Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1203

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The Dragon Travelling Across the Ocean

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Big Yellow was rocking his head back and forth as he walked out of the room. Within just three days, he had advanced to another level—late Heaven Immortal realm. Such advancement speed was undeniably scary.

The lotus leaf was naturally a very good herb, but viewing this from the aspect of essence, it was all because of Big Yellow's incredible bloodline. If he was replaced by a normal person, he wouldn't be able to have such rapid advancement even if that person was given plenty of lotus leaves.

After reaching the late Heaven Immortal realm, Big Yellow's combat strength had become truly strong. No ordinary half-step Divine Immortal expert could be a match for him now. Even if he encountered an early Divine Immortal expert, he wouldn't have a problem dealing with the opponent. As they were entering the notorious Evil Abyss, the stronger they became, the better it was. 

With Jiang Chen's current combat strength and with the help of the Great Divination Art, his power was equal to an expert who had just broken through to the Divine Immortal realm. Taking Big Yellow, Ah Da and Ah Er who were hidden in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da into account, their overall strength was equal to four Divine Immortal experts. As such, it was less likely for them to have any problems should they encounter any dangerous opponents in the Evil Abyss.

"Are we leaving?"

Big Yellow had a look of excitement on his face. For a being who was afraid of a peaceful world, he was particularly interested in places like the Evil Abyss.

"This is a very unusual dog."

Tianji Zi looked over at Big Yellow and couldn't help but praise. In fact, he had already noticed the extraordinary qualities of this dog ever since Big Yellow repaired the Iron Dummy Array. What was even more surprising for him was Big Yellow's advancement speed. Three days ago, he clearly remembered that Big Yellow was merely a mid Heaven Immortal expert, but today, this dog had broken through to the late Heaven Immortal realm. Undeniably, it was rare for someone to have such a terrifying growth.

Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1203

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