The Untouchable President Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

His words were simply too tempting. The head of the school carefully sized Xing Liehan. Then she thought of Tang Yixi’s little face. It was simply too look a alike. If they were not father and son, then what?

“Thank you Mr. Xing, but our school will not accept it, please come in!” The director  didn’t accept the money, but also didn’t dare offend the man.

Within the city, he was a humongous figure. And had an ability to change a person’s fate with just a single flick of his fingers.

Tang Yixi was playing a piano at this time. The teacher was instructing a small choir and Tang Yixi was appointed to play the piano.

After he’s done playing the piece, the headmaster personally came over and talked to the little guy. “Tang Yixi, someone wants to see you.”

“Who? Is my mommy here?” Tang Yixi asked curiously, is it that his mother is already back?

“Once you see it, you will know. Come, come with me.” The headmaster took the little guy’s plump hand and thought about how fortunate Tang Yixi’s mother is, to even give birth to a child of Xing Liehan, and probably this child might be the heir of the whole Xing Group.

Full of curiosity, Tang Yixi  followed the headmaster to the corridor and walked into the garden. His face went cold as his pair of big eyes gazed at the tall man standing in the garden. The little guy’s small mouth opened slightly, and at that moment he felt something that gave him a sense of inexplicable intimacy.

Xing Liehan squatted down, his eyes peering at the little guy in front of him. Although  quite unbelievable, but if he’s not this little guy’s father, then who else?

“You are… Am I dreaming?” Tang Yixi big eyes glazed, a bit afraid.

Xing Liehan sighed and nodded. “Yes, I am. And I’m here for you.”

Tang Yixi's small face immediately overflowed with a bright and pleasant smile, and asked, “You’re not lying right?”

Xing Liehan extended his long arm and pulled the little guy into his warm embrace. A pair of large and small face looked at each other at a close distance. Xing Liehan's mouth evoked a smile of satisfaction and ecstasy. "No, I am indeed your biological father, and you are my son.”

Although it sounds very simple, but Xing Liehan was quite satisfied.

“Hey… you finally came to me, great, I thought you didn’t want me!” In the heart of the little guy, because his father didn’t appeared in font of him for long, he though he didn’t want him.

Xing Liehan snorted, “How can I not want you?”

He just didn’t know that after that night, he would have a child without him knowing.

“Yeah that’s so good! Oh, are you married? Do you have any other children?” The little guy was very worried about this, because if it is indeed the case, then his Mommy would be very sad.

“Not married and there are no other children.”

“Then… a girlfriend perhaps?”

“No!” while listening to his son’s tender voice, Xing Liehan’s mood was surprisingly good.

Tang Yixi immediately smiled, his teeth showing. He was so happy! His father is still single and his Mommy is also single, so to say, he can marry Mommy later.

Xing Liehan picked him up and took out a business card from his pocket then handed it to the headmaster. “When his mother came to pick him up, hand this business card to her.” When the headmaster heard him, she could only promise to do it.

“Hey, where are you going to take me?” Tang Yixi asked curiously.

"You want to go to my company?"

"Want!" The little guy's answer was loud. Clutching his father’s neck while being held by his st.u.r.dy arms, this feeling, was something that he never experienced before. [Unedited]

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The Untouchable President Chapter 23

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