Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1868 – The Counter-Attack

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The Counter-attack

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“You are Liu Lang?”

Jiang Chen looked at Liu Lang, impressed by how he dealt with the enemies earlier. A loyal and pa.s.sionate man like Liu Lang was what a country need the most.

“Yes, commander.”

Liu Lang held his fists at Jiang Chen. Although he had no idea what qualified this young man to be the commander, he believed that the Emperor absolutely wasn't joking around with these things.

“Come over here,” said Jiang Chen.

Daring not to disobey, he strode forward to Jiang Chen. Standing at such close distance, he could feel a kind of pressure emanating from the young commander. Although it was very light, it still affected his soul, which made him begin to feel that this young commander perhaps was unordinary.

Jiang Chen gently stuck out his hand to grab Liu Lang's shoulder. Being a high-ranking soldier, Liu Lang's reaction was pretty fast. Under normal circ.u.mstances, he would've dodged as soon as the opponent moved, but when his instinct kicked in, Jiang Chen's palm had already landed on his shoulder.

He was dumbfounded. Jiang Chen's movement seemed unhurried but he still wasn't able to dodge it. The next moment, his body trembled. He could feel a stream of something flowing into his body from his shoulder. It was cool and comfortable like spring water.

After about half a minute, Jiang Chen let go of his shoulder. To Liu Lang's surprise, he found that all the injuries he had suffered from the battle had been healed, returning him to the peak form. And it seemed that it wouldn't take long for him to break through to the half-step Immortal Venerable realm.

My G.o.d! This is miraculous!

He opened his mouth wide, couldn't believe that there was such magical means in the Heavens and Earth. He knew how serious his injuries were. Even if he consumed the best elixir, it would take at least three days for him to recover, but Jiang Chen had only used half a minute to heal his injuries and restore his condition.

“Thank commander for healing my injuries.”

Liu Lang held out his fists and bowed deeply to Jiang Chen. By now, he was utterly convinced of Jiang Chen's power. He had never seen such an incredible figure. He now truly understood why the Emperor appointed this young genius as their commander.

“Goodness! Did you all see that? General Liu has fully recovered from his injured state. This is unbelievable.”

“Wondrous! Such healing ability is too heaven defying!”

“It seems this young commander isn't as simple as he look, but having this kind of ability isn't enough. I wonder if he can help us recover our lost cities.”


All the soldiers saw what happened clearly, each revealing the look of astonishment. As soldiers, injuries and wounds were common to them, but it was definitely their first time witnessing such a heaven-defying recovery.

“General Liu, tell me about the situation here. How many cities have we lost?” asked Jiang Chen.

“Yes, Commander. The death of General Lu Sheng has plunged the morale of our army. The Great Cloud Empire's army took advantage of the situation and attacked more cities. Apart from their army, the forces of Heavenly Jade Dynasty is also here. So far, we have lost 24 cities.”

Liu Lang spoke through gritted while telling Jiang Chen the details of the incidents here. Thinking back to the tragic death of his comrades made his insides boil involuntarily.

“24 cities? Humph! Yun Tianshuang does have a big appet.i.te. Brother Jiang Chen, what should we do now?”

Jiu w.a.n.gye harrumphed coldly and looked at Jiang Chen at once. As Jiang Chen was the commander right now, he needed to wait for Jiang Chen's orders. In addition, he had absolute confidence and trust in this new commander.

“We naturally have to get back what's ours. There isn't much reason in the war between countries. Anyone who is stronger is already enough reason.”

A thick conqueror's qi surged out of his body. That was the qi that originated from his bones and gave people the unreachable feeling.

“Which city is nearest to Wan City?” Jiang Chen asked.

“It's Huang City. There's a half-step Immortal Venerable in the city, but…….” Liu Lang broke off.

“But what?” demanded Yang Bufan.

“King Fan, the general that guarded Huang City is Xu Mao. He was my subordinate, but during the invasion, he has chosen to surrender. Currently, there should be at least three half-step Immortal Venerables in the city. Xu Mao is one of them.” Liu Lang spoke violently. The mention of such traitor stirred his fury.

“This is a disgrace to the empire.” A trace of coldness glinted in Yang Bufan's eyes.

“Let's head over to Huang City now.”

Without further ado, Jiang Chen led Liu Lang and the rest towards Huang City. Supposedly, they shouldn't need such a huge number of people to recover one small city. Yang Bufan alone was already enough for the task.

But to Jiang Chen, morale was the most important thing during a war between empires. By leading all of them to Huang City, it would definitely boost their morale. And the defeat of the rebel army would become a warning against bad examples.

Furthermore, once they began the counter-attack in Huang City, they couldn't stop striking back until they recovered all their lost cities.

This had always been the way Jiang Chen operated. He would either choose to stand back or go all out to kill the opponent.

The blood of Liu Lang and his underlings were stirred. Previously, all they could do was to defend, and now they finally had the chance to strike back. This was what they had been waiting for.

Huang City!

Huang City was almost as large as Wan City. It was a magnificent city but currently, flags symbolizing Great Cloud Empire were hung everywhere in the city.

“King Fan, I'll leave this city to you.”

Jiang Chen looked over at Yang Bufan. Given Yang Bufan's means, it would be effortless for him to recover a city. The Emperor's intention of letting Yang Bufan follow him was obvious – for Yang Bufan to spread his influence and establish his prestige before he was crowned the Emperor. Naturally, Jiang Chen couldn't disappoint the Emperor, and would never seize the opportunity that belonged to Yang Bufan.

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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1868 – The Counter-Attack

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