Hello, Heir Chapter 3 - The Joke Went Too Far

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Chapter 3: The Joke Went Too Far

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The next morning…

Si Zhengting woke up on time and got dressed. He opened the door and stopped mid-step past the threshold.

The girl sat across the door, playing with her fingers in a bored manner. She was curled up in a ball with the bed sheet that had been ejected along with her the previous night draped over her.

At the sound of the door opening, Zhuang Nainai looked up, her originally dull eyes glimmering instantly.

The well-tailored black suit elongated Si Zhengting’s already tall figure and made him look even more sophisticated. Crisp white s.h.i.+rt, jet-black tie – a simple outfit, but it only served to emphasize his grandeur.

Under the sunlight, his facial features were even more prominent. His eyes in particular were like the lofty night sky, abyssal and mysterious, pulling one in easily.

Zhuang Nainai was stunned by his beauty, but she quickly recovered and jumped up, approaching him with her face full of smiles. “Hi, morning!”

From the looks of her, nothing had happened last night.

A slight crease formed on Si Zhengting’s brows and disappeared just as quickly. He looked past her and walked away, with his personal a.s.sistant and bodyguards who arrived early in the morning tailing closely behind.

Zhuang Nainai touched her nose and looked at the tall figure heavily surrounded with people. She bit her lips and, with an air of defiance, followed the group.

“Er… did you sleep well last night?”

Si Zhengting paid her no attention, so she mumbled on to herself in a gentle voice, trying to channel the loving and understanding vibe of a wife, “I guess you didn’t, or you wouldn’t look so sulky.”

Sensing the man’s lips tightening due to what she said, Zhuang Nainai held her tongue.

A man of few words indeed! Would it hurt to say something?

Remembering her night waiting outside, Zhuang Nainai was disgruntled.

Seeing that the group was heading for the exit downstairs, she racked her brain for something to say. She pouted her lips and said in a sweet waxy voice, “Why are you not eating breakfast? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

She glanced at her watch and continued, “According to research, if one has not eaten anything before 8 a.m., the stomach would start churning and absorb whatever was left over from the previous day. In other words, if you don’t eat breakfast, your body will automatically eat…”


The two a.s.sistants following gasped at her words. Ms. Zhuang was definitely the first who dared to talk to Mr. Si in that manner!

Feeling a chilling aura emanate from their sides, the a.s.sistants tensed in fear and prayed for Zhuang Nainai.

The word “Sh*t” had not yet left her mouth when Si Zhengting finally halted his steps and turned around.

Zhuang Nainai couldn’t stop in time and rammed right into his chest.

Looking up, she forgot what she wanted to say. She involuntarily s.h.i.+vered with the chill.

Si Zhengting still did not speak and only glanced at Zhuang Nainai with his cold stare. Zhuang Nainai felt the chill deep in her bones.

Oh no, the joke went too far!

Zhuang Nainai wanted to hit herself! Why all that talk?!

She stepped back gingerly, keeping a distance from him, and motioned zipping her mouth. “Ok, I’m done talking, I won’t say anything more!”

There was no change in Si Zhengting’s face, but the chill in his eyes seemed to intensify.

Hello, Heir Chapter 3 - The Joke Went Too Far

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Hello, Heir Chapter 3 - The Joke Went Too Far summary

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