My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 284

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Published at 3rd of August 2019 10:20:11 AM Chapter 284

Lonemoon and Shen Ying remained in the apartment for five or six days . Yet, Shen Jing still did not turn up .

Lonemoon decidedly rejected Shen Ying's invitation to the game once more . Without her partner in crime, Shen Ying had no choice but to return to her primitive games . Father Niu, on the other hand, had become obsessed with the Star Network's technology . He busied himself with researching the different functions of the wristband .

“I'm so hungry!” Shen Ying slumped on the couch lazily . She looked completely different from her gaming self . “Father Niu, are you sure you don't want to try out that restaurant I was telling you about?”

“Get lost!” Lonemoon rolled his eyes . He lowered his gaze, then picked up his handphone . He ordered take away reluctantly . Take it as I'm paying my accommodation fees!

He turned around to glare at the foodie and frowned . They had no idea when Shen Jing would return .

He began to feel slightly uncomfortable . All this time, he thought that Shen Ying's mouth just could not rest . He thought that she was born a foodie, and that she was a natural cheat . That was why he never thought about whether there was anything wrong with her body . Shen Ying was also not the type to think too much . Had Shen Jing not realised something amiss, they might never have found out that there was something wrong with Shen Ying . They might even have persuaded her to eat less .

That's not right – maybe Chef did realise something . Perhaps that was why he always holed himself up in the kitchen to cook at meal times . He was always extra considerate toward her, yet he never seemed to worry that she would be bloated .

Lonemoon felt an unspeakable guilt deep in his heart . Suddenly, he felt that he did not do a proper job as her father .  Should he have read more books on parenting?

Before the takeout arrived, Lonemoon retrieved a couple of cakes that they ordered from the fridge . He wanted to make sure that Shen Ying's stomach was not empty before the food arrived .

Suddenly, he heard beeps in the house which sounded like warning rings . The same sounds were coming from the wristband that he was wearing as well .

“Warning in the plane!” Shen Ying, who had been laid out like a dead fish on the sofa earlier, suddenly jumped to her feet . She rushed to the table and pressed something . A screen bounced up at once and there was a familiar blue planet displayed on it .

Is that… Earth?

“Little Ying!” The next moment, a male voice spoke . Another screen lit up in the air . A man in a blue uniform appeared on it .

“Uncle… Kaitian?” Shen Ying paused .

The man in the screen pursed his lips . “I've said it many times – call me Big Brother! Am I that old?” The man shook his head . “You saw that warning earlier, right?”

“Yes . ” Shen Ying nodded .

“I know that you're on leave, but that plane is close to you . I am in District T and I can't leave for now . I'll have to trouble you to take a look . ”

“No!” She immediately rejected .

“Don't be like this, Little Ying! We have to help one another as colleagues . ”

“I'm not getting overtime pay . ”

“Little Ying…” Kaitian's face scrunched up but there were no tears . Suddenly, he thought of something . Through gritted teeth, he said, “Rights to the internal policies of Star Network's new online game . ”


“Send me the coordinates . ” Shen Ying immediately tapped on something on her screen . A moment later, she received a group of numbers .

“These numbers are strange,” Kaitian reminded her . “There was no coordinates close by to this planet before . You'll have to be careful . ”

“Alright . ”

“Thanks for the effort,” the man said and nodded . Then, he disappeared .

Lonemoon walked over curiously . “Who was that?”

“My older sister's other a.s.sistant,” Shen Ying replied . She thought for awhile then added, “My colleague!”

“How many a.s.sistants does your sister have?” Why did Lonemoon feel like the management of the plane was made up of a huge team?

“Just two . ” Shen Ying replied while a.s.sessing the numbers . “Under ordinary circ.u.mstances, she doesn't have any a.s.sistants . But Kaitian's circ.u.mstances… are special . ”


“He's not from this plane, but for some reason, his plane cannot be opened . My older sister had no choice but to allow him to stay . ”

Lonemoon nodded and turned to glance at her . “What about you?”

“Me?” Shen Ying paused . Indignantly, she said, “Of course I… got here through the back door!”

“…” Did she have to be so upfront about it?

“Alright . ” Shen Ying switched off the screen in front of her and turned to face Lonemoon . “Father Niu, let's go on an adventure . ”

Lonemoon rolled his eyes and exposed her . “You freaking don't know the way, do you?”

Ordinarily, plane warnings would only go off if the stability of the entire plane was threatened . For example, they would go off when there was a s.p.a.ce storm, turbulence in s.p.a.ce or plane invasions .

Only the plane manager would be able to sense such warnings . However, the Manager Shen of this plane was obviously a professional . She created a warning system that would go off with just the smallest anomaly .

Worriedly, Lonemoon flew on his sword in the direction of the warning . This was not the immortal realm . It was the modern world . Although Shen Ying always subconsciously despised this world's technology, he was in danger of being blasted if he accidentally flew within any country's radar and was determined to be an invader . Fortunately, Shen Ying did not let him down this time . The wristband that she handed to him helped them to avoid being detected by any radar .

Even the airplanes that they met along the way did not spot them, because the wristband had an auto-concealing function . It was much more useful than any talisman they ever had . Lonemoon could not help but feel proud of the technology that he was using .

“Is it here?” Lonemoon looked down at the seemingly unending sea and came to a halt .

Shen Ying looked at the coordinates and nodded . “It's here . ”

“Why is there nothing here?”

“It's not time yet . ” Shen Ying gestured for him to fly lower . They stopped on a small island . Shen Ying tapped on her own wristband, causing a screen to appear, displaying lines of numbers . By the time she activated a countdown in mid-air, there were five minutes left on the counter .

Shen Ying used her finger to work on the screen which looked nothing more than a shadow . The numbers kept running up on the screen .

“That's strange…” She suddenly frowned .

“What's up?”

“This data does not look like there is an explosion in s.p.a.ce or in time . ”

“What do you mean?”

“This is a plane invasion . Something is coming our way . ” Shen Ying's expression darkened as she pointed to the sky .

Indeed, the sky in front of them twisted . There was nothing in front of them, yet it looked like something was about to break through . What's more, the thing looked extremely big .

“It's coming out . ”

Shen Ying quickly retreated a couple of steps . Lonemoon had never seen her this serious before . She was making him feel nervous . “What would it be?”

“I don't know either . It's from another plane . It could destroy this entire plane . ”

“Then what should we do?”

“Go back or… destroy it!”

Lonemoon's heart fell . Immediately, he summoned his immortal sword . For a couple of minutes, he set up series of arrays around them .

It did not sound like anything good .

The sky in front of them was twisting more violently now . Beside them, the countdown was reaching zero . They were down to less than ten seconds .

Five… four… three… two… one!

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 284

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