Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1918

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This was Jiang Chen's first time encountering the Great Sovereign Law from which he had gained a deeper understanding of the Great Sovereign realm. It made him understand that the strength of a Great Sovereign mainly depended on two factors: the number and thickness of the law.

Normally, a Great Sovereign who had just advanced from half-step Sovereign could only produce ten Great Sovereign Law. Second Grade Great Sovereign could only produce twenty, and it wasn't very st.u.r.dy. Jiang Chen had seen the Great Sovereign Law of Yang Junlong before. Although Yang Junlong was already a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign, his Great Sovereign Law wasn't as thick as Big Yellow's.

Therefore, it was no doubt heaven-defying that Big Yellow could condense out twenty Great Sovereign Law that is twice as thick as his peers when he merely a First Grade Great Sovereign. It also meant that he could kill any ordinary Second Grade Great Sovereign in an instant.

I wonder how many Great Sovereign Law I can condense if I advance to Great Sovereign realm.

Jiang Chen thought but none of this was what he could afford to think about right now. His current cultivation base was merely at the early Immortal Venerable realm, which was still very far away from Great Sovereign realm. Plus, considering the terrifying amount of energy he needed to consume in every advancement due to his cultivation method, it would not be an easy task to reach the Great Sovereign realm.

Both of them then conversed for a period of time. This time, Big Yellow no longer hid anything from his brother. Having experienced so much, Jiang Chen earned the right to know everything. Furthermore, Jiang Chen had gotten into contact with many powerful figures and learned a lot of the past from them. He had also entered even the Sovereign Domain and Ancient Desolate Land, hence, almost nothing in the Immortal World was a secret to him.

Through the words of Big Yellow, Jiang Chen learned that Immortal Execution King, Great Sovereign Zang Xian and Great Sovereign Dragon Sun were unusually close to one another. The fact that the Immortal Execution Sword was so powerful was because it was crafted using the blood of Great Sovereign Dragon Sun, which explained why Big Yellow was able to re-cast the sword. Like the Immortal Burying Coffin, it had been the representation of its era.

To put it in another way, no one else in the Heavens and Earth could control the sword except Big Yellow because the sword contained his blood.

As to why he didn't recognize Empress Nine Yin, it was because the war was happening at that moment and that she was still a baby when they met. And not long after that, he fell in Desolate Ancient Land.

“Big Yellow, are Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian still in existence?”

Jiang Chen asked eagerly. He indeed was curious about the status of the two majestic figures.

“I don't know, but I feel that given their capabilities, they wouldn't die in the war. My guess is that they might have gone to a greater world if they aren't hiding in Sovereign Domain,” repliedBig Yellow.

“A greater world? Could it be that there's a world even greater than the Immortal World?” asked Jiang Chen with surprise.

“Yes, there is. At that time when my cultivation base reached the peak of Great Sovereign realm, I could feel it. Great Sovereign realm isn't the paramount cultivation realm,” said Big Yellow.

Jiang Chen nodded secretly as he had somewhat expected this. He had made such a guess when he found out about the inexplicable potential of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and the difficulty of its level formation. Plus, there was the dragon transformation skill that was still wrapped with unsolved mysteries. This indicated that the cultivation method still had vast room for advancement, and also that he still had a long path ahead.

In other words, the Immortal World wasn't the end.

“What do you think are living in the world greater than the Immortal World?” asked Jiang Chen.

“The G.o.ds, but this isn't what we should think about right now for we still have a long way to go,” Big Yellow said.

“That's true. We should always take one step at a time, but I'm a little curious why hadn't you broken through to an even higher realm when you reached the pinnacle of Great Sovereign realm?” Jiang Chen asked curiously.

“You think I didn't want to breakthrough to a new level? Before the war took place, many Great Sovereigns did break through the Sovereign realm and ascended to an even higher world, but later, there are rumours that the law of the Immortal World was depleted leading to the incompleteness of the Heavenly Dao. They couldn't sense the qi of the higher world and countless Great Sovereigns have lost the chance of ascension. The incompleteness of the Heavenly Dao had left an opening in the Immortal World, which gave the barbarians the chance of attacking our world. Although these were just rumours, I indeed hadn't sensed any qi from the greater world,” answered Big Yellow.

“That means, as long as the Heavenly Dao is incomplete, we won't be able to detect the qi of the higher world.”

Jiang Chen was astonished. It seemed some changes had indeed taken place in the Immortal World countless years ago. This had reminded him of the times in the Saint Origin World where he became the first saint that slashed open the doors to the Immortal World. However, the situation of the Saint Origin World wasn't the same as the Immortal World's. The reason he could slash open the pa.s.sageway was that the doors had only been sealed. In the Immortal World, the severe depletion of the Heavenly Dao Law made them unable to feel the qi of the greater world because the link between the two worlds had been totally severed.

So, how were Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian able to deal with this difficulty and left the Immortal World?

Jiang Chen felt puzzled, but he didn't contemplate further because he hadn't reached that level yet. He already had a long-term goal in his heart. What he needed to do now was to focus all his attention on cultivation advancement, only then could he grow continuously and gradually move closer to the level. When the time came, everything he wanted to know would be revealed on its own.

Both of them stayed in the paG.o.da for another half a month's time. Adding in the previous half a month, a day had pa.s.sed outside the paG.o.da.

“Let's go. The trials on the Monarch Mountain is about to begin. Han Feng should have already made the necessary arrangements. We'll be able to see Ah Nan after we are recruited by the Immortal Court,” said Jiang Chen, walked out of the paG.o.da along with Big Yellow when the dawn broke.

The moment he had just walked out of the courtyard, he encountered Fenghua Zi.

“Brother Jiang, it's time. We can head towards the Monarch Mountain now,” said Fenghua Zi.

“Alright. Let's go.” Jiang Chen nodded.

Seven of them were flying towards the Monarch Mountain. According to the arrangement of Han Feng, each sect was able to send three geniuses to join the trials. Hence, apart from Jiang Chen, there were two other geniuses who were chosen to represent Fengluo Sect.

Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1918

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