Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1199

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The Divination Map

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Spiritual Intelligence > Spiritual Wisdom

Jiang Chen saluted Tianji Zi and went into seclusion. He couldn't wait to explore the Great Divination Art. Although Tianji Mountain wasn't any kind of fancy summit, it had the necessary conditions for cultivation. Being a true disciple, he had his own private place of cultivation - a courtyard with a beautiful scenic view.

After entering the courtyard, Big Yellow flew over and joined. Tianji Zi knew about the relations.h.i.+p between these two, so he didn't stop them. It wasn't anything strange as there were also plenty of disciples who liked to keep demonic pets.   

Tianji Zi didn't find Jiang Chen to avoid interrupting his cultivation. In his point of view, it was extremely hard for Jiang Chen to comprehend the content of the Great Divination Art with just three days, let alone stepping into the stage of Spiritual Wisdom. He knew how important time was to Jiang Chen now, so he had decided to create the most serene condition for Jiang Chen.

"Little Chen, have you really promised to go to the Evil Abyss?"

Big Yellow asked immediately after entering the room.

"Apparently, yes. Why? Do you know anything about this Evil Abyss?"

Jiang Chen looked at Big Yellow with curiosity. Big Yellow seemed to have a certain understanding of the Immortal World. He might have knowledge that was far beyond Jiang Chen's imagination.

"I don't know, but judging from that old man's reaction, this Evil Abyss must be an extremely dangerous place." Big Yellow shook his head.

"When have we ever been afraid of danger? We even went to the Devil World back then despite the danger and what happened eventually? We gained full control of that place."

Jiang Chen shrugged and showed a who-cares-look.

"It's true that we have never been afraid of anything. The more dangerous the place, the more exciting it is. It would be extremely boring to let master dog continue staying in Skycloud Pavilion. However, that Tian Muyun sure was ruthless for sentencing such a heavy punishment on you. Could it be that he has already guessed that you are going to be a threat to him?"

Said Big Yellow curiously. It was the first time that Tian Muyun saw Jiang Chen, but that didn't make him less hostile to this new disciple. As the master of Skycloud Pavilion, Tian Muyun was supposed to feel happy for having such a genius in the sect. If one thought that Tian Muyu could detect Jiang Chen's ulterior motive and hostility towards him, it was a serious mistake because Jiang Chen had never shown even the slightest hostility to Tian Muyun. He had never told anyone about the secret of Ouyang He. So, no matter how smart Tian Muyun was, it would be impossible for him to figure out the connection between Jiang Chen and Ouyang He.

Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1199

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