Hello, Heir Chapter 522 - There’s Been News of Mother Zhuang! (15)

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Chapter 522: There’s Been News of Mother Zhuang! (15)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Right after that, some people began to gossip about Madam’s plagiarism issue. After what happened with the design drafts, Madam became recognized as one of the Imperial Group’s most famous designers, and she’s become an icon of the company. So, this issue quickly caught the attention of people, but the things that the gossipers said have all been quite vague, making people unable to truly understand what sort of things they’re referring to. I have a feeling that this is all targeted at Madam and that it’s not just a simple scuffle going on in the Internet. There will surely be something that’ll come after this.”

Having heard this, Si Zhengting nodded. “Keep following this issue closely. Keep tabs on their movement, and if there are new posts, get people to delete them.”

Ji Chen nodded. “Yes.”


The elevator arrived at the top floor. Si Zhengting walked out of the elevator, entered his office, and undid his suit. Turning his head, he noticed a resignation letter on his desk. He paused for a moment before elegantly throwing his suit to Ji Chen, who was just making his way in.

Ji Chen helped him hang up his suit, then inched his way toward Si Zhengting.

Finally, he stood in front of Si Zhengting with his head lowered. “Sir, I know how wrong I’ve been.”

At this point in time, he had no hope in his heart. He knew he would never get the forgiveness of Mr. Si after doing all that he had done.

But he’d still had to do it.

Madam and Sir were still young, and they still were unaware of the kind of regrets they would have when they got older.

If they were to lose their child, it would be their eternal regret.

It was obvious to all that it was unlikely Mother Zhuang would make it out of the forest alive after having been in there for 15 days.

In that case, what difference would it make if Madam went to Kentucky or not?

But he was unable to see them being so insolent and stubborn.

Even though he was just an insignificant a.s.sistant to Si Zhengting without a stellar family background, the years of working together with Si Zhengting made him see clearly how hard it had been for Si Zhengting to have the happiness he was having now.

So, when Li Yufeng had coldly said those few sentences to him, he knew he had to do what he did.

He wasn’t used by Li Yufeng, but… for the sake of the child, he had to be used, in a way.


Li Yufeng was Madam’s biological mother, and she had spoken with the best interests of Madam at heart. Ji Chen had had no reason to deny her.

At the thought of this, Ji Chen took a deep breath. Mr. Si hated betrayal and people taking things into their own hands the most, and thus, he was absolutely sure that he would not escape unscathed.

“I will leave my position once I hand over my work. Regarding the issue about Madam, I’ll follow up on it. We’ll talk about it once the thing settles down.”

Having said this, Ji Chen was even more unwilling to raise his head. Even though he didn’t look at Si Zhengting, he could feel Si Zhengting’s cold gaze on his body.

Then, he heard Si Zhengting’s voice. “Where did you get the money to buy so many airplane tickets?”

Ji Chen lowered his head even more as he heard this. “It was done through your private account.”

As Si Zhengting’s most trusted a.s.sistant, Ji Chen had owners.h.i.+p of duplicate cards. Many a time, Si Zhengting would simply get him to buy things for him.

Just as Ji Chen finished speaking, he heard a chuckle. Lifting up his head, he looked at Si Zhengting, confused. Si Zhengting said, “So, you used my personal funds without asking for my permission?”


Using Mr. Si’s personal funds without asking for his permission?

Even though it had been for work that Ji Chen had used that amount of money… his actions could be described the way Mr. Si had put it.

Hello, Heir Chapter 522 - There’s Been News of Mother Zhuang! (15)

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