My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 278

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Published at 1st of August 2019 10:20:07 AM Chapter 278: 278

“Alright . ” The woman nodded and did not pursue the matter further . She changed the topic . “What are the results of your a.n.a.lysis of the time and spatial storm in District T98?”

“I've already sent it to you . ”

“Alright, you settled it pretty well this time, that's why you're getting this additional one month off . But don't play too hard . You have to come back to work eventually . ”

“Oh . ”

“There aren't many things happening in these few days . Don't coop yourself up at home . Go out for walks . Do you want me to arrange several places for you?”

“No, no, no… There's no need . ” I'm afraid I won't be able to come back if I go to the places you arrange for .

“Why? You don't like it?” The woman's face fell .

Shen Ying's heart jumped into her throat . She shook her head furiously once more . “No, but… I've only a day of holiday left . I don't want it to affect my work, heh heh . ”

“Mm, I'm relieved that you think this way . ” The woman nodded . “I've already transferred this month's allowance into your account . Check it later . ”

“Yes, Big Sister . ”

“That's all then . Recently, some problems seem to be occurring near District C . I'll probably come back during the Mid-Autumn Festival next month . I'll bring you some mooncakes as well . ”

“Thank you, Big Sister! See you, Big Sister!”

“Mm . ” The woman nodded, reached out to break the signal, and then suddenly paused . “Oh right, who's that person next to you?”

“Huh?” Shen Ying's heart stopped . Her entire back was drenched with perspiration . “What… who?”

The woman's facial expression darkened . “The one who's under the table, being squashed by your right foot . ”

“… N-No?” Shen Ying was obviously struggling to answer .

“Oh really?” The woman's voice turned cool . She waved her hand . Suddenly, a light screen appeared in the house . It shone into every single corner of the house, leaving no crevice unlit and offering the woman a 360-degree view of the apartment . The screen was floating in mid-air . The screen which was displaying the woman earlier suddenly displayed Lonemoon sitting very still under Shen Ying's foot .

Shen Ying's leg trembled . She retracted her right leg instinctively .

Lonemoon crawled up and took several deep breaths . “Holy s.h.i.+t! The next time you squash someone with your foot, can you not step on their faces!” Was she trying to kill him? He was suffocating!

“Shen . Little . Ying!” The woman called out in a very chilling tone . She even added the “Little” into her name! Shen Ying's heart fell . “Stay in that house . I'll be there in five minutes!”

“Wait, Big… . Listen to me!” Shen Ying reached out to the screen, but it was too late . The light screen in the apartment went out immediately . Her screen returned to display her game character's corpse .

The entire room was silent . Shen Ying could hear her heart pounding in her chest and she felt the tears well up in her eyes .

The woman said she would take five minutes, but she arrived in less than two . The entire house was in a mess . It looked almost like someone had raided it . A hole as tall as a human being appeared .

This was… teleportation .

How could it be?

Before Lonemoon could react, a woman who looked 80% like Shen Ying stepped out of the hole, dressed in red . She had a cool gaze as she scanned the two of them . All she did was look at him from head to toe, yet Lonemoon felt a chill run down his spine . He sensed Shen Ying's fear from where he was standing . He had never seen her like that before . It was making his legs feel like jelly .

“Shen…” He instinctively turned to face Shen Ying .

Shen Ying was a step ahead of him . She threw a pillow from the sofa down onto the ground and knelt on it “Big Sister, I'm in the wrong!”

Lonemoon: “…”


Where's the camaraderie?

The woman narrowed her eyes and stood up even straighter . She stepped forward two steps and sat down on the couch, dipping a tea bag into a cup of hot water . It was only after she finished drinking the entire cup of water that she said, “What did you do wrong?”

Eh? Shen Ying hesitated .  Oh yes, what did she do wrong? She knelt down out of habit .

(⊙ o ⊙)

“It's rare to see you bringing someone over . ” The woman turned to look at Lonemoon . “Your boyfriend?”

Shen Ying and Lonemoon's eyes met . In each other's eyes, they saw disgust that emanated from their bones .

“No!” She said with determination!

“No!” Pure truth!

“Then why is he in your house?” The woman's expression did not even change, but the air in the room immediately changed . The air pressure dropped so that both Lonemoon and Shen Ying began to pant . “Little Ying, what did I teach you? Did you forget? I don't mind helping you deepen the memory . ”

“Big Sister, things are not what you think-”

“Mm?” The woman seemed to have discovered something . She got to her feet, fingers underneath Shen Ying's chin, then scanned her from head to toe . The woman's expression darkened . “Why is there a strange aura from another plane on your body? Where have you been the past few days?”

“I wandered to another plane . ”

Seeing that the woman's expression had softened, Shen Ying immediately spilled all of the details . She did not keep anything to herself . She even told the woman what colour Lan Hua's underwear was .

This was the first time Lonemoon saw Shen Ying speak so much . She went on for a full two hours .

The more the woman listened, the deeper her frown became . “You mean to say that someone pulled people over from this plane without my permission?”

“Yes, yes, yes . ” Shen Ying nodded furiously . Big Sister should be chasing someone else .

“How long were you there for? Did you discover anything strange?” The woman's expression hardened once more, displaying doubt that raising Shen Ying was worth it .

“I didn't before, but I did later . ” The letter that the G.o.dfiend handed her indeed contained her sister's handwriting . But on second thought, her older sister never threatened her on paper . She would hit her immediately . “In the beginning, I thought that it was your holiday a.s.signment for me . ” And a really easy one at that .

“So… . ” The woman turned to look at Father Niu . “He was the extra credit on your paper?”

Shen Ying: “…”

Lonemoon: “…”

What the h.e.l.l?

“Get up first, I want to ask you something!” The woman frowned .

“Yes, Big Sister . ” Shen Ying jumped onto the couch .

“Did you look into the reason behind this matter?”

“Father Niu was the main reason . It could have been that there was a mistake in the plane which caused a chain reaction . When you were not around, I became more sensitive . That was probably why I got pulled over . ”

“Have you met the manager over there?”

“No . ”

“Plane sensing?”

“No response . ”

“Could it be a native plane?”

“There's a fifty percent chance . ”

“What are the coordinates of that plane?”

“I only know it's an immortal spirit plane . ”

“Mm . I'll get in touch with the management over there . I'll keep your problem in mind . ” The woman scanned Shen Ying from head to toe, causing her to shrink instinctively . Then, she looked away and continued, “Don't they know the rules? How dare they s.n.a.t.c.h someone from my plane!” She got to her feet and started to walk off .

“Wait!” Lonemoon interrupted . He looked at the two of them in turn . “What are the two of you talking about? Why don't I understand a word? What plane? What manager?”

Was he still in Earth?

“You didn't tell him?” The woman who was just about to walk off turned back to address Shen Ying .

Shen Ying pursed her lips and answered meekly, “Didn't you say I'm not allowed to?”

“Hey, spare some thought for the victim…” The woman scanned Lonemoon from head to toe and said in a low voice, “I am Shen Ying's big sister and the manager of the plane – Shen Jing!”


My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 278

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