• The Trembling World
  • The Trembling World

  • Author(s) : Albin - 奥比椰
  • Genres : Action - Adventure - Comedy - Drama - Fantasy - Horror - Martial Arts - Mystery - Psychological - Sci-Fi - Seinen - Shounen - Supernatural - Tragedy - Wuxia
  • Status : ongoing
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  • The Trembling World Summary:

    When [The Trembling World] first started, it had a problem which trapped several hundred thousand players within the game.
    Liu Gan, a quadruple amputee in real life, who had joined the game on server release date, but a system error wrongly recognized for his prosthetic limbs, causing them to become fully functional in game. Once within the game world, he had a combination of human limbs that were as strong as metal. With a single punch he could easily break trees, and with a kick he could break down the wall.
    With such a cheat, Liu Gan decided to continue playing instead of praying for help like others did. To continue existing in this virtual world, he must become the ultimate player.
    However, after a while, he discovered that this game was no longer just a game…
    Translator POV UPDATE: May 17, 2016: The novel gets more realistic with a very high similarity to The Walking Dead series. The only difference is the leveling up aspect. There’s more than one type of zombies! From Chapters 1-100, it is only around a week in the game world and the MC has lost a lot of companions. How many more will he lose? But more importantly, how many more will he gain?
    (Disclaimer: Any character names, plots are merely coincidence and do not imitate in real life.)
    As of November 13, 2016, the novel is completed with 2919300 characters written by Chapter 1416.

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