Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1580 – What?

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“It's the wondrous rock. What a big movement! Could it be that the creature inside the wondrous rock is about to be born?”

Jiang Chen was startled. He had obtained this wondrous rock from the ancient tomb in One-Line-Sky. At that time, innumerable cultivators couldn't move it. Later, only he could gain the recognition of the wondrous rock with the energy of his bloodline, he then kept the wondrous rock. After that was when he acquired the Immortal Execution Order and saw a girl who looked exactly like Yan Chenyu lying in Zang Xian Coffin.

This wondrous rock is hosting a very powerful being, but after placing it in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, he hadn't paid it any attention since. As he had no idea when the creature inside would be born, he might as well let the wondrous rock stay there. Over a period of time, he had almost forgotten it. He never thought that an abnormal change would happen in the wondrous rock. It seemed like the creature inside was about to be born.

Instinct told him that the creature in the wondrous rock was definitely not simple. Its birth would probably bring him a favourable turn. He had been hunted down by Nanbei Chao and had reached the most crucial moment. At this point, any change that could possibly turn his situation around would be a tremendously help.


All of a sudden, a golden light rushed out on the top of the wondrous rock. Jiang Chen could see clearly that it was a weapon. It was an iron staff the length of 3 meters. The surface of the staff was engraved with mystical talisman marks. The instant the iron staff emerged, it rushed out from the paG.o.da and collided with the Palm of Great Sovereign of Nanbei Chao.

*Hong Long……*

The iron staff was extremely divine. It pierced through the incomparably mighty Palm of Great Sovereign in an instant. The indestructible Palm of Great Sovereign seemed to have become a fragile existence under the iron staff and was destroyed on the spot. Terrifying residual waves rippled out. The iron staff also made a huge crater in the void.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

After the Palm of Sovereign was destroyed, the iron staff spun back and forth in the void, s.h.i.+ning with limitless divine light. Under no control, the iron staff began to enlarge. In a matter of a few blinks, it turned into a divine staff the size of 300 meters, standing upright in the Heavens and Earth. The golden divine light it emanated covered a huge region.


A spiralling golden dragon was carved on the surface of the iron staff. The golden dragon was lifelike, seemingly about to burst into life at any time as it emitted deep roars of dragon.

“That's a truly mystical iron staff. It is the absolute treasure of the Heavens and Earth. It contained dense desolate ancient qi. This weapon must have a long history. How could such a horrifying weapon be hidden in the wondrous rock? No, the creature in the wondrous rock hasn't appeared yet. Only the weapon has appeared.”

Jiang Chen was shocked. Not only was he astounded by the divinity of the iron staff, but also by the scariness of the creature inside. It took only a casual swing of the iron staff to eliminate the Palm of Great Sovereign of Nanbei Chao.

What a divine treasure! This brat does have loads of treasures. This iron staff has destroyed my Palm of Great Sovereign so easily.

Nanbei Chao was similarly shocked. His eyes were fixed on the iron staff. Any human would be able to tell that this was an extraordinary iron staff. It contained a powerful origin inside. It looked like a divine weapon that was hand-picked by the G.o.ds.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

After the appearance of the iron staff, the wondrous rock moved even more. Jiang Chen was now paying all of his attention on the rock, feeling that it was very likely to explode before the creature inside of it leap out, however the wondrous rock seemed unbreakable. No lines of cracks were visible on its surface, but this didn't seem to stop the creature from being born.


Another golden light shot out and rushed out of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. But this time, the golden light was no longer a weapon. It was a creature.

Next to the iron staff, the image of the creature gradually materialized. Currently, Jiang Chen and Nanbei Chao's eyes fell upon that creature unblinkingly.

Countless golden light entered the creature's body and was absorbed by it. The appearance of the creature was finally revealed. It was a monkey.

That was right. The living creature was indeed a monkey, but this monkey seemed incredibly divine. He was eight feet tall, with a st.u.r.dy body and wore a gold armour that looked even more outstanding than the golden robe of Nanbei Chao. This armour alone was a rare treasure.

The parts where his armour didn't cover were needle-like golden hair that emitted dazzling divine light. Every strand of hair was like a divine weapon, making people dare not to look at it directly.

The most noteworthy thing was the monkey's eyes. His eyes were too bright. His golden pupils glanced continuously. The solidified golden light shone from his eyes trembled the void.

The monkey stood there, like a mighty war G.o.d, as though becoming the only one in the Heavens and Earth. His momentum was very strong and his blood qi soared skywards, as if wanting to create a hole in the sky. Even Nanbei Chao had become slightly dimmer in the monkey's presence.

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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1580 – What?

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