My Master Disconnected Yet Again 244 The Dragon Palace In The Dragon Abyss

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"No need!" The person in the mirror replied. "It's just regarding some matters in the past. I only just recalled them and was curious." The image in the mirror faded and was about to disappear.

"Wait," called the elderly man, who seemed to have recalled something. "You're not still at the Thousand Feet Mountain, are you?"

"…" There was no reply from the man in the mirror. He was acknowledging this with his silence.

"Ah, why would you do this?" The elderly man sighed. "I think that Exalted G.o.d Qian Yue never meant to lie to you - he just really did not know. What's the point of staying there to talk things out with him?"

"Even if he really did not know…" The man lowered his voice and with a tinge of sadness, said, "She will surely appear."

"You…" The elderly man's tone was cold by now. After awhile, he shook his head. "Whatever. I hope you find who you're looking for!"

There was no response from the other side. The mirror vibrated slightly and turned into water, falling back into the lake.

The elderly man touched his beard and sighed again.

Ah, these young people!


The Dragon Palace.

The woman sat high above ground-level. She gave the reporter a strange look. "A black dragon? Is it the same little black dragon at the Dragon Abyss, who just ascended into the Divine Underworld?"

"Responding to the Supreme Divinity: Yes, it indeed is him!"

"I thought he was not willing before. Why is he running back here now?" Long Zhen frowned, obviously unhappy. "Could it be that he's still afraid that I would punish him? Tell him that I will not make his life difficult and that I don't need his services."


The servant girl retreated. Another girl standing by the side quickly stopped her, "Please wait!"

She turned to Long Zhen, cupped her fists and said, "Supreme Divinity! All these years, we've thought of so many ways. So many high-level dragons have tried, but the results have been dismal. Perhaps this matter with the Young Master has nothing to do with cultivation level. This black dragon has just ascended. Perhaps he would succeed. There would be no harm in trying?"

"But he just ascended after all, and he's a black dragon at that." Long Zhen was obviously hesitant.

"Supreme Divinity, we can wait but the Young Master cannot!"

Her expression became sombre. Half a moment later, she sighed. Turning to the servant girl, she said, "Very well! We'll give it a shot. Bring him to the Dragon Pool. I will be there in a while."


The servant girl retreated once more.


"She… she agreed!" The black dragon could not believe his ears. For the first time, he fell for another dragon, another girl. They had a rough beginning, and he thought that she would be irritated by him at first. He was only intending to give it a shot when he begged the Exalted G.o.ddess to let him try, but he had no real hopes of succeeding.

He could not believe that the woman actually agreed. He must be dreaming! Just thinking about the woman made him… heh heh heh!

Although he would only be serving her from a low level, at least he had the chance to get close to her. For all he knew, they would develop a good relations.h.i.+p and they would reach a turning point.

"Exalted… E-E-Exalted…. Exalted G.o.ddess!" He tugged at Shen Ying's sleeve, agitated. "She agreed! Did you hear that? She agreed!"

"Oh." Shen Ying was sitting in the living area, body tilting from the force of the black dragon's tugs. She chewed her fruit and clutched the dish of fruits even tighter. She tried to shake the black dragon off." Treasure food and keep away from these relations.h.i.+p problems!"

When he was just a wyrm, other wyrms told him it would be extremely difficult to look for a partner and that he would have to be prepared to give all he got. From the looks of it, it was not that difficult! Heh heh heh, he was indeed a special dragon.

"Please come with me to the Dragon Pool. The Supreme Divinity wants to meet you," the servant girl said.

"So quick!" The black dragon jumped. He did not think that he would have a chance to meet the woman again so soon. "Alright, alright, alright!"

He turned and wanted to shout at Shen Ying to get up, but the servant girl said, "The Supreme Divinity has something to ask of you. She only wants to see you."

"Well…" The black dragon turned to Shen Ying quickly and hesitantly asked, "Exalted G.o.ddess… why don't you rest here while I go up?"

"Oh," Shen Ying replied. She continued chewing on her fruits.

"I'll be back very soon!" Seeing that she remained relatively unaffected, the black dragon immediately followed the servant girl.

Shen Ying was not that bothered. It had been long since she had food to eat and she was starving!

Mm… The fruits are a bit sour. They're not as good as the ones at Invincible Sect.

She felt like… she missed Chef.


The servant girl led the black dragon toward the rear hall. They seemed to be entering totally isolated territory. The temperature began to rise so that even dragons would feel warm. When they entered an alleyway, the servant girl stopped and gestured for him to carry on.

The black dragon did not think too much of it. He thanked the servant girl uncharacteristically, then turned and walked through the alleyway. A strangely warm aura wafted past him and he felt the temperature increasing with each step he took. He could not help but feel confused. Why did the extraordinarily beautiful Supreme Divinity want to meet him in a place like that?

The next moment, he reached the end of the alleyway and entered a huge open s.p.a.ce. It looked like the centre of the volcano. In front of him was a pool of lava. Pillars of fire shot up intermittently.

Long Zhen was standing beside the pool of lava. The black dragon noticed that she was dressed more formally than before - she was wearing a thin s.h.i.+rt that emphasised her exquisite figure. The black dragon glanced at her and felt his entire body flush red. His heart began to race, as if someone cast a spell on it.

So… so, so beautiful!

Some heat began to rise up his nasal pathway. The black dragon quickly looked up to control the flow of blood. He wanted to leave a good impression before his future wife. That was what he hoped to achieve, but he could not stop his gaze from going back to the woman. Speaking of that… he was here to be her servant. It was normal for him to stare at her, right?

"You've arrived?" Long Zhen asked in a cold voice, glancing at him. She nodded at him like before and said, "Come over!"

"So quickly?!"


"Er…" The black dragon trembled. He tried to shake all the images from his mind and said, "I mean… you were looking for me?"

The black dragon walked dazedly toward her and felt his heart speed up. He could hardly hear anything but whirring in his ear.

"Yeah." Long Zhen nodded with a stern expression. She scanned him from head to toe and asked, "I want to confirm that you really are willing to be my servant?"

"Of course!" He nodded.

"If that's the case…" Long Zhen seemed to be sizing him up. A look of worry flashed past her face. "There is something I must tell you. Once you begin as my servant, you cannot back out. You must remain in the Dragon Abyss and you cannot take even one step out."

The black dragon felt a great urge to calm her down. Instinctively, he responded, "Alright."

"I will impart to you a special set of skills. You'll train together with me and you cannot slack off! Are you willing?"

"I am."

"This set of skills is special. You must train them for at least two hours each time and you cannot rest in between. Can you handle that?"

"I can."

"While you're training, you cannot go too far from me. You must also take on your true form."

"I'll listen to you."

"Well…" She sighed and scanned him from head to toe. "Take your clothes off!"


A while later…


Σ(°△° )

My Master Disconnected Yet Again 244 The Dragon Palace In The Dragon Abyss

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