My Master Disconnected Yet Again 130 Danger Of Annihilation

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"Sect Master Shen!" The child's voice was softer and gentler once again. He looked extremely nervous. "I am Chen Ge. Quick, help me to dispel this demon from my body. It has become one with my own mental demons. I cannot get rid of him on my own."

"Chen Ge?" Shen Ying asked, staring blankly at him. "Who are you?"

The Celestial Emperor Chen Ge: "…" I am the owner of this entire mainland afterall. Am I really that unpopular?

"Hahaha…" Just as he began to explain, his voice changed once again and he laughed maniacally. "You think this Earth Immortal will be able to stop me? Don't forget that we're in the demonic realm now. She might not even be able to protect herself. An Earth Immortal can't even handle an average demon, much less the demon king in this realm."

"Demon King? You mean him?" Shen Ying stepped aside and pulled the demon - who had been hiding behind her, timid as a sparrow - forward..

The two personalities: "…"

Σ(°△° )

"Little Black, see what's wrong with him." The child looked fine the day before. Why did he suddenly have a split-personality disorder now?

"Yes, Great Immortal! No problem, Great Immortal!" The Demon King pulled up its sleeves and walked toward the child. It could not help but steal glances through the gates to the other realm.

For billions of years, the gates of the demonic realm had stayed resolutely closed. This was the first time the Demon King saw it open, and the immortal realm lay on the other side. That was the realm that the demons have been wanting to enter all this time. Yet, they never could have because of the gates. Some demons managed to allow shreds of their consciousness to break through into the immortal realm using special means. Of course, those were the lucky ones.

But now… the gates were really open.

The Demon King's heart leaped. Then, it turned around to glance at the woman standing next to it, and felt the excitement leave him as quickly as it came.

It might as well be closed!


Ning Zi'an felt a huge surge of demonic Qi rush toward him. Both of the personalities inside his body fell silent. He felt the demon in front of him suck the demonic Qi out of his body. The force bearing down on his body was almost unbearable.

The demon's face was swollen and covered in bruises now, but he… was very strong! Extremely strong. Even the Celestial Emperor Chen Ge, at his peak, would not be his match at that moment!

He… is really the demon king!

The Demon King scanned the child on the ground with his eyes very briefly. He already understood the child's situation. For fear that the Great Immortal would think he was being slipshod about his work, he reached out and touched the child's forehead, using his divine perception to peer inside his mind.


He hesitated. There was a Rebirth Seal.

"Reporting to Great Immortal!" The Demon King and reported every detail to Shen Ying, "This little… little friend's soul is carrying a demon. The demon incubated in his body and merged with his mental demons. Now, the demon is waging war against all the good thoughts and consciousness in this child's body, fighting for control."

"This is nonsense, isn't it?" Who couldn't tell that he had a split-personality disorder? "I'm asking where this demon came from?"

The Demon King jumped and lowered his voice immediately. "I… I'm not sure about this either. Demons arise for many reasons. What's more, the demon in this child was there from the moment he was born. There's no way to find out how it appeared now."

"You mean… he was born this way?" She had never heard of anyone who suffered from split-personality disorder at birth!

"No!" The Demon King shook his head. "It was not there since birth, but it was there since his past life."

"What does that mean?"

"Great Immortal!" The Demon King pointed to the child excitedly. "There is a Rebirth Seal inside his divine perception. This means that he did not go through the rebirth cycle off the Three Realms. The child was an immortal in his past life and the demon planted itself in his body in that life, but the demon only became fully grown recently."

What is this confusing mess? All of it was enough to film an entire drama about a past and present life.

"Little Friend, I am going to bring you back right now. But we have to resolve this matter first, or I wouldn't know how to answer to Father Niu!" She scanned the child from head to toe. "Tell me, what exactly happened? Who is the real… Whatever An?"

"Sect Master Shen, actually I'm-"

"I am!" The child's voice changed mid-sentence. There was a twinkle in his eyes as he said, "I am the real Ning Zi'an! Chen Ge has been trying to take over my body. Do something! Get him out of my body!"

"Ridiculous!" The Demon King spat. Demonic Qi shot forth from his body. "Is this the way you speak to Great Immortal?"

"You are ridiculous!" Shen Ying reached out and slapped the back of his head. "Why are you scaring the child? Does that make you feel powerful?"

"…" The Demonic King kept quiet after his failed attempt to suck up to Shen Ying. He once again became like a sparrow. Great Immortal is so fierce, so unique, and so unreasonable!

"Little Friend, keep speaking."

"This Chen Ge is trying to steal something, so "…"

"Shut up, I'm not talking to you!" She pointed at the face covered in demonic scars before waiting for Ning Zi'an to finish his sentence. "You are so ugly. Switch to the good-looking child inside of you."

The demon: "…"

Upon hearing this, the Demon King shot out a burst of demonic Qi to suppress the demon inside of Ning Zi'an without Shen Ying having to say anything. The scars on Ning Zi'an's face faded, and the youthful child's appeared once again. Finally, Shen Ying recognised the obedient child she had seen before. Except there was a sense of maturity in the boy's eyes.

"Shen… Great Immortal Shen." He glanced at the Demon King beside him and changed his greeting immediately and cleverly without any questions asked. He began to tell his story, "I am Chen Ge. I was ten thousand years ago and suffered grave injuries. At that time that this demon entered me. At that time, I was very weak. All I could do was create a seal. But the demon unexpectedly got stronger and stronger and merged together with my mental demons. After I recovered, I realised it had become too late. If I tried to drive the demon out by force, my cultivation would be hurt. I could even have fallen by an entire cultivation level."

He frowned, recalling the events of the past. Then, he continued, "Later on I found a solution. It was to create an immortal infant. In the process of rebirth, I had to seal off my cultivation temporarily, together with my memory. But at the same time, I would also be able to cleanse my body of any demons. The entire process was going to take a few thousand years before I would regain my cultivation. So…"

"So you re-birthed into Qu Shuang City?"

"Yes!" He nodded. "I hesitated for a long time. Then, I sealed my immortal body into the woman of the Bao Family. But I didn't know that the Bao Family would make use of such large amounts of immortal Qi to bring the immortal body that I haphazardly created into this world. That was how I was born with the innate sword embodiment."

"…" The innate sword embodiment came about because his mother had taken too much nutrients in while she carried him? Does Chef know about this?

"What was more coincidental was that the innate sword embodiment lured another demon to myself. Because of that demonic Qi, I am unable to get rid of the demon inside my body. Instead, the demon awoke prematurely and tried to turn me into a demon before I could regain my memory." He frowned even deeper. "At last, when I regained my memory, I had no way of getting rid of this demon. I even forgot Great Immortal…"

Before he could finish, his expression changed and his voice became lower. He shouted nervously, "Sect Master Shen, don't listen to him! I'm Ning Zi'an! He's lying to you… Do you remember? When you did not want to give me the pastries the other time? Believe me, Chen Ge is trying to win something…"

"Okay! I believe you." Shen Ying nodded.

"Actually, I'm… Eh?" The demon hesitated.

"Great Immortal!" Chen Ge cried in shock.

Shen Ying ignored him and turned to the Demon King. "Little Black!"

"Yes!" The Demon King stood upright.

"Can you get one of them out of the body?"

"I will, I am a professional!" The Demon King patted his chest. "Great Immortal, leave it to me!"

"Okay, then pull out the… the ugly one!"

The demon: "…" You said you believed me!

My Master Disconnected Yet Again 130 Danger Of Annihilation

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