Hello, Heir Chapter 249 - The Love That He Had Suppressed in His Heart

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Chapter 249: The Love That He Had Suppressed in His Heart

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Upon looking at her current state, Zhang Chaowen felt that he had unexpectedly met with no resistance from her.

After he had scolded her, she did not react like she usually did – staring at him with her large eyes and retaliating. Zhang Chaowen felt as though there was no point in pursuing the matter and left it at that.

After Zhang Chaowen left, Zhuang Nainai sat at her desk dejectedly.

Her mind was still blank. It was only after she snapped back into reality that she realized that the bank card, which she was still holding tightly in her hand, had almost bitten into her flesh.

Zhuang Nainai suddenly felt her current state of calm being replaced by anguish.

She stared blankly at the bank card, then suddenly smiled.

She had still been racking her brains as to how to ask for her wages back, but now she had $10,000,000.

She needed to buy a house in Beijing so that, after her mother returned, she would have a house to live in.

Thinking about how her mother would be really happy to live in a new house, Zhuang Nainai felt slightly better.

She decisively picked up her phone and called the real estate company, asking them for a viewing for houses. She then hung up and went back to work.

The entire uppermost floor was affected by a heavy, depressive air.

Ever since Zhuang Nainai left, the President’s office had been silent.

Both Secretary May and Ji Chen did not dare to disturb him.

All the doc.u.mentation were being held up as well.

May anxiously glanced at Ji Chen. “What should we do now? This particular doc.u.ment is really urgent and affects a huge invoice of ours, which is worth tens of millions of dollars!”

Ji Chen peered at the office and sighed. He retrieved one doc.u.ment from the pile and said, “I’ll test the waters first.”

Ji Chen knocked on the door, but there was no sound coming from the office.

He pushed the door and entered. He looked around the room but did not see Mr. Si.

Ji Chen turned around and walked toward Si Zhengting’s lounge, which was beside his office. Just as he had walked over, he saw Mr. Si standing in the lounge, his gaze fixed on an old photograph, his eyes unblinking.

It was a group picture taken during his graduation ceremony.

Zhuang Nainai’s features were split in a huge grin amongst the sea of people.

Ji Chen had seen the picture before, and he was unable to identify Ms. Zhuang’s face clearly in the picture. However, Mr. Si always stared at the photo for a long period of time.

If Mr. Si was to continue staring at the photo, work-related matters would be delayed for the entire day.

Ji Chen coughed, his deep voice addressing him respectfully. “Sir…”

Si Zhengting turned, and a sense of inhibition rushed toward Ji Chen immediately.

He hurriedly said, “The design drafts for the clothes that you and Madam are going to wear for the 100th Year Anniversary Celebration have been completed. Please take a look to see if anything needs altering.”

At this, the sense of inhibition finally disappeared.

Si Zhengting then headed back to his office.

Glancing at his retreating figure, Ji Chen let out a sigh of relief and quickly hurried after him.

Si Zhengting considered the draft seriously and meticulously. If one studied him closely, one would have seen that he was placing all of his focus on the draft of the female clothing’s design.

“It is too revealing, and there is nothing unique about it.”

This design was unable to bring out Zhuang Nainai’s uniqueness.

Si Zhengting was very unsatisfied.

With these simple words, Ji Chen knew that the clothing design department definitely had to work overtime again today.

He seized the opportunity and said, “Sir, there are two expedited doc.u.ments, please take a look…”

Si Zhengting raised his head and stared at him. “Bring them here.”

Hello, Heir Chapter 249 - The Love That He Had Suppressed in His Heart

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