Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1401

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Both of them were extremely ferocious beings. The result of such a ma.s.sive impact was almost unimaginable. The entire mountain was in turmoil. Numerous demonic beasts took advantage of the moment to flee. This stretch of mountains was going to perish soon and staying here would only cost their lives. The aftershocks unleashed by the combatants could easily take their lives.

*Hong Long……*

In the sky above, Jiang Chen and the Fire Qilin had bombarded each other continuously for dozens of times. The void was thoroughly destroyed. Jiang Chen was forced a dozen paces back before regaining his balance. Even the mighty Fire Qilin had to retreat three paces.

"Impossible. How can a Golden Immortal be this strong?"

The Fire Qilin was startled, eliminating all the underestimation it had for Jiang Chen. The beast would never believe that a Golden Immortal could actually be so powerful. He initially thought that one strike was already enough to crush Jiang Chen to pieces. To his astonishment, they had already fought for more than ten rounds and his opponent was still very much alive. He hadn't even wounded his opponent yet. It could only be considered that he had gained the upper hand, at best.

Jiang Chen, too, felt amazed. He didn't gain an advantage in the battle. One should know that when he fought Tian Muyun, they were equally matched, unable to distinguish the weaker one immediately.

Apparently, this battle wasn't the same compared to his battle against Tian Muyun. After a month of retreat in Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and some cultivation along the way here, although there wasn't an increase in the number of his dragon marks, his foundation was fully fortified which naturally improved his combat strength as well.

Nevertheless, he was still no match for the Fire Qilin. This couldn't be explained by his inferiority, but the superiority of the Fire Qilin instead. The mighty Saint Beast was simply incomparable to any ordinary cultivator. Even a genius like Tian Muyun wouldn't stand a chance if he faced this Fire Qilin. 

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is hard to handle."

Jiang Chen frowned. It seemed like it wouldn't be easy for him to get rid of this beast today. He had no absolute certainty even if he used the Nine Dragons Extinguis.h.i.+ng the World. After all, the Fire Qilin was not Tian Muyun.


Big Yellow raged. Or it should be said that his fighting spirit and intent had been fully aroused. Witnessing the scariness of the Fire Qilin, Big Yellow's blood was instantly ignited. He faced the sky and roared. The Qi of his bloodline was revealed and his momentum soared constantly.

"What a b.a.s.t.a.r.d…"

Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen couldn't help shaking his head. He knew what Big Yellow was doing. Big Yellow was going to utilize the remaining Immortal Execution Sword's essence to push his cultivation base to the half-step Immortal King realm in a short period of time.

If it was during normal days, Jiang Chen would've stopped him. After all, Big Yellow had just advanced to the peak of late Golden Immortal realm. If Big Yellow broke through to the half-step Immortal King realm now, it would surely bring a negative impact to his foundation.

But now, Jiang Chen didn't have the intention of stopping Big Yellow. This was an act of understanding. As a mighty divine beast, dignity was more important than anything else. Inside of Big Yellow was a never-admit-defeat spirit. It was this spirit that had ignited Big Yellow's fighting spirit. Big Yellow's only goal now was to defeat this Fire Qilin. Under the impact of this spirit, even if he advanced to the half-step Immortal King realm, it would never affect his foundation, and his foundation would be even more solid as his cultivation base improved. It would be like killing two birds with one stone.

"Humph! Trying to break through in front of me? That's impossible. I'm going to devour you first, then I will devour that brat."

The Fire Qilin snorted coldly, spun and rushed towards Big Yellow. After learning that Jiang Chen wasn't an easy opponent to deal with, he would just eliminate Big Yellow first. By devouring either one of them, he could absorb the divine beast bloodline of his target. At that time, his cultivation base would improve instantly. After that, he would get rid of the other one. That would be a flawless and effortless plan, however it would be extremely hard to realize.


As soon as the Fire Qilin was about to move, Jiang Chen emerged in front of the beast. Perhaps Jiang Chen's current strength wasn't as powerful as the Fire Qilin, but his movement skill and speed was still faster than even two Fire Qilins combined.

"I'm your target," Jiang Chen said. 

His combat intent was stronger than before. It wasn't easy to encounter a powerful opponent. The stronger the opponent, the easier it was to stimulate Jiang Chen's desire to fight. A battle like this always made his blood boil.

"Courting death. Since you don't know what death is, then I'll just have to kill you first."

The Fire Qilin was infuriated. He spurted out a column of fire that was fully condensed out of the Saint Fire and combined with his incredible attack force. It might seem like a normal strike, but it wasn't something to be trifled with. It could be considered as one of the most powerful attacks of the Fire Qilin.

"Fire Dragon Seal!"

Jiang Chen was fearless. He immediately struck out the powerful Fire Dragon Seal, using fire to counter fire. Saint Fire was terrifying, but True Dragon Flame wasn't inferior to it either. Besides, Jiang Chen's True Dragon Flame also contained the powerful True Thunderfire.


The Fire dragon roared, it then collided with the column of fire in its most ferocious posture. Although the Fire Dragon Seal was condensed out of True Dragon Flame and True Thunderfire, there was also the energy provided by enormous number of dragon marks.  

*Hong Long……*

The color of the sky changed completely. Most of the mountains were about to perish. Craters had been created by the aftershocks, smoke billowing into the sky.

"True Dragon Flame…there's also another flame within it. Is this brat a human or a dragon? Whether he's a dragon or a human, he's going to be eradicated by me today. If I'm able to obtain the True Dragon Flame and infuse it into my Saint Fire, the benefits will be immeasurable."

The Fire Qilin was astounded once more and felt delighted. Jiang Chen's True Dragon Flame had aroused his greedy heart.

He naturally didn't know that Jiang Chen had already targeted his Saint Fire even before he targeted Jiang Chen's True Dragon Flame. Like the Fire Qilin, if Jiang Chen could combine this Saint Fire with his True Dragon Flame and True Thunderfire, the benefits would be boundless.


After casting the Fire Dragon Seal, Jiang Chen drew out the Heavenly Saint Sword, combined with the sword, becoming a single ent.i.ty. Sword light shone like a brilliant Heavenly River, giving birth to a frenzied dragon, and slashed at the Fire Qilin.

Jiang Chen got fierce after every round of battle. Feeling the horror of Heavenly Saint Sword, the Fire Qilin finally kept his underestimation of this human and began to take the battle seriously.

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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1401

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