My Master Disconnected Yet Again 270 The Great Heartless Dao

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Mother Feng's speed was extremely fast and she was surrounded by a consuming grievous energy so rich that even Shen Ying retreated a couple of steps. Qian Yue was knocked away by Mother Feng. Her grievous energy melted his dharma clothing and even his undergarments away so that he stood nude.

Suddenly, a golden light flashed on his body and Mother Feng rebounded back. The silhouette of a golden lotus surrounded him and trapped him inside. The grievous energy dissipated. Qian Yue took a deep breath in and looked at Mother Feng with fear in his eyes.

"You… You are…" Zhu Ming looked at Qian Yue in disbelief as if he realised something.

Qian Yue laughed mirthlessly. That face that looked exactly like Father Niu's changed. His disguise was fading before their very eyes. His face looked entirely different after a couple of seconds.

"It really is you!" Zhu Ming's eyes widened in shock. "You… How can that be?"

Mother Feng recovered from the impact earlier and charged forward again, unaffected by Qian Yue's change in features. "Bian Xinchen, I'm going to kill you… kill you…'' She was positively insane by now. She kept getting rebounded off by the golden light, but she kept charging toward it anyway. Each time she did, her soul got a little bit weaker and the grievous energy around her body got a little bit ricer, It was almost as if she was going to become entirely made out of grievous energy.

Zhu Ming cast some sort of sorcery to stop her suicidal ways. Then, he looked up at the man in front of him with pure anger in his eyes. "Bian Xinchen! You're still alive!" It was no wonder that Mother Feng still refused to reincarnate after all this time - her enemy was still alive, and he even became Supreme Divinity Qian Yue!

"I haven't achieved the Great Dao, of course I would not die!" He glanced warily at Shen Ying before retreating a step. "Mother Feng is the biggest obstacle between me and the Great Dao."

"Obstacle!" Zhu Ming clenched his fists and shouted, "Bian Xinchen, are you heartless? She was your wife. She was loyal to you and did nothing to let you down! Yet, how did you treat her? In order to achieve the Great Dao, you sucked all of her cultivation and even milked her immortal bones, leaving her to die of resentment! You've already caused this much harm to her, what else do you want?"

It was obvious from the man's expression that he felt not one bit of guilt. He replied calmly, "If you want to achieve the Great Dao, you must make some sacrifices."


"Zhu Ming!" Bian Xinchen's expression darkened. He scoffed, "Don't forget. You were the one who told me that I could only become a divinity if I practise the Heartless Dao"

Zhu Ming stiffened, his face draining of colour. Something flashed in his eyes. "I.. I did not think you would… I just-"

"You just did it to steal Mother Feng?" Bian Xinchen asked sarcastically, cutting Zhu Ming off. "You've liked her since you were little. When you handed me the formulations for the Heartless Dao, I already guessed your motives. You wanted Mother Feng to lose feelings for me. Now that you're both ghost immortals, you can say that your wish has been fulfilled."

"Shut up!" Zhu Ming roared. He looked both guilty and enraged. The sword in his hand was pointed toward the man in front of him. "I did have selfish desires then, but I never thought you would really…" He looked like he could not complete his own sentence. Trembling and through gritted teeth, he said, "Kill your wife for the sake of the Dao!"

The moment he said that, everybody present sucked in a sharp breath.

s.h.i.+t! Another b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

So he was the one who killed Mother Feng. What's more, they were man and wife?

It was no wonder that Mother Feng would harbour so much grievance over losing her primary soul.

Bian Xinchen's expression remained the same. "Hmph! Cutting off all ties is the key to achieving the Great Dao I only had hopes of becoming a divinity by killing my wife and pursuing the Dao. I have never regretted killing her."

"Bian! Xin! Chen!" Zhu Ming roared.

"Don't forget, you're equally responsible for Mother Feng's death!"


Zhu Ming stiffened, his face turning pale once again. He kept his gaze fixed on the other man. "I did let Mother Feng down. That's why I'm a ghost immortal today - to take revenge on you!"

Zhu Ming drew his weapon and charged toward Qian Yue. "Return Mother Feng's primary soul!"

Yet, Bian Xinchen did not even flinch. He was not even concerned about getting attacked by Zhu Ming. Before Zhu Ming reached Qian Yue, he bounced back. The impact caused his soul to be unsteady.

Lonemoon glanced at Zhu Ming, who was lying on the floor. Suddenly, he liked neither Bian Xinchen nor Zhu Ming. Although he knew Zhu Ming had been hiding something, he had not expected it to be something as huge as this. He did not think Zhu Ming would have led someone else to pursue the Heartless Dao just to win the heart of his beloved. As a result, Bian Xinchen killed his own wife on his pursuit. Each man was worse than the last.

The only one worth pitying was Mother Feng, who was killed by her own husband while alive. After her death, she took great pains to train as a ghost immortal and yet got her primary soul stolen from her. Her primary soul probably helped Bian Xinchen rise to divinity in such a short time. What Lonemoon was unsure about was why Bian Xinchen needed to take on his appearance. Was it just a coincidence?

Lonemoon looked at the man in the air. No matter what, he had to first get back Bai Ze and the others' remnant souls. "Shen Ying."

Shen Ying nodded. In a flash, she appeared behind Bian Xinchen. She reached out to grab him.

Bian Xinchen jumped. This time, he reacted quickly and retreated several feet. His gaze turned cool as he gathered every last bit of G.o.d Power in his body and shot it toward Shen Ying.

She did not even intend to dodge the attack, but saw that the G.o.d Power that was initially headed toward her fly past her and toward Mother Feng.

"Mother Feng!" Zhu Ming screamed. He ran over but was too late. That G.o.d Power had hit Mother Feng. The array in which she was trapped immediately darkened.

Before anyone could react, Mother Feng suddenly rushed forward once more. The grievous energy was now completely bloated as she ran toward Bian Xinchen.. With what looked like all her energy, she screamed his name. "Bian! Xin! Chen!"

"Mother Feng, no!" Zhu Ming exclaimed. There was no time. Mother Feng was already drowning in an insane amount of grievous energy. The thin soul that she had left had already dissipated. Now, all that was left was the blackness of her grievances.

"Mother… Feng…" Zhu Ming fell onto the ground, as if his sanity had left him. He looked absolutely hopeless.

Suddenly, the G.o.d Power around Bian Xinchen's body intensified. His cultivation level began to increase before their very eyes. Even the G.o.d Power that Shen Ying had gotten rid of earlier was regained and he now stood in the midst of the blue light with an excited look upon his face, clearly having gotten what he wanted. "Indeed, she's the only obstacle between me and the Great Dao. Now, she has disappeared. I have completed the Heartless Dao and have become the one true G.o.d. Hahaha…"

He got more and more excited as he spoke, and the G.o.d Power around him got thicker and thicker. His suppressive aura rushed toward them so that everybody in the group tasted blood in the back of their throats. Shortie, who was of the lowest cultivation level, fell to one knee and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

My Master Disconnected Yet Again 270 The Great Heartless Dao

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