Hello, Heir Chapter 257 - Why Does the Deliveryman Look Like Mr. Si?

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Chapter 257: Why Does the Deliveryman Look Like Mr. Si?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Upon hearing this, Zhuang Nainai absentmindedly turned around, only to realize that Si Zhengting had not followed her into the office.

He was standing just outside the door in the dark hallway. The shadow cast by his figure was very long.

Zhang Chaowen followed Zhuang Nainai’s gaze and perceived a person standing by the entrance. The shadow he saw on the ground was that of a man’s, and he was holding bags in his hands. Those were probably their takeaways.

Zhang Chaowen knitted his brows, remarking sarcastically, “Eh? So you managed to seduce and convince someone to carry the bags for you. Zhuang Nainai, you’re amazing, isn’t being young and pretty such an advantage?”

Seducing others?

Zhuang Nainai laughed grimly on the inside. If she were really able to seduce Si Zhengting so that he fell deeply in love with her, wouldn’t that be awesome?

But the bank card in her pocket mocked her incessantly.

Zhang Chaowen curled his lips. “But who is this, standing in the hallways furtively and not daring to come into the office? It isn’t because you have something to hide, right?”

After saying this, he turned and walked toward the door.

Zhuang Nainai was silent. The figure at the door finally moved.

As Zhang Chaowen had lowered his head to observe the shadow on the ground, he first saw a pair of slender and perfectly straight legs, then he saw the takeaway bags that the person was carrying in his hands.

Zhang Chaowen smiled. “Zhuang Nainai, these are the takeaways you got for everyone? How do you expect everyone to eat this…”

He originally thought that the person delivering the food was a staff member of He He Gu. But when the person entered the door, the heavy and authoritative air about the person immediately struck him.

He abruptly stopped mid-sentence, and his gaze trailed upward from the pair of long legs.

From the expensive suit to the strong and st.u.r.dy figure, Zhang Chaowen’s gaze landed directly on Si Zhengting’s icy cold face!

Zhang Chaowen was shocked!

He thought that he was seeing things.

Why did this delivery person from He He Gu look so similar to Mr. Si?

Not only were the facial features similar – the murderous intent in those eyes, the lavish and authoritative air about him were similar as well.

He walked in slowly, his face expressionless, cold, and haughty. However, his eyes seemed to hold knives in them. He directed his gaze at Zhang Chaowen, who trembled in fear. Zhang Chaowen felt as though he was being prodded with a knife in the places that Si Zhengting’s gaze landed on.

Zhang Chaowen swallowed, staring at Si Zhengting in surprise. His mouth moved wordlessly a couple of times before he could no longer hold back. He asked hesitantly, “Mr… Mr. Si?”

Si Zhengting kept a low profile and rarely held large employee gatherings.

Thus, many employees had only seen him from afar and had never interacted with him within close proximity of each other.

Everyone’s first reaction upon seeing him at the entrance of the office was to feel shocked. Everyone wanted to confirm his ident.i.ty, yet they did not dare speak.

After all, who would have thought that the big boss would appear in the insignificant venue design department?!

Now that Zhang Chaowen had loudly tried to confirm his ident.i.ty, the sound of chairs being dragged on the floor filled the room. Everyone was shocked and fl.u.s.tered, trying to stand whilst they were in a panic. It did not matter if they were there just to join in on the ride or if they sympathized with Zhuang Nainai – at that moment, everyone was staring at Si Zhengting in disbelief!

Si Zhengting’s dark and dormant gaze was affixed on Zhang Chaowen. He had a fleeting impression of the latter.

When Ji Chen had told him that Zhuang Nainai was working in the venue design department, Si Zhengting had tried hard to recall who Zhuang Nainai’s superior was.

Zhang Chaowen was good at his job, but he was too much of a people-pleaser.

Hello, Heir Chapter 257 - Why Does the Deliveryman Look Like Mr. Si?

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