My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 283

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Published at 2nd of August 2019 10:25:07 AM Chapter 283: 283

30 minutes later .

Lonemoon smirked . “This… is the nanny you were looking for?”

“That's right!”

Right my foot . Isn't this a tree?

He scanned the tree-person in front of him from head to toe . The person was as broad as a tree trunk . There were green leaves atop its head . Sticking out of its body were branches that were swaying with the wind . From time to time, it would also use two branches by its sides to adjust its leaves like it was adjusting its hair .

Sh*t, it's a female tree!

“Shen Ying, what is this? A relative of Radish's?” Lonemoon asked in a low voice after pulling Shen Ying aside .

“A Tree Alien,” Shen Ying answered .

“Does it know wood-elemental healing techniques?”

“No . ”


“No . ”

“Then it's not as good as Radis.h.!.+” Lonemoon glared at her .

“Relax . The Tree Alien is a rare breed in the Star Network . Its breed has special powers and S-grade battle skills . It's very difficult to find them . ”

“Didn't you say it's a nanny?”

“That's right!” Shen Ying nodded . She turned to look at the tree-person behind her encouragingly, as if signalling something to her .

The female tree-person smiled, taking two steps forward . She closed her eyes and clenched her hands by her sides . She tensed up her entire body to bow at them . It looked like it took all of her energy .

Lonemoon jumped, eyes widening . Could it be that this tree-person really had great powers?

That tree-person's expression looked more and more pained . She bowed lower and lower . The green leaves on her head suddenly turned into green specks of light . Suddenly, she stood upright .

There were several swooshes . Amongst the leaves on her head, fruits suddenly began to appear!


The tree-person smiled widely, reaching out to hand Shen Ying a fruit .

“Eat?” Shen Ying handed a red fruit over .

Lonemoon: “…”

He felt like flipping the table! This is the so-called freaking nanny? You freaking just want a moving fruit-stall, don't you?

An hour later .

“Are you sure that there are 100,000 points to be gained from this District A?” Lonemoon pointed to the hole in front of him and asked .

“Yes, yes, yes . This is the first-ranking beast of District A . ” Shen Ying pointed upward and activated a screen . Indeed, the beast was displayed as an grade beast .

“There's only one and no others?”

“No . ”

“There are no stampedes as well?”

“Of course not . ”

“Alright, I'll believe you once more . ” Lonemoon conjured a wind seal which turned into a wind blade . He shot it toward the hole .

A moment later, there was movement in the hole . With a loud roar, the ground began to shake . Strong Qi flowed out of the hole and a black figure appeared .

Lonemoon's heart jumped and he retreated a couple of steps . It looked like a big fella . Immediately, he set up defence arrays all around him and tightened his grip around his sword, staring intently at the hole . The black figure came closer and closer, and he faintly heard strange sounds .

A few moments later, a huge snot worm appeared in the hole!


Lonemoon pursed his lips, not daring to believe his eyes . The beast on the ground looked like a blob of jelly . It was translucent as well . This was the number one beast in District A?

Ah woo…

The beast cried out, sounding utterly harmless .

Lonemoon frowned . Alright, Shen Ying did not lie to him this time . This really was a tiny beast of District A . He waved his sword and attacked the beast . With a splat, the jelly spit into five or six pieces .

“Let's go?” Lonemoon turned and waved at Shen Ying, attempting to keep his sword .

Behind him, he heard ah woo… ah woo… . There was a string of cries .

Turning around, Lonemoon saw four or five more snot worms charging toward him .

What's going on?

Lonemoon paused subconsciously summoning bouts of sword Qi and attacking the snot worms with them . The snot worms split but each of those little parts turned into a new mini monster . There were suddenly close to twenty snot worms in front of him .

This was…

“Shen Ying, didn't you say there was only one of it?”

“Well… there was only one!”

“One my foot! You didn't say it could duplicate!”

“I just found out!”

“Screw you!”

The snot worms filled the floor and were all charging toward them . Some were even hopping toward them . They were rebounded by Lonemoon's array and each one split into two more . Two more snot worms were added to the group .

Within ten minutes, they were surrounded by a dense crowd of beasts . These were not difficult to attack, but they were increasing in number . Shen Ying, the only body cultivator, could not help either . What was Lonemoon to do?

His heart sank . Suddenly, he remembered that they had one other person with them . He turned to the nanny behind him . “Well, tree-”

Before he could finish, he heard the sound of someone digging the sand . The tree-person behind them had dug a pit without them realising and jumped into it in a flash . Within seconds, the entire tree was buried beneath the earth .

Lonemoon: “…”

Shen Ying: “…”

Son of a b*tch!

Didn't she say they were a rare breed? Weren't they supposed to be difficult to find?

Maybe the tree-person knew that it was betraying its friends . The soil began to shuffle and a red fruit popped out of nowhere .

The two of them: “…”

This was… meant to be an apology for ditching?

This wasn't the game planet . It should freaking be called the planet of r.e.t.a.r.ds!

Lonemoon and Shen Ying finally completed their mission, although it took them a total of two hours . Just as they were about to be buried by the snot worms, Lonemoon figured out that the tiny beasts were afraid of lightning .

He immediately conjured a lightning seal, which caused the entire land to be filled with a burning smell . Not one of the snot beasts remained .

Beside him, the system's screen rang . It showed: Mission complete!

Their points jumped to 50,100 . The other 50,000 points went to Shen Ying, who accidentally stepped on a snot worm while standing aside and watching Lonemoon in action the entire time . The tree-person who was buried in the ground did not score a single point because of its complete lack of a.s.sistance .

“Where should we go next?” Lonemoon turned to Shen Ying beside him . After pondering for a moment, he pulled out his own list . He thought it would be much safer for him to figure it out himself .

“We're done, let's go home . ”

Lonemoon looked over at her weirdly . “We're not going to kill anymore beasts?”

Shen Ying sighed . “I'm too tired!” She could not go on any longer . Otherwise, her older sister would figure out where they went .

“…” Tired my foot . Was he not the one who was fighting all the monsters?

Lonemoon pursed his lips and looked away . He pondered for a moment and did not object . He clicked the b.u.t.ton on the side of his screen .

The next moment, there were flashes of light all around him .

They were already back in the apartment . He glanced at the wristband that Shen Ying called a Lightbrain . Suddenly, he felt a real urge to go to outer s.p.a.ce and explore for himself .

Subconsciously, he activated his immortal Qi . A flame appeared in his palm . Shen Ying was right – he still had his cultivation, even outside the game planet .

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 283

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