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The Sixteenth Level 

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A great number of the demonic devils were charging forward fearlessly as if they couldn't feel any sense of danger, while the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da eradicated everything in its path. Despite the ma.s.s number of demonic devils, they weren't considered enough to feed the appet.i.te of the paG.o.da. In this short period of time, the benefits brought by the paG.o.da helped Jiang Chen form 1000 dragon marks, enhancing his combat strength even more.

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had turned into a moving mountain, crus.h.i.+ng everything in its path. No matter how many the demonic devils were, it wasn't enough to overwhelm the mountainous paG.o.da. Big bulks of demonic devils were constantly being devoured by the paG.o.da. Although these demonic devils had low cultivation, they were still a ma.s.sive number. By now, at least a thousand demonic devils were killed by the paG.o.da. This was an incomparably large number, because the blood and Qi essence of a thousand Heaven Immortal demonic devils had helped to almost finish the condensation of the sixteenth level.


Such ma.s.sive casualties was surely an irrecoverable loss to the tribe. The demonic devils at the back finally understood the situation and many of them began to retreat. Despite their ferocious nature, they weren't idiots. They knew that they could avoid such senseless death.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

This movement finally alarmed the higher ups of the tribe. At least a dozen powerful Qi flew out from the centre of the castle. These demonic devils were larger and st.u.r.dier. Their cultivation was the most terrifying part as they were all Divine Immortal experts. The most powerful among them was on par with the one Jiang Chen encountered in the valley. A late Divine Immortal expert.

"Son of a b*tch! What's that thing? How dare he come here and start a ma.s.sacre! He's courting death!"

When the chief of the tribe saw the dramatic decrease in his troops, he went mad and locked on Jiang Chen's position with his eyes and murderous Qi.

"A thing that looks like a human and a beast? It should be some kind of secret art practiced by humans. This human is so arrogant and bold to attack our tribe while being only a Heaven Immortal. Leader, allow me to behead him and bring his head back to you."

An early Divine Immortal demonic devil unleashed its Qi. As soon as it finished speaking, it lunged forward. It would never put a Heaven Immortal expert in its eyes, because a Heaven Immortal expert was no different than a lowly insect that could be crushed to death casually.

"Get lost!"

It clamoured loudly. The demonic devils which were engaged in the intense fight quickly made way for it. Each and every one of them gritted their teeth, wanting to devour Jiang Chen very badly. However, they had already antic.i.p.ated Jiang Chen's end. They knew that once the Divine Immortal higher up took action against this intruder, he would die without a doubt.

"This paG.o.da seems very magical. I'm going to have it."

When the demonic devil saw the hovering paG.o.da, its eyes were filled with greed. It grabbed the paG.o.da with its large black palm.

"The condensation of the sixteenth level will be complete after killing you!" Jiang Chen shouted. 

He grabbed the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and hurled it at the demonic devil. With his current combat strength, he could instantly kill an early Divine Immortal opponent. Besides, the skills and means that he had could greatly suppress these devils.

This was just what he wanted to happen. Presently, the paG.o.da has already reached the last step in condensing the sixteenth level. If it could devour an early Divine Immortal demonic devil, the condensation of the sixteenth level would be completed.

*Hong Long…*

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da let out rumbling roars. The roar of a dragon could be heard from the paG.o.da itself, as if there were 10 000 true dragons hiding inside of it, filling the entire paG.o.da with the aura of divine dragons.

"Not good."

When the conceited demonic devil was about to come into contact with the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, its facial expression changed dramatically. Not only could it feel the power of this paG.o.da, but more importantly, it could also feel a dragon's aura and the purest Yang energy under the heavens. The devil was instantly suppressed, restricting it from using all of its power.

Even if the early Divine Immortal demonic devil was in its peak state, it would be impossible for it to resist Jiang Chen's Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.


Everything was already too late when the devil sensed the danger. The speed of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was too fast. It pounded severely on the demonic devil's body. Despite being at the early Divine Immortal realm, the demonic devil still faced the same end as its Heaven Immortal juniors. Its huge body was smashed to pieces on the spot.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Gale howled. The corpse of the demonic devil was completely devoured by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Instantly, the sixteenth level brightened up. That was the indication of a ma.s.sive energy. The instant the energy of the early Divine Immortal demonic devil was absorbed, the sixteenth level was fully condensed. The light radiating from it was dazzling.

"What? What kind of treasure is that? How can it be so powerful?"

"I can feel a sense of sacred Qi within the paG.o.da. Additionally, the Purest Yang Qi could severely suppress us. However, the fact that this brat can kill an early Divine Immortal opponent while being only a mid Heaven Immortal is truly mystical."

"Chief, although this paG.o.da could suppress our power, it is without a doubt a rare treasure. Since this brat brought us a gift, we should never refuse it."

Those Divine Immortal experts were shocked. They had never thought that a puny Heaven Immortal expert to carry such a powerful paG.o.da and had the ability to kill a Divine Immortal expert. Apart from all of these, he had also killed at least a thousand of their forces, creating a major loss to their entire tribe.

If they were able to get their hands on this blood-red paG.o.da, they might be able to recover all of their losses.

"Let me test his strength."

A mid Divine Immortal demonic devil volunteered. He took a leap forth and arrived before Jiang Chen. However, the moment it struck out its palm to get the paG.o.da, it vanished. It was recalled by Jiang Chen. Since the sixteenth level had already been fully condensed, he didn't need it anymore.

"Mid Divine Immortal demonic devil… just the right time to test my combat strength."

Jiang Chen would never decline any challenge. Given his present strength, it was more than enough to handle any mid Divine Immortal expert, let alone a mid Divine Immortal demonic devil. 


His Heavenly Saint Sword let out a deafening howl, as the Qi of the sword soared up to the sky. Under his control, the sword turned into a blood-red dragon and slashed at the mid Divine Immortal demonic devil.

This was a sword strike clad with the Purest Yang Qi and the circulation of the dragon transformation skill. The degree of suppression on the devil was unimaginable. Furthermore, the surface of the sword was now enshrouded with terrifying flames. Whether it was the True Thunderfire or the True Dragon Flame, both of them were the greatest enemy of the demonic devils. Therefore, it was the demonic devils' misfortune for encountering Jiang Chen today.  

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