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At the Height of His Power 

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Jiang Chen was brought away just like this. The scene had turned horrifyingly quiet. Everybody felt stifled. In their hearts, Jiang Chen was a slaughtering G.o.d. Though the slaughtering G.o.d was gone, it didn't make them feel a bit relaxed, because a volcano was going to erupt at any time.

"I must have this revenge. I don't care who your backer is. Anyone who kills the son of mine, Fu Kui, must die without a burial ground."

Both of Fu Kui's eyes went blood-red. It only showed how angry he had become. Now, his mind was filled with the desire to kill. If he didn't fully unleash all of his killing intent, his heart would probably be attacked by the fiery grievance.

"City Lord, this Jiang Chen is truly insane. I couldn't believe that he dared to start a battle in this place and never have we thought that he had the support of King Fan. It's infuriating that he's able to leave alive."

"That's right. The death of Young Master Futian is regrettable. If City Lord was a little bit early, Jiang Chen wouldn't have the chance."

"As a friend of Young Master, I felt angry and helpless."

Remarks and comments of the crowd lamenting about the death of Young Master Futian were directed to Fu Kui, as if trying to break the oppressive atmosphere. If they continued to stay in this repressive state, they might go mad very soon.


Fu Kui harrumphed coldly. It sounded like a dull thunder, shocking everyone's mind and turning their faces pale.

"My son is already dead. Do you all still have to live? Go to h.e.l.l with my son together," Fu Kui said coldly. 

He waved, sending off rays of light that looked like sharp swords in all directions, killing all the people on the scene. He could blame this ma.s.sacre on Jiang Chen as well. Since his son was dead, it infuriated him very much to see these people being still alive.

"Ah…" "Ah…" "Ah…"

Mournful cries reverberated in the air. All of them were penetrated by the light rays of Fu Kui. All of them died on the spot, with none remaining alive.

*Hong Long……*

At the same time, Fu Kui unleashed the mighty momentum of Immortal Emperor. Those Qi waves turned into a scary energy, rus.h.i.+ng towards every direction, spreading across the manor and entirely enveloping it in the blink of an eye. All the houses and buildings collapsed instantaneously. All the people in the manor, regardless of size, age and strength were enshrouded by it.

This was the end of Futian Manor. Innumerable bodies broke down as they couldn't withstand the pressure of an Immortal Emperor.

The supposedly rich and luxurious manor had turned into a land of ruins in a twinkle. All the people in the manor died a tragic death and were buried within the ruins.

Fu Kui was even more ruthless than Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen only killed those that needed to be killed, whereas Fu Kui killed the innocent. He wanted the entire manor buried to accompany the death of his son. That was undoubtedly insane and brutal.

The irony was that those who hadn't been killed by Jiang Chen and Big Yellow and thought that they were safe, and could leave the manor alive still died in Fu Kui's hands instead of Jiang Chen's. What was more ironic was that they were flattering Fu Kui before they were killed by him.

Fu Kui hovered in the air above the manor, looking down at the ruined place, his hand carrying the corpse of his son. He then looked at where Jiang Chen vanished. "This isn't over yet. I must kill that brat in to avenge my son's murder."

After he finished speaking, he disappeared in a flash. It was true that he wouldn't dare offend King Fan or intrude into King Fan's place to kill someone, because that was no different than seeking death, but he would never give up on this vengeance and would do whatever he could to have his revenge.

A silhouette appeared not far away from the manor like a ghost. This wasn't the silhouette of a stranger, but the old liar.

The old liar wasn't dead. He had stood in the field of battles and ma.s.sacre. He had also been there when Fu Kui destroyed the entire manor. However, despite all the Immortal Kings being killed, he, a puny little Earth Immortal, was still very much alive.

"Motherf*cker! A good place was gone just like that. How inhumane! This old man would have to find another place again."

The old liar shook his head helplessly, seemingly sorry. After that, he made a step across the sky and disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving not even a trace behind.

At an extremely far distance, Old Man Bai Weng was bringing Jiang Chen and Big Yellow along, travelling at incredible speed with an auspicious cloud below them.

"Thank you for the help, Senior."

Jiang Chen held his fists at Old Man Bai Weng. His impression of this old man was quite pleasant. In any case, he knew very well that this old man had come to help him.

"However, I was still a bit off in my calculation. If it hadn't been for the person who helped you destroy the attack of Fu Kui, you two would have already fallen into Fu Kui's hands. At that time, my arrival would be of no avail," Old Man Bai Weng said with a smile.


Listening to this, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow couldn't help but be astonished.

"Which means it wasn't Senior that shattered Fu Kui's attack?" Jiang Chen asked doubtfully.

"Of course not. Although I'm an Immortal Emperor, my cultivation base is only on par with Fu Kui. Even if I struck, for me to destroy Fu Kui's attack from the dark and without Fu Kui noticing was impossible. There must be an expert helping you secretly, and that person must be a true expert that is a whole lot stronger than me," Old Man Bai Weng said.

"Could it be the old liar?"

Big Yellow's eyes widened. At this time, apart from that old swindler that they thought was unordinary, there was no one else that could possibly be in their list, because they had just arrived in Eastern Profound Domain and had yet to know any experts.

"It's highly likely. Although that old liar had been acting like a lunatic, my instinct told me that he isn't a simple person." Jiang Chen nodded, agreeing to Big Yellow's opinion.

"It's astounding that Young Master Jiang Chen has such combat strength at such a young age and could even kill an intermediate Immortal King at Golden Immortal realm. No wonder King Fan attaches so much importance to you."

Old Man Bai Weng said in an incomparably polite tone. Of course, the most important reason for this was because of King Fan.

"Senior, is King Fan, Yang Bufan?" Jang Chen asked. Although he had already guessed the answer, he still needed to confirm it, because there was no one else he could think of besides Yang Bufan.

"That's correct. King Fan is Yang Bufan. He's the prince of Great Qian Empire. He was in conflict with the Emperor and left at that time. But now, he has returned. Due to his major improvement in cultivation base, he was crowned as King Fan by the Emperor and his name rose to fame, which makes it his heyday. At the time he returned, he was already a late Immortal King. Currently, he has already reached the half-step Immortal Emperor realm, which made him being regarded more and more importantly by the empire. That would surely make him a capable and powerful successor." Old Man Bai Weng said with a smile. He felt joy in his heart when he spoke about Yang Bufan. 

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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1429

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