Hello, Heir Chapter 445 - He Doesn't Want to Miss Another Five Years (3)

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Chapter 445: He Doesn’t Want to Miss Another Five Years (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Zhuang Nainai suppressed a pained gasp. After staring straight at him for a few moments, she asked, “On what grounds?”

Having said this, without waiting for a reply from Si Zhengting, she immediately continued, “On what grounds? On what grounds can you behave like that? Si Zhengting, what am I to you? The moment you suspect me, you leave me; the moment we get awkward, you stop asking after me! Now that you know you’ve misunderstood me, you’re using such forceful methods to make me stay?!”

“I didn’t…” Just as Si Zhengting was about to explain himself, Zhuang Nainai fished out her pa.s.sport.

“Then what’s this? Don’t tell me that this is just a coincidence. I’m not an innocent child waiting for you to easily deceive me!” Zhuang Nainai was now calmly expressing her feelings over being unfairly treated. “Si Zhengting! What exactly do you treat me as? Do you treat me as your pet?! What right do you have to treat me like this? What right do you have? It was your fault in the first place, and now you’re just trying to cover it all with a single ‘sorry’? You already promised me that we’d be getting a divorce, but then you went and hid my pa.s.sport. What right do you have to do this?! You…”

“Because I love you!”

He said this out of desperation, cutting her off. In that same moment, Zhuang Nainai froze.

Because he loved her?

She tightened her fists, fighting back the tears in her eyes. “Love me? Your act of loving me in high school was to leave the country without telling me? And now, you’re showing your love for me by misunderstanding me and then placating me? If this is your idea of love, I’d rather not have it!”

In her anger, the words she said had become mindless.

And the moment she said this, Zhuang Nainai instantly regretted it.

How could she not want his love?

If she had the chance to start all over again, if she had already known that the ending was going to be like this, would she have stopped herself from loving him?

Her mouth moved as if intending to retract the hurtful words she had just said, but she had no idea what to speak about.

All these questions simply made Si Zhengting’s heart hurt. Pressing his voice low, suddenly feeling that he had to make himself clear once and for all, he calmed himself down and slowly said, “Zhuang Nainai, make yourself clear. In our high school days, who was the one who abandoned whom?”

He gripped her arm tightly, his voice full of hurt and suppressed pain. His deep, dark eyes were endlessly filled with hurt. “Who was the one who suggested a break-up, and who was the heartless one?”

Zhuang Nainai was stunned. “Me.”

Having heard this, Si Zhengting squeezed her arm even more tightly.

Zhuang Nainai bit her lips, then suddenly burst out, “But that was because you didn’t want me in the first place! I just didn’t want to be abandoned by you too cruelly!” She pushed Si Zhengting away as she continued, “What’s wrong? Did I hurt your pride when I said it? Your pride is valuable but mine isn’t? Si Zhengting, are you making sense or not?!”

Si Zhengting froze, finally understanding her main point. In an instant, he was dumbstruck. “Who said that I no longer wanted you?”

Zhuang Nainai’s eyes reddened and her voice began to tremble. “Zuo Yiyi said that you were going overseas and that you no longer wanted me! When I called you, you didn’t answer me. When I went to the teacher’s office to check your college application form, it was entirely empty.”

Hello, Heir Chapter 445 - He Doesn't Want to Miss Another Five Years (3)

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