Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead Chapter 11: Hunting Down The Exiled Princess (11)

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Having heard the voice of Su Mei, the eye-closed Xia Liang was alert in a flash, reversing her mind back from her plan.

Now the injured one was herself, not Bai Yao, but still Su Mei was sent to his side.

Was this the irresistible force of fate?!

Xia Liang frowned and wondered how much the possibility to get rid of Sumei would be if she raised her objection at this time.

But on second thought, Xia Liang realized that even if she rejected Sumei this time, Su Mei would definitely think of other ways to hook up with Bai Yao! That would make the situation even more difficult to control.

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Since Su Mei came here to serve Xia Liang and make medicated food for her, did it mean that Xia Liang had the right to dispose of Su Mei directly?

 “I could take this opportunity to torture her even if I could not drive her away.” thought Xia Liang.

Everything would be fine so long as she kept an eye on Su Mei and block the chance of her getting along with Bai Yao alone.

Or, she could also take the opportunity to observe the Su Mei, and find out the flaw from her words or deeds, as well as the use of her Spiritual Spring s.p.a.ce!

Then, when the time was ripe, I would reveal her true face in front of Bai Yao. Whether she would be executed or suffer from any other punishment all depended on Bai Yao!

Then she would be shooting two birds with one stone.

Xia Liang pondered over and over again and a.n.a.lyzed the benefits and losses to find out that such an arrangement was not bad, so she felt at ease again. Feeling the heat and familiar smell from Bai Yao's chest, she couldn't help falling asleep!

Although Xia Liang was cold in character, she was also quite simple, commonly known as one-track-minded. Over the past few days, she had gotten accustomed to Bai Yao’s caring!

However, the most difficult thing for people to get rid of was habit.

So, just as she was about to fall asleep, her arm wrapped around Bai Yao's waist to prevent herself from falling off when she was asleep!

In fact, her worries were superfluous.

Even if Bai Yao stumbled accidentally on his way, he would definitely take himself as a stepping stone and would not let her suffer any harm at all!

On the other side, the lovely lady Su Mei was waiting for a respond until her body getting stiff and had not even heard the general say ‘you may rise’!

Finally, Su Mei cannot hold it any longer, and then quietly looked up, while the scene in front of her almost made her felt jealous with her whole face twisted. She could only reluctantly maintain her manners by pinching her own waist.

The cold and indifferent general was now looking at the one in his arms with a face of amorous, even gently gathering his cloak. His action was so careful and meticulous, gentle and considerate!

At this moment, Su Mei clearly realized that Bai Yao's fiancée was not worthy of being called as a threat, and this woman held by Bai Yao in his arms was her actual and biggest rival!

At present, there was no more threatening existence than this woman!

It seemed that the first step to achieve her aim was to do away with this women!

Got rid of her, and gave Bai Yao comfort when he was sad and fragile with gentle and considerate accompany. Even a stone could be turned warm, let alone a man usually thinking with his lower body!

As a former superior and successful mistress, Su Mei was naturally confident in her means of subduing men. What's more, she had the s.p.a.ce as her weapon!

There was a Spiritual Spring and all kinds of herbs in the s.p.a.ce. a.s.sisted by the medical and poisonous prescriptions inside, she could definitely kill this woman unnoticed!

Su Mei calculated her chips in her heart, and felt a little more relieved after making up her mind.  Although she was still jealous because of Bai Yao’s behavior, she could only take it with sarcastic att.i.tude!

Bai Yao still didn't look at her at all or even call her up but hurried to hold the one in his arms into the general mansion, which made Su Mei nearly chopped her own teeth in resent!

Her eager to eradicate Xia Liang had become even stronger.

What Bai Yao did not know was that in such a short time, the woman in his arms and the woman in front of him had revolved schema in their minds how to kill each other!

The war between the two sides had already started at the moment of their encountering!

Bai Yao could never come up with this!

He just felt that Xia Liang was asleep, so he was anxious and wanted to take her back quickly in case of letting her exposed to cold wind and get a cold.

His att.i.tude towards Xia Liang had virtually helped her, what a divine a.s.sistance!

This made Su Mei felt a punch in her face the first time she saw Xia Liang!

Things went so smooth for Xia Liang.

When she opened her eyes after a comfy sleep, Xia Liang found herself lying on a comfortable bed with several layers of soft bedding under her, which was so cozy!

Xia Liang squinted and turned her head slightly to observe the surroundings.

With just a gaze, Xia Liang had realized she was lying on Bai Yao’s bed instead of a guest room.

Because the layout of the room was simple and atmospheric with all kinds of objects showily furnished but full of masculinity. A guest room could not be decorated so personal.


Just then, the door was pushed open and Bai Yao came in!

Xia Liang had been sleeping with her face down these days because of the wound on her back, so today would not be an exception.

So, hearing Bai Yao come in, Xia Liang held her arms flat, lifted her upper body slightly and looked at him with his neck arched...

Her limpid and sparkling eyes stared at Bai Yao with a hint of moist l.u.s.ter after waking up, which made her look less distant but more lovely combining with her movements.

Seeing her like this, Bai Yao felt that his heart had been itched with a feather with a sense of limp and numb. He really wanted to hold her in his arms and caress her well.

Bai Yao did not know that he had just been tempted by Xia Liang's lovely manner.

 “Did you sleep well? Are you hungry?” Bai Yao stepped forward, stroking her head and asked gently.

This gentle manner of him made it impossible to see how serious and indifferent he was at ordinary times. Other people would surely be shocked to see this scene.

 “Yeah.” Xia Liang nodded.

In fact, she was not so hungry. She said so mainly because of Su Mei.

Su Mei was now the maid who made the medicated diet for Xia Liang. Therefore, Xia Liang was in a hurry to use the excuse of dinning to meet her.

 “Then let’s get up! The meal is ready.” Bai Yao went up to her and stretched out his arms to hold Xia Liang directly on his knees. He bent over and put her shoes and socks on for her!

These movements were done with such ease with his heart filled with great joys!

He liked taking care of everything for Xia Liang, dressing her, giving her medicine and feeding her, unwilling to let others interfere in it at all!

The desire of control and possession as well as the wife slave character hidden in his bones had undoubtedly reflected in Bai Yao.

Well, things had become more interesting.

Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead Chapter 11: Hunting Down The Exiled Princess (11)

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