Hello, Heir Chapter 371 - He Loved Silently (1)

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Chapter 371: He Loved Silently (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Si Zhengting had never thought that Si Jingyu’s voice would sound so pleasing.

He gathered himself and attempted to make head and tail of what was being said, but all he heard was crackling and mumbling sounds.

He asked anxiously, “TZ? Jingyu? Sister?!”

He called her twice before there were sounds on the other end once more. The voice was intermittent, with lots of background noise together with sounds of waves. Si Jingyu’s voice was soft, and he could only make out a few keywords here and there.

“Overseas… island… adventure… bad signal… h.e.l.lo… h.e.l.lo! Listen…”

And then, the line became busy.

What was she trying to say?

Was she trying to say that Nainai had plagiarized her or not?

Si Zhengting stared at his cell phone and hurriedly made a call back to Si Jingyu. But Si Jingyu’s cell service became unavailable, and he simply couldn’t reach her!

His pupils shrank. He heard something about being overseas on an island expedition… why exactly was she suddenly uncontactable?

Was Si Jingyu in any danger?

The thought of this made him anxious.

He worriedly called someone who could help. “Hi, Mike, help me find out where the call that I just received came from.”

He didn’t know what the reply on the other end was, but his gaze darkened. “Mike, you have to find out her location for me. We have to rescue her!”

“I’ll send your fees to your account later.”

Si Zhengting’s eyes narrowed as he hung up the phone. Si Jingyu was talking about Brazil, right? But why did Mike tell him that her signal was coming from Chicago in America?”

He took a deep breath and made a call to Ji Chen. “Get me an air ticket to Chicago!”

Ji Chen was stunned. “Sir, if we go to Chicago now, you won’t be able to be back in time for the 100th Year Anniversary Celebrations.”

Just as Si Zhengting was about to reply, Ji Chen continued, “Si Guangsong will surely attack Madam during the dinner. Sir… are you sure you want to leave?”

Was he sure he wanted to leave?

Ji Chen’s statement made Si Zhengting pause.

On the one hand, it was his sister. On the other, it was her.

Si Zhengting’s eyes narrowed.

Ji Chen persuaded him, “Sir, even if you go to Chicago, you’d just be waiting for news. Why not just stay here to wait for the news before leaving when there’s actually some concrete information?”

At the moment, he could only do so much.

Si Zhengting hung up on Ji Chen. Yet, he began to feel uneasy, and he finally decided to make a call to s.h.i.+ Jinyan.

s.h.i.+ Jinyan picked up the phone quickly, and the conversation between the two men was efficient.

Si Zhengting spoke first. “We’ve lost trace of Jingyu in Chicago.”

Without even bringing up anything else, s.h.i.+ Jinyan replied immediately, “I’ll go right now.”

Pleased with his att.i.tude, Si Zhengting pa.s.sed Mike’s contact information over to him. “This is the contact number for an overseas task force. They’re highly capable; but if things can’t be resolved, just get help from the Chinese emba.s.sy over there in America.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Si Zhengting narrowed his eyes upon hanging up.

s.h.i.+ Jinyan was a reliable man; he could rest easy.

Deep into the night, he fixed his gaze ahead of him, allowing his feelings to settle down in his heart. After a while, he thought about Ji Chen going to post bail. Starting up the engines, he drove toward the police station.

Hello, Heir Chapter 371 - He Loved Silently (1)

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