My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 222

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Published at 4th of July 2019 10:55:11 AM Chapter 222

“Celestial Emperor!” Pao Hui exclaimed . He looked at Yi Qing in disbelief, stepping forward . “Your servant has worked as the managing immortal guard for more than ten thousand years in this palace . ”

Lonemoon laughed mirthlessly and sarcastically said, “A managing immortal guard of more than ten thousand years cannot even handle the immortals in the palace . Fellow Immortal, you really are capable indeed! It seems that Zi Chen had no reason to become a demon!”

“You-” Pao Hui was angry now . He had done so much for the Celestial Emperor's heavenly palace all these years . He was an Exalted Immortal – even the country emperors were courteous when they met him . This was the first time that he was mocked to the point that he did not know what to say . His mind was in a whirl . There was a flash of something in his eyes . Pao Hui sucked in a deep breath and said mockingly, “This Young Emperor is funny indeed . What right do you have to criticise me? I am the immortal guard of this heavenly palace . Only the Celestial Emperor would have the right to criticise me . Of what status are you? People who do not know better might even think you're the new Celestial Emperor!” He adjusted his tone as he looked pointedly at Yi Qing and said, “Celestial Emperor, you have not said a word and this man is trying to chase me out of the palace . Don't you think there's something wrong here?”

He was hinting that Lonemoon was trying to rebel against the Celestial Emperor . From the moment they entered the heavenly palace, that was indeed the case . Any Celestial Emperor would not allow a subordinate to climb on top of his own head, except the Invincible Sect's…

“No!” Yi Qing replied .  What's wrong?

The disciples nodded along, confused by Pao Hui's question .

The first disciple: “Elder Lonemoon has always been the one managing the business in the sect . What's the problem?”

The second disciple: “That's right, the Sect Master said that we'll be fed if we follow Elder Lonemoon . Elder Yi Qing is always so busy cooking – everything else is handled by Elder Lonemoon!”

The third disciple: “Eh? The Sect has an Elder Yi Qing? I didn't know that . ”

The fourth disciple: “Huh? The Celestial Emperor isn't Elder Lonemoon? I thought it was him all along!”

The fifth disciple: “Nonsense, the Sect Master is obviously the Celestial Emperor!”

Lonemoon: “…”

Pao Hui: “…”


What's wrong with these people? This is a Celestial Emperor position – why were they taking it for granted that a Young Emperor would be doing the job of a Celestial Emperor? Even the Celestial Emperor himself was unbothered by this . Was he going to allow someone else to steal his position?


“Yu Hong, Si Yu, send him out!” Lonemoon pressed two fingers to his temple and scanned the group of troublemakers, waving his hands to chase Yu Hong and Si Yu along .

“Yes!” The two of them did not hesitate . Si Yu walked forward and picked the immortal up, then flew toward the entrance of the heavenly palace .

Pao Hui did not even have time to react before he was thrown out of the gates . “You… You all…” He glared at the two ladies, who turned around and flew back to the palace without even looking back . A moment later, he got up, dusted off his robes, and then turned to walk away .  Hmph! They would be begging him to come back!

Lonemoon scanned the group of disciples once again . He gestured and said, “Did you listen carefully to the introduction around this place? We'll split into our roles as before – go to where you're supposed to be stationed . If you have any problems, look for Yu Hong to settle it . Split up!”

“Yes!” The disciples replied as they moved off to their stations one by one .

Yi Qing immediately drew his pots and pans . “Master, I checked everything . The Vast Sky Hall was really good . It's well-lit and facing the south-west . It's also very s.p.a.cious and suitable as a kitchen . I just need to renovate it a little . ”

“Good job!” Shen Ying nodded in approval . “Run along, look for Boss Lan and make a cooktop . He's very professional with those things!”

“Then you might have to wait for a little while,” Lan Hua said as he walked over slowly . He was hugging a huge pot and Radish was inside, trying hard to sprout a dandelion . “I promised Brother Radish that I would plant him in the immortal herb garden first . ”

“Chef, make some cold dishes first then . ” Those don't need a cooktop .

“Yes Master, no problem Master!”

Lonemoon: “…” F*cking r.e.t.a.r.d .

Wait! The Vast Sky Hall?

Isn't that the first immortal hall from the entrance to the heavenly palace? They were going to change the first immortal hall into a kitchen!

“Come back here, the two of you!”


The entire Bo Sea Heavenly Palace had a total of over a hundred halls and countless mini immortal palaces . There were more than a thousand immortal officials living inside the premises in the past . Lonemoon understood what Pao Hui was thinking . In the past, Celestial Emperors of the Bo Sea had always been from the Bo Sea . Yi Qing was from Feng Cang . Him suddenly being made the Celestial Emperor was akin to starting a revolution in Pao Hui's eyes .

Pao Hui, as the managing immortal guard of the entire heavenly palace, was naturally second-in-command only to the Celestial Emperor . He dared to challenge the Invincible Sect because he had control over all the immortals in the entire heavenly palace .

They had only just arrived here and taking over control of such a big palace would undoubtedly be difficult, especially if Pao Hui refused to cooperate with them . Only Pao Hui had the ability to move the – that was why he was so sure that they would come back to him in the end . When Pao Hui brought the group around the palace earlier, he made sure that all the other immortal guards would not be around . He came up with all the excuses about them being busy .

He did all of this not to object to Yi Qing ascending as the Celestial Emperor, but just to release the anger and indignation he felt in his heart . This was obvious from the way he kept addressing Yi Qing as the “New Celestial Emperor”, but refused to even acknowledge Yi Qing by his name .

It was understandable that he was unhappy, but Lonemoon did not believe that it necessarily meant that they had to give in to him! He was not a princess! Why should they give in to his tantrums?

Lonemoon's thinking was simple . If he wanted to make things difficult, he could forget about ever coming back in future! We at the Invincible Sect… No, the Invincible Heavenly Palace are extremely busy . We have no time to deal with little tantrums .

Other Celestial Emperors may be lacking in supporters, but the Invincible Sect was not .

The would not respond to any other call? Then they would not call on them . In any case, the Invincible Sect was after the palace and not the people in it .

So what if the premises were locked and they could not enter? They could always break into the premises . The body cultivators were full of strength anyway!

So what if the immortal guards were not willing to handover control of the premises? They just had to be beaten up! In any case, they were undefeatable!

So what if the immortal guards were ganging up to go on a strike? They could be fired . They were not too familiar with them anyway – it would be a waste of immortal stones to keep feeding them . Someone had to let them know who the real boss was around here!

So what if they lost immortal guards who were familiar with the business environment outside of the palace doors and who had connections with the other continents? Heh heh, they didn't dare!

From pills to talismans, arrays to weapons, Invincible Sect was not lacking in people who could manage these things . In fact, they had the ability to manufacture these things for themselves . Whoever was in charge of these things back at the Invincible Sect would continue to be in charge of these things in the heavenly palace . The only difference was probably that the production scale would be bigger .

Therefore, Lonemoon did not worry too much about their situation . Within less than half a month, the disciples under him had the entire heavenly palace under control . In an unbelievably short amount of time, they had set up a comfortable routine to manage things around the palace . They even managed to get a couple of little immortal guards who were happy to go with the flow on their side, to help out with some meagre .

The higher-level immortal guards who confidently took leave from their work at the palace, waiting for news from Pao Hui, were fired from their jobs one by one . A month later… the guards could not take it no longer . They sent people to find out the situation in the heavenly palace and found out… that they could not go in any more .

The immortal guards who watched the doors were also replaced by people that they did not even know . They got chased out of the premises and nearly even came to blows .

They looked at the entrance of the palace in agony . On it was written, “Invincible Heavenly Palace” . It took them awhile to process what they were reading . Finally, they were forced to accept that they were no longer in control of the situation . This new Celestial Emperor was different from what they imagined . He was like a real Celestial Emperor, who was not afraid of threats from people .

They even got wind of a frightening piece of news . Celestial Emperor Yi Qing of the Bo Sea was going to hold a coronation for himself in five days at the heavenly palace . The guards were meant to be the first to find out, but they were only informed about this now .

“Manager Pao, this… this is not good!” The guards were beginning to panic . They did not even know of such a huge event – it seemed that they had been chased out of the heavenly palace for good .

Pao Hui's expression darkened . He fell silent . Then, he gritted his teeth and said, “Go! Let's go to the various states of Bo Sea!”

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 222

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