!

He realized something which the others hadn't realized yet. This increased his respect for Ning Fan. He didn't dare disturb Ning Fan when he was studying the ancient book, he couldn't help but wonder why Ning Fan was attracted to that Characterless Heavenly Scripture.

This green-covered ancient book was a book that has no words at all. As Ning Fan flipped all the pages, he found that every page was just a piece of yellowish blank paper, except for the four characters written in exquisite calligraphy.

Death for the Monarch

Ning Fan could feel the killing intent surging out across his face when he saw those four words. This was the first time that he ever felt so afraid  despite him having the Immortal Emperor's killing intent inside of him.

The one who wrote these four words must have a cultivation higher than the Ancient Chaos Great Emperor. Who could it be?!

Furthermore, ordinary people wouldn't be able to sense this killing intent. Only cultivators who possessed the eyesight of a Void Fragmentation could discern it. But its price was merely 500 contribution points.

Ning Fan's face displayed a strange expression. Even if there were only four characters, it was enough to astound those very powerful Old Devils.

He confirmed that there were no other words except for the four characters in this book. It made him wonder what the author was thinking when he or she produced this book. However, in between those pages emitted some kind of lonely scent that seemed to have existed for zillions of years. 

If this was merely a book with ordinary papers, how could it still remain intact after so many years?

The cultivation of this man startled even the heavens! 500 contribution points for these four characters is definitely worthwhile!

Ning Fan's eyes blazed with excitement.

It was intriguing to find that there was someone even greater than the Ancient Chaos Great Emperor. These experts must have existed during the time when FiendG.o.ds still existed. 

At the same time, it made him realize  something important, if he thought that he had become invincible after obtaining the memory of Ancient Chaos, he would one day become the victim of his own evil deed. 

The descendants of Immortal Emperors like him were as many as buffalo's fur and the inheritance of FiendG.o.ds were as many as locusts.  

One day he would ascend to the Four Heavens and meet those powerful experts.

Ning Fan didn't know that his action of flipping the ancient book had shocked Meng Chu once more.

This unwritten book was extremely odd. Even Sinister Sparrow needed to expend tremendous amount of magical power just to turn one page. In order to ensure this book was characterless, he had spent years of effort just to finish flipping all the pages. 

As for the White Honor, he couldn't even turn one page.

Meng Chu now was feeling regretful because even Sinister Sparrow had underestimated Ning Fan's ability. He was afraid that this young man's power was even greater than the Sect Master!

Throughout Sinister Sparrow Sect, only I know about Elder Ning's ability…Hehe, I must do my best to serve him well!

Meng Chu's eye expression had turned dead serious. 

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