Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1759

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The Awakening  

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"Do you see that? It's impossible to determine a winner from such battles."

"Now it seems winning three matches in a row is truly not an easy task. At this rate, it can already be considered good if two amongst them can last until the end."

"Dammit! These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are really heaven-defying. It would be great if I can be like them one day."

The imposing battles dazzled everyone. Any one of these combatants were powerful enough to fight an early Immortal Venerable, and given their incredible means, the battles between them were destined to be a tie.

"The Wheel of Death!"

Suddenly, Chu Tian bellowed. 

A terrifying black wheel materialized, carrying unparalleled destructive force, it immediately rushed towards his opponent. This was Chu Tian's ultimate technique. With this technique, his combat strength was instantaneously greatly improved.

"Not good."

The opponent's facial expression changed drastically. He didn't expect that such an enormous force would surge out from Chu Tian, also he could sense tremendous danger and pressure from the Wheel of Death.

He didn't dare to show any neglect. A halberd appeared in his hand that's gleaming with a cold light, and then swung it at the incoming attack.

*Hong Long……*

The battle became intense. The void above was completely torn apart. Appalling qi waves filled the air. If it wasn't for the restrictive formation, the entire martial arena would have suffered severe damage. 


Under the power of the Wheel of Death, Chu Tian's opponent, a genius from the Northern Profound Domain, spurted out a mouthful of blood, his face turned extremely pale. Shaking his head helplessly, he turned and flew away from the battle platform, giving up the battle. Chu Tian didn't pursue and kill him. Instead, he withdrew the Wheel of Death and stood there triumphantly.

"Good! Senior Brother Chu Tian is truly domineering."

"Haha! Senior Brother Chu Tian's Wheel of Death is too terrifying. That technique of his instantaneously doubled his combat strength. That genius from Northern Profound Domain is no match for him."

"Yes. Even in the Immortal Court, Senior Brother Chu Tian is an outstanding genius amongst his peers. I reckon that he can easily win three matches in a row, or even become the winner of this selection."

The people of Limitless Immortal Sect were thrilled, each of them showed triumphant gestures as though they were the one that won the match.

Of course, they had a reason to be thrilled. The power of Chu Tian represented the power of Limitless Immortal Domain. It made them proud and dignified.

At the same time, on the Ling Long Jade Rock, Dragon s.h.i.+san was still showing no signs of movement. This was making Jiang Chen, who was standing next to him, worry and walk in circles around the place, and at some point, almost flung Dragon s.h.i.+san from the rock bed.

"Monkey, can you son of a b*tch still wake-up? The battles will be over soon. Your wife is going to be taken away from you. Do you know that?!"

Jiang Chen felt helpless. All he could do was to continue stimulating Dragon s.h.i.+san using his words, hoping that it would rekindle his friend's consciousness.

On the tall platform, Lan Lingji's emotion was becoming unstable. All her thoughts were on Dragon s.h.i.+san; she totally ignored the battles that were taking place in front of her.

"Master." Lan Lingji shouted gently, feeling depressed.

"Prepare to resign yourself to your fate."

Venerable Ling Long spoke in a plain tone. This was the last thing she could do for Lan Lingji. Whether Dragon s.h.i.+san could be awakened or not, it was no longer within her control, it would have to depend on the fate of Dragon s.h.i.+san and Lan Lingji.

"Dragon s.h.i.+san, you must wake up." Lan Lingji prayed in her heart, still having the confidence in Dragon s.h.i.+san.

The fierce battles lasted for two hours. All the contenders had fought their respective battles. The result coincided to what people had expected. Only two geniuses reached the final round. They were Chu Tian and Lin Yu of Lin Family of Southern Profound Domain. The next battle would be between the two. As long as either of them won the battle, it would be the end of the selection of son-in-law.

However, the current state of Lin Yu didn't seem too well. Even though he also won three matches in a row, he had suffered a certain degree of injuries along the way. On the contrary, Chu Tian was in exactly the same state as he had been at the beginning, his Wheel of Death was just too terrifying. He hadn't consumed too much strength in the previous three battles, and had even rested for a long time while waiting for the second match. He was now back to his peak state.

"Chu Tian is truly horrifying. With the Wheel of Death, he can hardly find someone a match amongst his peers."

"Yes. Chu Tian is really too ferocious. He's still as vigorous as he was at the beginning, whereas Lin Yu appears to be somewhat inferior. Having multiple injuries on his body, he won't be able to exert all of his combat strength. He's no match for Chu Tian."

"It seems like the winner of the selection of son-in-law will be Chu Tian, without a doubt . How enviable!"

Everyone had observed the conditions of the two partic.i.p.ants. Given the huge disparity between their current state, the outcome of the fight wouldn't have any suspense.

Lan Lingji's facial expression darkened. She knew that everything would be over the moment Chu Tian defeated Lin Yu, but up until now, Dragon s.h.i.+san has yet to appear.

However, at the present moment, when the selection was approaching its end, some changes were observed from the sleeping Dragon s.h.i.+san—his fingers began to move.

"Thank G.o.d. Finally, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d showed some response. Wake up quickly! The battle is about to end. Lan Lingji is going to be taken away by another man." Jiang Chen spoke with haste, his forehead drenched with sweat.

"Who the f*** dares to take Master Monkey's woman?! Courting death!"

A strand of divine sense rushed out of Dragon s.h.i.+san's body. Jiang Chen burst into laughter. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d finally woke up. The fact that Dragon s.h.i.+san could send out his divine sense indicated that his soul was completely awakened. Jiang Chen couldn't deny that Venerable Ling Long's idea to stimulate Dragon s.h.i.+san was pretty effective. Without the stimulation, who knew when Dragon s.h.i.+san would wake-up? Once Dragon s.h.i.+san's soul got used to being asleep, he was afraid that Dragon s.h.i.+san would be in slumber forever.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

A strong qi surged crazily out of Dragon s.h.i.+san's body like torrents. The energy inside his body erupted just like a volcano the instant he woke up. 

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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1759

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