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Futian Manor 

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Strong air waves rushed out of Jiang Chen's body like surging waves. It was undeniable that the Qilin's bloodline was too strong. It had straightaway pushed Jiang Chen's cultivation base to the late Golden Immortal realm. The 1 000 000 dragon marks and the ma.s.sive momentum was no joke.

"Such an abnormal fellow. With his current condition, even without the dragon-form, he was already powerful enough to kill Tian Muyun. I'm afraid that only this abnormal b.a.s.t.a.r.d could absorb the bloodline of the Qilin, one of the divine beasts of the five elements, so easily. If it was an ordinary person, he wouldn't be able to stand the powerful impact of the bloodline and his whole body would explode and die."

Big Yellow sighed, but it wasn't the first or second time he knew Jiang Chen. He had been very familiar with Jiang Chen's power and divinity, so he didn't feel too surprised about it. If it was an outsider who saw this, he would certainly be greatly shocked.

At the present moment, the Fire Qilin was languis.h.i.+ng in another spatial zone of the paG.o.da. If he knew that Jiang Chen had absorbed his bloodline so casually, they were afraid that he would surely cough up blood on the spot and pa.s.s out due to grievance.

"Little Chen, your cultivation base has improved once more, reaching the late Golden Immortal. Even without using your dragon-from, you will be able to claim your place in Eastern Profound Domain." Big Yellow said delightfully.

"That's right. The Qilin's bloodline sure is powerful. It isn't comparable to any ordinary demon's bloodline. Not only has my cultivation base improved, but my foundation has also been tremendously strengthened. With a total of 1 000 000 dragon marks in my body, I don't need to be worried about my energy consumption."

Jiang Chen's Qi was majestic. Within his gestures revealed a strong confidence. That was the aura of an inborn King and the confidence that originated from his bone.

"Have you gotten the innate ability of the Fire Qilin?" Big Yellow said with antic.i.p.ation.

"That's of course."

The corner of Jiang Chen's mouth showed a trace of a smile. He stretched one finger. Red flames suddenly appeared on his finger tip, dancing back and forth, and full of sacred Qi.

"The Saint Fire of the Fire Qilin. Haha! Your dragon transformation skill is surely heaven defying. It can even absorb the Saint Fire of the Qilin. Now that you have three types of flames in your body, you can refine anything in this Heaven and Earth. Any devilish and ghostly creature will be suppressed by you awfully. Plus, these three flames will continue to hone your physique. That's totally invincible."

Big Yellow praised generously. Even he couldn't deny that Jiang Chen was the scariest genius that he had ever seen. Using the word 'heaven defying' to describe Jiang Chen wasn't excessive at all.

"This is only the Saint Fire. I have also acquired an innate ability. Look, Big Yellow."

Jiang Chen said, then extended his left arm.  A powerful barbaric force surged out all of a sudden. Then, his arm began to transform, turning st.u.r.dier. On its surface was covered with golden scales. The image of an illusory Qilin was drifting on top of his fist.

"The Qilin's Divine Arm!"

Big Yellow exclaimed, showing a face of disbelief and shock. After Jiang Chen absorbed the bloodline of the Qilin, not only had he acquired the Saint Fire, but also cultivated the Qilin's Divine Arm. This was exactly like a miracle.

"From what I felt, the power of this Qilin is very great. Once I activate it, even without my dragon-form, my attack power will be doubled. If I transform into my dragon-form, it will be able to integrate with my dragon arm, making my combat strength even more powerful. Most importantly, the Qilin's Divine Arm is an innate ability that will continue to grow more powerful as my cultivation base advances." Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

Absorbing the Qilin's blood essence of origin was an incomparably fortunate thing. It had allowed him to obtain unimaginable benefits. First it was the breakthrough in cultivation base. Second was the integration with the Saint Fire. Third was obtaining the powerful technique of the Qilin - the Qilin's Divine Arm. Such fortune was truly heaven defying.

"Amazing. Truly amazing. Given our current trump cards, we will less likely to be targeted even after arriving Eastern Profound Domain, because we are existences that can't be trifled with."

Big Yellow laughed. The stronger Jiang Chen was, the happier he was. After all, Eastern Profound Domain wasn't comparable to One-Line-Sky. The geniuses in this place was as dense as clouds and could be found at almost everywhere. If one was incapable, one wouldn't even have the chance to send out a punch or a kick.

"We have already arrived at the border of Eastern Profound Domain. The Fire Qilin will stay in the paG.o.da while we're out and see how large this domain actually is."

Jiang Chen rose, concealed his Qi and brought Big Yellow out of the paG.o.da. One man and dog were in a very good mood now, because they had obtained such tremendous benefits even before they arrived the in domain. 

They turned to look at the ruined mountain range in the distance. Both of them exchanged a glance and smiled, then flew forward slowly. These two complacent-looking fellows still had no idea how much trouble they had caused. Getting rid of the Saint Beast of Nanbei Aristocratic Family was even greater than destroying the ore mine of Profound Sun Sect.

Both of them flew for roughly a thousand miles before they discovered people in a region. An incomparably huge manor was located up ahead. Even from a far distance, they could feel the wealthy aura coming from the manor and its magnificence. It could be seen that it was impossible for any ordinary person to enter this manor.

"Master Dog has smelled wine and women coming from there. After travelling for so long, it's time for us to have a good time in this manor."

Big Yellow beamed with joy, seemingly extremely excited. He had felt so suffocated in this month of pure travelling.

"Alright. Let's go and have a look."

Jiang Chen smiled. The manor seemed so huge and splendid, which made him want to find out what it actually was. Upon entering the Eastern Profound Domain, this manor would be the first stop of theirs.

There were pedestrians constantly coming in and out of the manor. It could be seen that those who came here were definitely wealthy individuals. This could be seen from the way they dressed. Both of them stopped before the manor and saw a huge plaque hanging above the entrance doors of the manor. Two words were written in exquisite calligraphy - Futian Manor.

These two big words were extremely overbearing, making the whole manor like a castle.

"The name Futian Manor does sounds like a good fortune." Big Yellow said and shook his tail.

The entrance was flanked by two guards on the left and right. Anyone who enters the manor would have to pay a certain amount of fee, which was definitely a hefty sum, but anyone who could go to such a place was a wealthy cultivator. They knew who the owner of the manor was and wouldn't dare to cause trouble here. These could be observed from the fact that even mighty Golden Immortals had to travel by foot. In here, no one was allowed to fly except for Immortal Kings.

"Get lost. Why have you old furry thing come again? Do you know what this place is? This is a place for the wealthy people. If you trash show up again, I will break your legs." 

At this time, a shout came from out in front of the entrance. 

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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1408

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