My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 306

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Chapter 306: Making Wealth at Honesty Sect

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Lou Hong was stunned, a flash of surprise went across his face. Perhaps he doesn't know that they don't have Soul Formation cultivators? He felt nervous immediately, afraid that he would take back his word. He exchanged a glance with the Junior Brother beside him, before he started carefully, “About this… I am quite regretful to say that, before Supremacy came, our sect has not had a Soul Formation cultivator at the moment.

Lonemoon did not expect this sect to be so weak, yet in any case, it was a mid-tier sect, so he didn't care much.

“What about Nascent Soul cultivators?”

“There are… three?”

“Three?” So few? Is Upper Azure World so difficult to live in now?

“Yes. One of them is me, the other my Junior Brother Lou Rui.”

“Oh. What about the other?” Didn't he say three?

“The other, he was unfortunately defeated by a Soul Formation cultivator one month ago, and pa.s.sed away!”

Lonemoon, “…”

Shen Ying, “…”

Yi Xiao, “…”

Isn't this TWO instead!

No wonder they would be so eager as to let the whole sect stand in line to greet them! With only two Nascent Soul cultivators in the whole sect, how do they dare calling themselves a mid-tier sect! In the past, even the ordinary sects in Middle Azure World fared better than this!

“Never mind!” Lonemoon sighed. In any case, they were only staying in the lower realm temporarily for Chef's sake. “We are rather tired after traveling, and would have to bother the sect master to arrange a place for us to rest.”

“Of course, of course.” Seeing that they did not leave straight away, the sect master was relieved. He immediately led the party out of the audience hall and said, “May Supremacy and…” He looked at Shen Ying, who had already finished half a plate of fruits at the side, only now remembering that this must be the friend that Supremacy Lonemoon mentioned, and he actually forgot to ask about her the whole time.

“She's called Shen Ying,” Lonemoon made an introduction casually, “the child beside her is her disciple, Yi Qing.”

Lou Hong subconsciously looked at Shen Ying's cultivation, yet did not find a trace of fluctuation of spiritual power around her. His heart sank: being a Soul Formation Supremacy, she could hide even her spiritual power so well. He hurried and made a salute. “Supremacy Shen.” Then he looked at Chef at the side, “Young friend Yi Qing.”

After all this, he led the three out of the audience hall, and walked towards the back. After a few transportation arrays, they soon reached the top of an island. Within sight was a lot of pink- this was a cherry wood, where the flowers bloomed without seasonal changes. It looked beautiful, and some low-level spiritual herbs could be faintly seen at the side. There was a small building within the woods. It was very elegant.

“This?” Lonemoon was somewhat confused. The scenery was nice, but isn't the Spirit Qi a bit too thin here? By right, mortal plants do not easily grow on immortal mountains. This cherry wood was apparently not planted by people, but grew themselves due to the thinness of Spirit Qi. Speaking lightly, for one who practices at such a place, it would be fortunate to even complete Core Formation.

“This is the place with the richest Spirit Qi in our sect.” Lou Hong introduced, his expression was actually excited, and a hint of envy showed in his eyes. “This is the place that our original Master practiced, and by rumor, the place where the spirit vein”

“Spirit vein?” He must be joking. “Are you sure that there is a spirit vein here?”

Lou Hong stiffened, and said somewhat embarra.s.sedly, “After the Ancestral Master achieved his Immortal Ascension, the Spirit Qi was not comparable to before. But… as compared to the other peaks, it was indeed much richer.”

“…” Lonemoon turned to look at the other spiritual peaks. He didn't notice it just now, but upon close inspection now, their Spirit Qi was indeed all thin. He immediately had the impulse to turn around and leave. Such level of Spirit Qi is definitely not enough for Yi Qing's practice.

Yet Shen Ying turned, poked Lou Hong and asked, “Sect master, do you provide meals?”

Lou Hong was stunned, thought that she was afraid that the disciple who had not yet gained Grain Liberation would be starved, and nodded immediately, “yes, yes, while our sect lacks in other things, we have many low-level disciples, so we have quite a few cafeterias!”

“Good, we are staying!” Shen Ying's eyes brightened.

“That's enough from you.” The corner of Lonemoon's mouth moved. Can you not become unable to walk every time you hear about food? And for the sect master whose surname is Lou, what's the pride in having many low-level disciples who hadn't even achieved Grain Liberation?

( ̄_, ̄)

Lonemoon felt mentally tired. He took a deep breath before saying, “Forget it, stay if you want to. Sect master Lou, may I trouble you to bring me some higher-level Dharma artifacts? I'll borrow those and make a Soul Gathering Array. With time, it might be that the spirit vein underneath can be revived.”

To revive the spirit vein! That would benefit the whole sect!

Lou Hong's eyes brightened immediately, as he took out his storage bag. “Okay, the Dharma treasures of our sect are all here. I'm not sure Dharma artifacts of what level do Supremacy require.”

“The higher, the better.”

Lou Hong thought about it, took a spiritual sword from the bag and handed it over, his face full of excitement. “This is the highest-level Dharma artifact of our sect, Dharma treasure of ours, Spirit Severing Sword! Supremacy may see if it can be of use to you.”

Lonemoon looked at the sword he presented extremely carefully and grinned.You must be joking? The Dharma treasure of your sect is just a spiritual sword of the sixth level? One with a broken edge besides?

“Is there… nothing else?”

“Is that not enough?” Lou Hong thought about it, and produced from the bag the following: fifth level broken fan, fourth level broken zither, and third level broken bells… He handed them over with all sincerity.

Lonemoon's face had become as dark as the bottom of a wok. What a poor and dest.i.tute sect he had just entered!

And the man's expression was actually completely sincere. With a casual usage of Divine Perception, he knew that the broken things in his hands were actually the best items of the sect. Instantly, it was as if the whole sect smelled of poverty.

Lonemoon took a deep breath and suppressed the urge to break those items. “Never mind!” He turned, produced a hand seal and opened the little movable mystic realm in which he stored items. He directly took out from there a white band which kept twisting like some living thing.

In a moment, the Spirit Qi of the surroundings increased immensely, and became amazingly thick, as if it was changing into a physical being, and rushed into the body without any need for guidance. Lou Hong's spirit came alive immediately, and even his cultivation which had stagnated for a long time saw slight changes. He couldn't help but stared at the white thing in Lonemoon's hands, his eyes widened.

“This… Can't this be a spiritual vein!” He exclaimed.

“It's an immortal…” Lonemoon stopped his sentence halfway, sighed and said, “Never mind, you may just treat it as a spiritual vein!” He still had half of the immortal vein that Little Birdie gave him.

He took two steps forward, produced a hand seal and planted half of the immortal veins down. In an instant, there was something spreading across the whole peak. Spirit Qi which was so thin at the start had become saturated and immediately filled every corner of the sect.

The ground started to shake, too. With the protection of Spirit Qi, Honesty Sect which originally floated only a dozen meters in the air started to rise straight upwards, and in an instant it already floated above the clouds.

The more saturated the Spirit Qi in a spiritual mountain, the higher they floated. This is common knowledge in the Three Azure Realms, yet floating up into the sky directly was something n.o.body had ever seen.

Lou Hong was so surprised that the Dharma artifacts dropped from his hands. His mouth opened wide, and his face was full of disbelief.

“Come with me!” Lonemoon dragged Lou Hong, who was stunned in awe.

“Supremacy, where… are we going?” Lou Hong was still confused.

“To check the accounts!”

“Ah! Ah?”

“I just can't stand the look of your poverty.”

Lou Hong, “…”

Shen Ying, “…”

Yi Qing: “…”

Father Niu remains the Father!


My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 306

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