Hello, Heir Chapter 140 - I Could Quit!

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Chapter 140: I Could Quit!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Zhuang Nainai clenched her fists in the room.

She suddenly felt helpless. This was the first time she had no retort for Zuo Yiyi.

As Si Zhengting’s partner, Zuo Yiyi had all the power to look down on her .

Si Zhengting’s wish was all that mattered. There was no point in her saying anything more.

She bit down on her lips and straightened her back in an attempt to make herself look more dignified.

Her struggle was not lost on Zuo Yiyi’s eyes. She extended her arms and sneered. “Zhuang Nainai, come take my measurements, I need it for the outfit.”

Zhuang Nainai sucked in a deep breath. “Zuo Yiyi, I work for the venue design team, not fas.h.i.+on design!”

“I’ve studied your résumé.” Zuo Yiyi threw a doc.u.ment onto the table. Zhuang Nainai looked over to find that it was her own résumé.

Zuo Yiyi gave a cold laugh. “Do you think I do not know that you took courses on fas.h.i.+on design in school? Or are you lying? Is this résumé fabricated? Zhuang Nainai, aren’t you a special hire here for your talents? What sort of talent do you have if you can’t even take simple measurements?!”

Zhuang Nainai took in another deep breath. “Sorry, that’s not my job. Zuo Yiyi, if you have to threaten me, I could quit!”

She must be itching to kick her out of the Imperial Group by going all out to make things difficult for her.

The job here was good, and there were plenty of opportunities and s.p.a.ce for growth. But now… she could do without! Furthermore, did Si Zhengting perhaps not wish for her to stay here?

Zuo Yiyi looked at her stubborn face and pointed at her angrily. “You! Zhuang Nainai, you are incorrigible!”

Zhuang Nainai lifted her chin and smiled. “Thanks for your compliment.”

Zuo Yiyi was speechless.

She did not know how to deal with the fearless girl.

Right then, the meeting room door was pushed open and Mi Nuo walked in with a wide smile. “h.e.l.lo, Ms. Zuo, so sorry I’m late!”

Zuo Yiyi calmed when she saw Mi Nuo. She pointed to Zhuang Nainai and complained, “Mi Nuo, how do you train your subordinates? Is this how they speak to their superiors? Is there no work training when they enter the firm? How did someone like her get hired here? Or are you the irresponsible one? Bringing all kinds of poor candidates in here?”

Mi Nuo was defenseless and stunned by the verbal onslaught.

Zuo Yiyi continued her tirade, “The anniversary celebration is such an important event. Why does she feel so wronged in helping me take my measurements? Let me tell you, the entire design department in the company is working on the celebration preparation. Zhuang Nainai, don’t think too highly of yourself!”

She then took a step back and extended her arms again. “I’ve said my share, so are you still refusing to take my measurements? Sure, then get lost now! I suggest you do your job now taking my measurements. I will also entrust you with designing the outfit. Make me a fas.h.i.+onable piece that matches with Brother Ting’s!”

Her words were like punches thrown on Zhuang Nainai’s face.

Zhuang Nainai stared at her for a long while before sneering and turning to leave.

What’s the big deal with quitting?

However, just as she was turning to leave, Mi Nuo caught her wrist.

Hello, Heir Chapter 140 - I Could Quit!

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