Hello, Heir Chapter 395 - The Climax! The 100th Year Anniversary Celebration! (15)

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Chapter 395: The Climax! The 100th Year Anniversary Celebration! (15)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Zhuang Nainai’s eyes widened in disbelief. She felt that everything before her eyes seemed to be just a dream.

What was he saying?

Invite her for a dance?

Was he actually aware that Si Guangsong might rise in revolt tonight? Why would he be asking her to dance with him now?

While she was still figuring out her thoughts, it seemed like he was getting impatient. Hence, he just reached out both hands to hold her hand with one hand and wrap her waist with the other. Then, with a strong tug, Zhuang Nainai fell into his embrace.

The familiar sense of masculinity from his body a.s.sailed her nostrils, but it only made her eyes water. Straightening her body, she could feel all sorts of emotions colliding together at the moment, causing her chest to feel heavy as she could not tell what exactly she was feeling.

Zhuang Nainai bit her lips while she gazed at his face, which had a determined look. She did not know whether to love or hate him right now. In the end, all her emotions were translated into one sentence. “… I don’t know how to dance!”

Si Zhengting: “…”

He could see the complicated change of emotions in her eyes, but he had not expected her to say something like this after seeing her lips twitch over and over again.

Si Zhengting gave a soft grunt. He only felt that the physical touch of her calmed his heart, which had been empty for a few days.

With his arm wrapped around her waist, he brought her to the dance floor, where he said softly, “I’ll teach you.”

After saying that, he led her into a waltz routine accompanied by the start of the melody.

Waltz was one of the easiest dance styles. As Zhuang Nainai had attended this module when she was in university and he was leading her, the dance was easy and relaxing.


Zhuang Nainai could not explain what she was feeling. However, upon taking two steps, she suddenly lifted her foot and stepped on Si Zhengting’s foot brutally.

This is what you get for wrongly accusing me!

As she thought of this, she put on a guilty look on her face. “Oops. I’m sorry for stepping on you. I told you I can’t dance.”

Si Zhengting: “…”

“I DID IT ON PURPOSE.” These five big words were written all over her face. That satisfied and unscrupulous look on her face lifted his spirits inexplicably.

Si Zhengting’s brows furrowed slightly, but he remained indifferent as he continued to dance with her in his arms. The expressionless look on his face made it seem like he hadn’t been stepped on at all.

Looking at him, Zhuang Nainai frowned. Is this person’s foot made of steel?

She actually stepped on his foot with all her energy, but how could he not have any reaction?

Her resentment and indignation toward him exploded at this moment. The chance to take revenge was hard to come by, so she would definitely not miss it. Thus… I’ll step, and I’ll step, and I’ll STEP!

Zhuang Nainai stepped on him a few times with much strength. Even after the song finished playing, she was still not pleased and she felt that she had not stepped on him enough!

As soon as the music stopped playing, Si Zhengting let go of her.

While Zhuang Nainai was still lamenting over the fact that she had not stepped on him enough, she looked up and smiled unabashedly. “I’m sorry~ I let you suffer because I don’t know how to dance.”

Si Zhengting: “…”

Si Zhengting took a deep breath before turning around to leave.

The pain was nothing. However, he was the protagonist of the night and he would be having an interview with the reporters later. How could he wear these leather shoes stamped with footprints?

After seeing him leave the banquet hall, Zhuang Nainai stuck out his tongue at him and scurried off quietly.

Unfortunately, at this moment, Zhuang Nainai was already the subject of public attention wherever she went.

Hello, Heir Chapter 395 - The Climax! The 100th Year Anniversary Celebration! (15)

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