Hello, Heir Chapter 397 - : Who Exactly Is the Plagiarizer? (2)

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Chapter 397: Who Exactly Is the Plagiarizer? (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She purposely mentioned Zhuang Nainai at this moment, causing the eyes of Su Er Newspaper Agency’s reporter to light up. “If we can’t interview Mr. Si, we can interview Ms. Zhuang!”

The others were rather hesitant. “This… doesn’t sound like a good idea.”

After all, their interview questions had already been reviewed, and they were not allowed to mention anything regarding the design drafts incident.

Su Er Newspaper Agency’s reporter scoffed, “Why can’t we do it? Since they treated us like this, they can’t blame us for being nasty! Moreover, don’t you all want to cover a controversial topic and boost your sales volume tomorrow?”

The group of reporters was completely bought over by her last sentence.

Hence, each of them started to follow Su Er Newspaper Agency’s reporter to find Zhuang Nainai in full force.

As Mi Nuo watched them set off, her brows were raised instantly and a strange smile spread across her face.


Zhuang Nainai turned around to look for Ji Chen. However, someone shouted for her, “Ms. Zhuang Nainai!”

Taken aback, Zhuang Nainai turned only to realize that a group of reporters was swarming toward her!

Immediately, she narrowed her eyes and instinctively sense danger. Hence, she turned around and walked away without hesitation!

Unfortunately, she was wearing a gown and a pair of stilettos tonight. How could she win against those reporters, who were wearing sports shoes?

With a few dashes, they completely surrounded Zhuang Nainai.

Zhuang Nainai furrowed her brows and shouted sternly, “What are all of you doing?”

Upon saying that, she looked toward the security officers in the surroundings and yelled, “Help!”

That scream of help was enough to attract the attention of the security officers and everyone in the banquet hall. The security officers rushed over immediately.

“Ms. Zhuang, I’m a reporter from Su Er Newspaper Agency. I have a few questions for you, can you spare some time for me?” the reporter bellowed before looking at the security officers. “We are all reporters from well-known news agencies and we have been invited by the Imperial Group. We just want to interview this lady, may I know if we are going against any laws? All of you don’t have the right to force us out! Or does the Imperial Group despise all these news agencies?!”

After she finished speaking, the reporters behind her nodded in unison.

Frowning, the security officers remembered that Ji Chen had ordered them to protect Mrs. Si. Just when they were going to chase the reporters away swiftly and decisively, Mi Nuo walked over hastily.

She raised her hand to block the security officers and said to the reporters, “Dear all, this is all a misunderstanding. The Imperial Group does not dare to chase all of you out, but can all of you spare us a thought and stop stirring things up?”

When the team leader of the security officers heard what Mi Nuo had said, he was slightly caught off guard. Upon looking at the reporter in front of him, he realized there were more than 10 of them. If they were to chase them out, the Imperial Group would have offended more than 10 news agencies in a split second!

The team leader of the security officers became hesitant for a moment.

Taking advantage of this time, the reporters already began putting Zhuang Nainai in a difficult spot!

Someone lifted the video recorder and aimed it at her. Others started throwing overbearing questions at her one after another:

“Ms. Zhuang, it is rumored that the design drafts that you gave the Gu Corporation were copied from TZ, is that true?”

“Ms. Zhuang, what is your relations.h.i.+p with Mr. Si? Are you really his lover?”

“Ms. Zhuang, stealing design drafts is against the law. Did Mr. Si provide you with the backing?”

“Ms. Zhuang, rumor has it that this is not the first time you have committed plagiarism. Has plagiarism become the short-cut to your designs?”

Hello, Heir Chapter 397 - : Who Exactly Is the Plagiarizer? (2)

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Hello, Heir Chapter 397 - : Who Exactly Is the Plagiarizer? (2) summary

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