Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1953

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Chapter 1953 – Vermillion Bird Divine Blood

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen couldn't help being startled once more. How could he not know about a Demonic Immortal Island that was as powerful as the Immortal Court? This indicated that the Demonic Immortal Island had been keeping a low-profile, hence people generally didn't know about its existence.

It was like how Jiang Chen didn't know about the Immortal Court at the very beginning. He was, after all, an ascendant. Besides, he had never encountered anyone from the Demonic Immortal Island up until now.

“Is every one of them on the island a demonic beast?” asked Jiang Chen curiously.

“Not all of them, but it's the demonic beasts that's controlling the island. It's the place where demonic beasts gather. Almost all the demonic beasts with unordinary bloodline can be found there. The Island Master is Heavenly *Peng Demon Sovereign, a Sixth Grade Demon Sovereign that possesses the complete bloodline of an ancient heavenly Peng. Even Star Sovereign won't dare to offend him,” explained Yu Huafan, noticing that Jiang Chen hadn't heard of the place before.

“I see.”

Jiang Chen nodded. He finally understood the status of the island in the Immortal World. It was virtually similar to the Demon Race amongst the eight families back in Saint Origin World, although they didn't show themselves often, no one dared to ignore their existence.

“The Demonic Immortal Island hardly make contact with the outside world, but the birthday of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign is a huge occasion. The Immortal Courts of the nine Immortal Domains will send people there to partic.i.p.ate in the occasion, hoping that they can establish a good rapport with the island, because once any one of them get the firm support of the island, that particular Immortal Court will become powerful enough to oppress the other Immortal Courts. Even if they can't ally themselves with Demonic Immortal Island, they don't wish to make them their enemies. Which is why, representatives will be sent there every year,” said Yu Huafan.

Jiang Chen nodded once more, gaining a full understanding of the Demonic Immortal Island through the explanation of Yu Huafan. The Demonic Immortal Island was the same as White Dragon Temple. They didn't belong to the jurisdiction of any domain, but none of the Immortal Courts dared to patronize them. They symbolized the Demon Race and Buddha Sect.

The Buddha Sect normally held oneself aloof from the world. Demonic Immortal Island was a place full of warlike individuals. As each of the nine Immortal Courts was on par with each other, anyone who could obtain the support of Demonic Immortal Island would get to alter the situation immediately.

Therefore, none of the nine Immortal Courts had given up in recruiting Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign.

“Master, so there's just the two of us heading to the Demonic Immortal Island?” Yu Huafan looked over at Feng Jingyang.

“En, you two are enough. I'll speak to Star Sovereign about this. As the two of you represent the Immortal Court, don't do anything that will bring shame to us.” Feng Jingyang nodded.

“Don't worry, Master.”

Yu Huafan wore a proud smile. Someone like him would always win glory for Dragon Hall. He had never once did something that would tarnish the reputation of the hall.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the Immortal Court would send out numerous people to partic.i.p.ate in the birthday of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. Apart from those that had huge influence, there were also those who were permitted to follow.

However, Feng Jingyang was too lazy to select more disciples. Since Star Sovereign had given this task to him, he naturally would do it his own way. In his opinion, Yu Huafan and Jiang Chen were already sufficient to represent the Dragon Hall and the Immortal Court.

“This drop of Vermilion Bird Divine Blood will be the gift for Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. I believe he will be very interested in it.”

With a flick of his hand, a fist-sized crystal ball materialized. Yu Huafan took it, and felt the heat radiating from the crystal ball. The drop of fiery-red blood was wriggling like a worm.

“The Divine Blood of Vermilion Bird.”

Jiang Chen's widened eyes was glued to the crystal ball. Not just him, even Yu Huafan's eyes were sparkling brilliantly.

If Jiang Chen was the one to consume this divine blood, his cultivation base would surely advance to late Immortal Venerable realm at once. Moreover, he would be able to condense the flames of the Vermillion Bird from the trace of the bloodline he absorbed. Considering that he already had four types of divine flames, he would become even more heaven defying after gaining this flame.

“This gift is undeniably valuable.”

Yu Huafan couldn't help but sigh. A drop of Vermillion Bird Divine Blood was worth a city. Both the heavenly Peng and Vermillion Bird were divine birds. The scariest thing about the heavenly Peng was their speed, and Vermillion Bird was a symbol of their kind. Someone like Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign wouldn't pay attention to ordinary treasures, but it's a different case if it was the Divine Blood of the Vermilion Bird.

Yu Huafan stowed away the divine blood. No matter how much he and Jiang Chen were attracted by the divine blood, it was no use. This was the gift prepared by Star Sovereign for Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. The two of them were merely delivering the gift to the selected receiver.

“En, you two can leave now. There are still seven days before the event. You two can choose to go now or a few days later,” said Feng Jingyang, then waved, gesturing them to leave the palace.

Jiang Chen and Yu Huafan clasped their fists and left the palace.

“Senior Brother, the Immortal Court is truly generous. A drop of Divine Blood of Vermillion Bird is given out just like that.” Jiang Chen curled his mouth, disapproving such extravagance.

“Yeah. It's such a waste. It will be so beneficial if the two of us divide it equally among ourselves, but we can only think about it or else, we won't be able to return to the Immortal Court ever again.”

Yu Huafan shrugged. He had the same thought as Jiang Chen. The benefit would be so great if any one of them consumed it – Jiang Chen's cultivation base would at least advance to the peak of late Immortal Venerable realm, while Yu Huafan could even advance to the Third Grade Great Sovereign realm.

However, just like what Yu Huafan had said, they could do nothing about it, otherwise they would be blacklisted by the Immortal Court forever.

“Senior Brother, when are we leaving?” asked Jiang Chen.

“I think we'll depart tomorrow. Since we have sufficient time, we might as well go there and have a stroll. I haven't been to the Demonic Immortal Island before. I heard that there are plenty of small islands outside the Demonic Immortal Island. We can spend our free time visiting those islands as well. What do you think Junior Brother?” Yu Huafan said with a smile.

“Absolutely aligned with my thoughts.”

Jiang Chen nodded immediately. After making a mess in the Immortal Court, he was planning to wait for the opening of the Miniature Fengchi World, but there was still a period of time before its official opening. As there was nothing to do anymore, he might as well spend some time around the Demonic Immortal Island. Perhaps he might have some lucky encounters there, which would give him more confidence in the trial in Miniature Fengchi World.

*Peng – An unfathomably gigantic bird which transforms from a fish. Just by spreading its wings, it can shroud the heavens. And with a single flap, it can travel vast distances. See picture 

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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1953

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