My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 293

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Published at 7th of August 2019 10:15:06 AM Chapter 293: 293

Shen Ying and the group sought help in a confused state and returned home in an equally confused state . Lonemoon at least finally understood why Shen Ying was so scary . It was no wonder that immortals, divine beings, demons, and even the G.o.dfiend – who was akin to a manager – had nothing on her . Even realm gates, which ordinary people found so difficult to walk through, could be torn open by her easily .

So it was all because she wasn't even on the same level as the rest of them! Lonemoon still did not understand what it meant to absorb the power of the planes, but on further thought, he could imagine that the difference between her and them was similar to the difference between 3D and 2D people . In other words, she could tear them apart with her own two hands . No matter what quality of paper they were drawn on, they would still be paper to her!

Somehow, he knew that he would need some time to absorb all of these things . Shen Jing too did not look like she wanted to stay any longer . After hearing the explanation of Shen Ying's situation, she opened the gates to their own plane and started to return . Shen Ying, however, continued to chew on her fruit carelessly, as if she had no idea about her own strength .

“Chef! Chef?” Lonemoon nudged the person next to him, who was staring blankly into thin air . “Let's go!”

“Oh . ” Yi Qing nodded . He turned around and glanced at Yu Yan, who was embracing Zhu Yao . Then, he followed the group into the plane pa.s.sage .

So they… were master and disciple as well .

“Little Ying, I can't help you with your situation as well,” Shen Jing sighed . She looked worriedly at the people in front of her . Now that she understood Shen Ying's situation, she could not decide if it was good or bad . “Try your best to adjust to it . ”

“Oh . ” Shen Ying nodded, as if she did not find anything wrong with it .

“As for your transmigration, I still have to investigate the reason . ” She frowned, as if recalling something . “Did you say that you were playing a primitive game when you transmigrated?”

Primitive… Father Niu felt a knife cut through his heart .

Seeing Shen Ying nod, Shen Jing continued, “I followed this lead . Given your current situation, I don't think you're suited to manage the plane's matters . Your holiday is extended until further notice . ”

“Yes, Older Sister . No problem, Older Sister . ” Shen Ying's eyes twinkled .

“I have other matters to tend to . I'll be back in three days . ” She turned to open another s.p.a.ce portal . Before she entered it, she said, “Don't get into trouble . ” Then, she disappeared .

Shen Ying finally relaxed her entire body . She immediately looked like a pile of sand once again . Walking to the computer, she picked up two familiar-looking wristbands and handed one to Chef before putting the other one on . Her eyes brightened as she turned to Lonemoon .

“Father Niu, let's go hack some systems!”

“Get lost!”

Apart from eating, sleeping and playing, do you have anything more meaningful to do?

Shen Ying sighed, but did not push him further . “Chef, let's go!”

She was just about to activate her wristband when Yi Qing unexpectedly handed his back to Shen Ying . He lowered his gaze . Many emotions flashed across his face, as if he had been suppressing them for a long time . Obviously, they were about to explode out of his chest . “Master…”

“Huh?” Shen Ying stared blankly back at him .

He clenched his fists by his side, determined . Standing up, he looked at Shen Ying with an extremely serious expression . Then, he took two steps forward and fell to his knees before kowtowing to her .

“What are you doing?” Shen Ying exclaimed, jumping back . Even Lonemoon looked over in surprise .

Yi Qing's expression was even more resolute . He looked directly at her and loudly said, “Your disciple has troubles and he needs Master to help him . ”

“What… What troubles?” Shen Ying was taken aback by how serious Chef looked . “You don't have to be… that serious, do you? Get up first . ”

“This has been on your disciple's heart for countless years, and I haven't found the solution . It's beginning to breed mental demons . I hope Master will listen to your disciple . ” When he finished, he kowtowed once more . His head hit the floor with a resolute thud .

“Alright, alright, alright . I'll listen . I'll listen, alright?” He was scaring her . “Talk . ”

“Your disciple is very fortunate to have you as his master . I've learned a great deal from you . ,” he spoke slowly, emphasising every word . “In your disciple's heart, Master is someone who has guided me throughout life . Ever since I joined you, I have put all your matters and worries on my heart, prioritising them above all else . ”

“Yes . ”

“I've followed Master for so many years, trying to do my best as your disciple . I took pride in learning from you and following in your footsteps . As time went by, your disciple found hidden desires in his heart . I did not notice them before, but now… I cannot get rid of them . ” He clenched his fists by his sides one more, looking extremely ashamed and embarra.s.sed .

Shen Ying instinctively asked him, “What are they?”

Yi Qing began to tremble . He looked unable to carry on but after awhile, he raised his head and took in a deep breath . “I'm your disciple, and I'm proud to be . Developing to my fullest potential and helping you develop the sect far and wide is my duty . But… I don't want to! I'm selfish and I don't want Master to have disciples all over the world . I don't want Master to have any other disciple . I don't want anyone else coming close to Master . I don't want Master to leave my sight for even a second . These are the selfish desires I have harboured in my heart for a long time . I have been unsuccessful in getting rid of them . ”

“Your disciple wants to be by Master's side forever . I want to accompany Master and be your only disciple forever . I don't want anyone else to be by your side, and I want… Master to remain beside me forever . ”

“Master, you taught me to be upright yet I've harboured such selfish desires . I've let Master down, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not get rid of these desires . In the past few thousand years of searching for Master, I became more and more buried in these desires and thoughts . All I can do now is to ask for Master's guidance!”

“I don't want to separate from Master anymore . I just want Master… all to myself . ”


Lonemoon, who heard every single words, could not help but spit out his mouthful of drink and break out in maniacal laughter . However, he choked and began to cough non-stop . As he coughed, he beat his own chest . Yet, with his other hand, he gave Yi Qing a thumbs up .

“Hahaha… ke ke ke… Brother, your righteous confession was really out of this world . It's unbeatable – too strong!” This was the first time he saw such a serious and raw confession . “Even I am almost moved by you . ”

“What do you mean?” Yi Qing frowned .

“I never would have thought, Chef! I never expected you to have such tricks up your sleeve . It's coming at the wrong time, though . ” When he finished speaking, he doubled over in laughter once again .

Yi QIng's expression hardened . Very seriously, he said, “Everything that I said came straight from my hard . I did not lie at all . Can Fellow Daoist Lonemoon please not not take me as a joke?”

Hey, he's addressing me as “Fellow Daoist” . He really is angry!

“I'm really asking Master for guidance as to how to solve my problem . I want to get rid of these selfish desires before I make a huge mistake . If I acted out of place in the past, I'm pleading with Master to punish me accordingly!”

“Punish? Wait!” Lonemoon suddenly thought of a possibility . He looked at Chef like he was an alien . “You… you really don't understand that you like Shen Ying? You don't know that you want to chase her?”

“…” What?

He likes… Master!!!

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 293

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