Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1963

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Chapter 1963 – The Grand Scene  

“Alright. We'll give Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign face. We'll spare this kid's life for now. We won't ruin the birthday of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign.”

Qin Xuanbing spoke, knowing that the interference of a Third Grade Demon Sovereign made it almost impossible to kill Jiang Chen.

After all, today was Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign's birthday. Plus, Jiang Chen had come to attend the occasion on behalf of Fengchi Immortal Court. Regardless of how much they wanted to eliminate Jiang Chen, they knew that they couldn't cause a mess in Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign's territory.

“Jiang Chen, consider being lucky today, but you won't have a long time to live. When the ceremony is over, it will be the time of your death.” Qiu Qianyun pointed to Jiang Chen and threatened.

“Really? It's too early to say who's going to die later.”

Jiang Chen showed a plain look. He had faced virtually all kinds of situations. Even without the presence of Yu Huafan and Big Yellow, this group of experts wouldn't be able to kill him. Although he couldn't fight them, he could escape easily with the Great Void Technique.

“Still being so arrogant even in the face of death?”

Tan Jinye's face turned cold. He absolutely didn't put Jiang Chen in his eyes. As a peak Second Grade Great Sovereign, an intermediate Immortal Venerable was merely an insect to him, no matter how heaven-defying Jiang Chen was.

“Let's go. We'll let this boy live for a while longer. After the ceremony, we'll let him die a graveless death,” one of them spoke coolly.

In the eyes of the geniuses of the three great Immortal Courts, Jiang Chen was as good as dead. From now on, they would pay close attention to Jiang Chen's movement. They would never give him any chance to escape. The greatest reliance Jiang Chen had was Yu Huafan, which wasn't enough to keep him alive.

As for the Fengchi Immortal Court, although it was an influential major power, it wouldn't stop them from killing Jiang Chen. After all, the overall strength of each Immortal Court was on par with one another. And since each of them never got along with one another, killing their enemy's disciple was no big deal.

“Ai! Too bad, Jiang Chen's going to die this time.”

“That's right. Why did he attend this occasion when he has offended the three great Immortal Courts? Isn't this seeking death?”

“The experts of the three Immortal Courts will be watching him from now on. As long as he leave this island sland, he will certainly die. Based on the situation just now, it seems the conflict between Jiang Chen and the three Immortal Courts is irreconcilable. Those experts will never let go of the chance to eliminate Jiang Chen.”

“Come on, it's none of our business. We have come here to build rapport with Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. As for the battle between the other Immortal Courts, the fiercer it is, the better.”

Almost everyone firmly believed that Jiang Chen would die. Some even thought that Jiang Chen was courting death for attending this occasion, but they were delighted to see the other Immortal Courts fighting against one another.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign will appear very soon. The seats have already been arranged. Follow me,” said Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign in a clear voice.

He was the one who organized this ceremony. Being a Third Grade Demon Sovereign, his status in the island was high and mighty. And obviously, it was difficult to meet him ordinarily. Moreover, he's only here to personally greet the experts of the Immortal Courts.

Although the Demonic Immortal Island was powerful and detached from the nine great Immortal Domains, it still attached great importance to the various Immortal Courts. After all, each Immortal Court was almost as powerful as them.

“Alright, please lead the way, Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign.” An elder of Yellow Spring Immortal Court clasped his fists.

“This way.”

Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign spoke energetically, then turned and flew towards the Demonic Immortal Square.

Originally, each of them had been guided by a servant, but the conflict between Jiang Chen and the others gave Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign no choice but to show himself. He didn't hope to see Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign's mood being affected by fights.

Under the lead of Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign, a large number of experts headed towards the square.

“Junior Brother Jiang, it seems like we are going to have a lot of trouble this time.” said Yu Huafan with concern.

“Don't worry, Senior Brother. These people are still far from being capable of killing me. Let's go and find out how Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign look like.”

Jiang Chen clapped on Yu Huafan's shoulder and followed suit.

Yu Huafan shook his head and sighed. He really had no idea where Jiang Chen got his confidence from. Everyone knew how unfavourable the situation was to Jiang Chen.

However, Jiang Chen's confidence eased his tension. His newly-arrived junior brother was indeed extraordinary and miraculous.

The Demonic Immortal Square was situated at the centremost of Demonic Immortal Island. It was hundreds of miles in size, spectacular and vast.

Currently, there were banners and flags fluttering in the sky. Countless great demons in black armour could be seen everywhere. The combat strength they radiated gave people some kind of tremendous pressure.

At the centre of the square was a tall platform, on which a beautiful and open shed was built. Below the platform were five rows of tables and chairs, each of which had more than a hundred of them. They were all made of special and fine materials.

The tables and chairs that were closest to the platform were specially arranged. Only those who had n.o.ble ident.i.ty could sit in this row. It was divided into nine zones, each of which was labelled by a golden tablet stating the name of the respective Immortal Domain: Ethereal Immortal Domain, Fengchi Immortal Domain, Mi Luo Immortal Domain, Radiance Immortal Domain, Exquisite Immortal Domain, Yellow Spring Immortal Domain, Everlasting Immortal Domain, Fulfilment Immortal Domain, and Measureless Immortal Domain.

All the guests that came from the nine great Immortal Domains were n.o.ble individuals, thus they must be given special treatment.

After arriving on the square, the experts of the nine Immortal Domains found their seats and sat accordingly. As for the others, there wasn't such treatment. Under the lead of some young girls, they were given random seats.

There were specialities of Demonic Immortal Island placed on top of the tables. Amongst were strange fruits of various colours, there were some that seemed unusual and precious. One would feel refreshed by just sniffing its scent.

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Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 1963

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