Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 775

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Freedom King sucked in a breath of cold air when he felt Jiang Chen’s gaze. It was like the eyes of the G.o.d of death that would send someone to h.e.l.l with just one look.

Freedom King knew that he was dead this time. There was no one in the heavens nor h.e.l.l that could save him. Given Jiang Chen’s temper, he wouldn’t get a second chance to survive. Now, even the person that he had relied on the most , Nan Bei Chao, had died. He was afraid that he, who was below Fifth Grade Minor Saint, would easily be slaughtered in front of Jiang Chen.

“Jiang…Jiang Chen, don’t kill me. I’m willing to listen to your commands.”

He could feel his soul s.h.i.+vering as Jiang Chen approached. He was a respected master of Freedom Palace, a mighty Fourth Grade Minor Saint during the normal days but today, he had lost the usual demeanor in his word.

There was no human that was not afraid of dying. If a person had high status or cultivation grade, he would know better than anyone that death was so frightening as it would take away all their efforts and glory.

“I’ll give you a chance to tell me why you can’t die.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was as cold as the G.o.d of death.

The scene in the sky was getting more and more exciting. A man who was roughly twenty years old, who stood before over a hundred of Minor Saints, making everyone s.h.i.+ver until they couldn’t speak properly, let alone having the courage to defy him.

The death of the Minor Saints just now had given them an understanding that they weren’t going to be the youth’s opponent. He was like a real war G.o.d that had s.n.a.t.c.hed away all their chances of resisting. However, they could also feel a hope of surviving from him. Jiang Chen’s gaze was obvious enough, to tell them that the matter only involved the experts of the three major powers of Mysterious Domain due to the conflict between them. The other experts from the other three large domains kept their silence, knowing that they didn’t even have the right to speak. Their fate had already fallen on Jiang Chen. Despite Jiang Chen killing their sect masters and many of their comrades, their thoughts for revenge had already lost the courage to resurface.

Freedom King was pleased in his heart when Jiang Chen required a reason. This was his chance!

“Jiang Chen, you have killed so many of my people but I won’t settle the score with you. Furthermore, it was Nan Bei Chao who wanted to rule Mysterious Domain, it wasn’t me. You should know how powerful Nan Bei Chao was and how defenseless I was in front of him. If you don’t kill me today, I will without a doubt follow your orders. Furthermore, from now on, the entire Mysterious Domain, no, the four large domains belong to you.”

Freedom King quickly answered. He pushed the blame on the dead Nan Bei Chao.

*Pu Chi*

Unfortunately, as his words dropped, Jiang Chen’s sharp claw had ruthlessly pierced through his body, crus.h.i.+ng his heart. The blood flowed and trickled through the blood-red claw, making the scene look gloomy and terrifying.

Freedom King could hardly raise his head while his vital force was fading. He looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief. He thought that he had gotten the chance to live but he was killed the moment he finished his sentences.

“Your reason is enough to make you die hundreds of time. You are far worse than Nan Bei Chao. Although Nan Bei Chao and I are enemies, I admire him from the bottom of my heart, because a person who has pride rooted in him, would never beg for his life, even if he is facing death. Furthermore, your reason is inferior. Have you never thought about this day to come the moment you all want to kill me? Do you have any idea how much blood will be shed if the formation is broken? Furthermore, I am sure that if I were to fall into your hands, I won’t have such a swift death as yours. Thus, giving you a quick death is considered a merciful act.”

As he finished, a wave of destructive force suddenly channeled through his dragon claw to Freedom King. In the next moment, Freedom King’s body was torn into pieces. An overlord of a major power had died so quickly.

The people who had been watching Jiang Chen’s means of killing had grown numb and accustomed to this kind of b.l.o.o.d.y scene. There were only two people who had their expressions changed, they were Tan Zhen Tian and Skyhill Daoist. They knew that they were next after the death of Freedom King.

Sure enough, a blessing wasn’t a misfortune and a destined misfortune couldn’t be avoided. Jiang Chen came before the two of them.

“What else do you two want to say?”

Jiang Chen asked, his voice cold.

The two of them looked at each other in the eye and saw their despair and helplessness. They knew that they were fated to meet their end. There was no turning back.

“Jiang Chen, if you want to kill us, then do it now. I hope that after killing me, you will show mercy to my Tan family.”

Tan Zhen Tian said loudly with certain harsh tone.

“Jiang Chen, I know that I will die for sure. But, I hope that you won’t trouble my disciples. Give them a chance to survive.”

Skyhill Daoist said.

“You two aren’t bad. You have the resolute att.i.tude of an overlord and consideration towards others. You are right, I will never let you live. However, after killing the both of you, Tan Family and Skyhill School will fall into Nebula Sect’s control and, worry not, I will not kill the innocent.”

Jiang Chen finished his word. Then, his large palm waved and killed Tan Zhen Tian and Skyhill Daoist. The both of them didn’t show any sign of resistance before they died. This was because that they knew that it was pointless to resist.


The remaining alive Minor Saints of Tan Family watched as Jiang Chen killed Tan Zhen Tian. They let out a cry of anguish and stared at Jiang Chen with hatred.

Jiang Chen frowned and his murderous intent was ignited. Tan Family was different from Freedom Palace and Skyhill School as the bloodline of Tan Family flowed through them. Thus, their hatred towards Jiang Chen would be much stronger than the other two major powers.

Without saying any word, Jiang Chen struck out with five sharp lights to kill the five remaining Minor Saints of Tan Family. Although these Minor Saints posed no major threat towards him, they would become the root of a major problem or threat in the future. He did not want to see another incident happening as his enemies would forever be his enemies. He couldn’t show mercy to any of them. If he was as temperamental as he was in his past life, he wouldn’t leave one person here alive.

The remaining Minor Saints of Freedom Palace and Skyhill School were so frightened that they s.h.i.+vered. Jiang Chen was truly a terrifying being who was like a supreme or bloodthirsty devil king.

However, he had only shot them a glance. Jiang Chen had imprinted a great shadow in their hearts that they wouldn’t be able to wipe off for the rest of their lives. It was impossible for them to fight him. As a matter of fact, they were no threat to him at all.

“All of you here should die, but I won’t continue to kill. From today onwards, you all should go back to your sect and re-organize. You will have to obey Nebula Sect’s arrangement and orders, and have to provide different resources.”

Jiang Chen removed the human-dragon from and returned his original state – a handsome youth in white clothes. His gesture exuded some kind of inexplicable dominance making it really hard for someone new to relate him to the ruthless war G.o.d.

All the Minor Saints gave a sigh of relief after hearing his words. No matter what happened, their lives were the most important one. Some were exchanging glances with each other and sighed again. What had been hundred and fifty had been reduced to ninety plus Minor Saints. Today would be the day that the most Minor Saints had fallen in the history of the four large domains. All the four domains had suffered major losses because of this and no one knew how long it would take for these major powers to rebuild its empire.

Jiang Chen’s words had also relieved Dan King and Nebula Kidd. If all of those Minor Saints were killed, it would bring major shock to the entirety of the Divine Continent. In fact, the death of over sixty Minor Saints was an unprecedented incident in the history of the continent. They were afraid that it would also shock the ancient families of the Pure Land.

The major powers of the four large domains were no longer firm. However, it was the exact opposite for Nebula Sect. They’d risen greatly from their original strength. This war had brought major benefits and advantages to the sect. Jiang Chen’s killings had allowed the sect to obtain roughly forty Minor Saint weapons. This fact alone could terrify anyone.

Also, Nebula Sect would become the only overlord of Mysterious Domain and also the ruler of the other three large domains. All major powers would need to present gifts every year and provide the disciples of Nebula Sect any resources they required. Furthermore, none shall defy their orders.

The land of Nebula Sect had been stained with plenty of saint blood, causing the mountain to change dramatically and some saint Qi started to linger in the air.. Nebula Mountain would, from now on, become a precious mountain. Adding in the almost unlimited cultivation resources Nebula Sect had and the amazing cultivation art and combat techniques that was brought back by Jiang Chen from Death Mountain, Nebula Sect now possessed the greatest resources for cultivation in the entirety of Divine Continent except for, of course, the families of Pure Land.

Jiang Chen was confident that one day Nebula Sect would become one of the eight large families of Pure Land.

“Yes, Young Master Jiang. We will completely obey Nebula Sect’s will and follow your lead!”

A Minor Saint expert said loudly. He was the first to express his willingness.

Later, all the Minor Saints followed his actions. They all said it out loud that they would become Jiang Chen’s follower, including the Minor Saints of Freedom Palace and Skyhill School. They knew that their era was over and it wouldn’t come back. Now, a new era was born and the leader of the new era was Jiang Chen. He would continue to become stronger and stronger. Besides submitting themselves to him, there was no other way unless they die.


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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 775

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