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Young Master Shen  

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The corner of Jiang Chen's mouth curled into a smile. Given his shrewdness, he concluded that there was something deeper behind this matter, at least it wouldn't be so simple, so he had to find out more about it, and having a meeting with Fengluo Sect was necessary.

"Find ways to draw him here," said Jiang Chen to the patriarch.

Upon hearing this, the patriarch seemed to have become dumbfounded. In his opinion, Jiang Chen should feel dread in his heart and escape from the scene with his father the moment he heard that Young Master Shen was the number one genius of Fengluo Sect. Instead, he seemed interested in causing Young Master Shen some trouble.

Young Master Shen had an unparalleled cultivation base of late Immortal Emperor. His combat strength was on par with a half-step Immortal Venerable, hence why he's the number one genius of Fengluo Sect. Jiang Chen's action could only be explained in two ways. One, Jiang Chen was out of his mind. Second, a late Immortal Emperor genius didn't concern him at all.

Jiang Chen didn't seem to be someone who had a mental illness, so the latter would be more accurate in this scenario. The thought of Jiang Chen being even more powerful than Young Master Shen made their hearts sink even more, but at the same time, they also longed for the presence of Young Master Shen, who was, after all, a supreme expert of Fengluo Sect and enormously stronger than any one of them in Yu Family. It would be best if he could kill Jiang Chen, but even if he couldn't defeat Jiang Chen, that would be the business between the two. As long as Yu Family played no tricks and Jiang Chen wasn't overly cruel, Yu Family might not have to face extinction. 

"Young-Young Master Jiang, I have already sent a message to Young Master Shen using the signalling spiritual talisman, however I don't know if he will come."

The patriarch spoke in an undertone, fearing that it would arouse the discontentment of Jiang Chen.

"He will."

Two cold lights glinted from Jiang Chen's eyes. If he was Young Master Shen, he would choose to come, because his big plan has just been ruined by someone. It would be strange if Young Master Shen wasn't affected by it. Furthermore, he was the number one genius of Fengluo Sect. There was no one whom he feared in this entire domain and almost everyone in the domain was afraid of him.

The scene suddenly became incomparably quiet. Jiang Chen just remained silent. The cultivators of Yu Family didn't dare speak, let alone move, they could only kneel on the ground and wait for Young Master Shen to come and the final trial.

In no time, a strong wave suddenly appeared in the sky above the pill store, forming a vortex of energy that terrified them.

"Young Master Shen has come."

The cultivators of Yu Family were delighted. All of them looked up and saw a long grey-robed youth holding a folding fan appearing amidst the fading vortex. He seemed pretty das.h.i.+ng and had a pair of eyes as bright as the stars. The real horror was the qi radiating from his body, which made the void tremble and produce sounds of crackle. It only showed how terrifying the cultivation base of this youth was.

"It's Young Master Shen. Young Master Shen has come. What an incredible qi! He's no doubt the number one genius of Fengluo Sect. Yu Family is saved!"

"Yes! He's much more powerful compared to our patriarch. Regardless of how heaven-defying Jiang Chen is, I'm afraid that he is still no match for the number one genius of Fengluo Sect."

"Shh. Speak no more. Our fate is still under Jiang Chen's control. Young Master Shen definitely won't leave this matter unresolved. We just have to wait and see what happens."

Young Master Shen instantly became the mainstay of their family. His power ignited a new found hope in their hearts after being oppressed hard by Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was looking at Young Master Shen with an indifferent face. In his opinion, this young master was only as powerful as Yang Lang of Great Qian Empire. Given Jiang Chen's present cultivation base, he wouldn't put him in his eyes, he could even end this genius' life without using the dragon transformation.

Shen Yifei rushed over here the instant he received the news from the patriarch. When he saw the scene on the square, strong feeling of fury immediately swept out from his body, forming a twisting wind that hovered in the sky. Then, his eyes fell upon Jiang Chen. 

"Kid, I don't care who you are! You only have one end for ruining my business!" Shen Yifei spoke in an icy cold tone. 

He clearly didn't put Jiang Chen in his eyes. The people of Yu Family couldn't see through Jiang Chen's cultivation base, but he was able to detect that Jiang Chen was merely an early Immortal Emperor through the qi emitted from Jiang Chen. How could that arouse any fear in him?

"You are behaving so arrogantly even when you are faced with imminent danger. If you kneel now and kowtow before my father and apologize to him, I might be merciful enough to spare your life."

Jiang Chen glanced sideways at Shen Yifei and spoke plainly. Regardless of Shen Yifei's thoughts, in Jiang Chen's opinion, he was already giving Shen Yifei a chance to live. Of course, he knew that many people wouldn't cherish such a chance. Shen Yifei wasn't an exception amongst them.

Sure enough, Jiang Chen's words only infuriated Shen Yifei. With a sway, he swooped down onto the square.

"All of you, get up!. All of you are my underlings. How could you kneel before an insect? What a disgrace!" Shen Yifei clamoured.

Each of their faces revealed delight; they were ready to rise.

"Whoever dares to stand will die instantly!"

Jiang Chen's voice sounded as though it came from the depths of h.e.l.l. It was cold to the extreme. Every cultivator of Yu Family was s.h.i.+vering with fear, completely disregarding the thought to stand up. After witnessing the power of Jiang Chen, they felt insecure even with Shen Yifei standing here.

"A bunch of trash. Even an ant can frighten you all to such an extent. I'll deal with you all after killing him." Shen Yifei glanced at the group in disgust, then s.h.i.+fted back to Jiang Chen.

"Kid, you truly are audacious and unaware of your own limitations. No one in this domain has ever dared to oppose me. You have ruined my plan, the pill store, and released all the pill-testing subjects. It won't be enough for you to die even if you have a hundred lives."

Shen Yifei made no attempt to conceal his killing intent. Then, he stuck out a finger and pointed it to Jiang Chen. A golden ray of light shot out from it, piercing through the void like a sharp blade. His eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with contempt. In his point of view, this move was already sufficient to take the life of this youth.

However, reality proved that Shen Yifei was just being conceited. 

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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1779

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