My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 314

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Chapter 314: The Truth About Intrusion

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He somehow felt that this might have something to do with that idiot… uh no, intruder.

But he didn't imagine that the Three Azure Realms had become so poor right now? Even the Green Feathers Spiritual Orchid could be a treasure worth fighting for. He remembered that in the radishes that Rabbit used to send Shen Ying every day, more than half were those orchids. One or two of those still grew in the back side of the mountain of Invincible Sect every now and then.

He thought about the matter of the intruder. After he understood the purpose of the demons, he wasn't too interested in what was happening next. He told Lou Hong goodbye and went back to Invincible Peak with Shen Ying and Yi Qing.

“How do you intend to deal with that crazy boy?” After returning to the peak, Lonemoon asked straight away. “You gonna open a plane gate and chase him back?”

“I can't chase him back.” Shen Ying spread her hands.

“What do you mean?” I didn't know that there's someone you can't chase in this world. His expression was suspicious.

Shen Ying picked up a fruit, habitually, and was just going to eat it, before it was suddenly grabbed by Yi Qing, who put a piece of pastry into her hand at once. She was stunned for an instant before stuffing it directly into her mouth.

“He is mixed.”

Lonemoon stopped short, suddenly remembering the fat shadow that shrouded the boy. “You mean, those karma on him?” Those karma belonged to this world. If they threw the person back to his original plane now, there would be an impact indeed.

“Nah!” Shen Ying inclined her head. “Karma is just some data. It can simply be added from the amount dropped!” That wouldn't make a difference.

“…” Lonemoon's mouth twitched. He felt that she insulted all the concepts of karma in novels.

“The point is the person that he mixed with.”

“Person?” Lonemoon suddenly widened his eyes in shock. “You mean, the body that he is in now?”

Indeed in their eyes Jing Qi was a fat man who intruded into this world, yet to others, he was merely a ten-year-old kid. Apparently, the fat man was the real body of the intruder. This meant that it was the soul that transmigrated!

“Are you going to say that the poor soul that he possessed was still inside his body?”

“Yes.” Shen Ying nodded.

“Holy s.h.i.+t!” Lonemoon cursed. In that case, they couldn't simply send him back indeed, because that way they would be sending two, and it would become their intrusion into another plane.

“But it doesn't make sense!” He suddenly remembered something, “By right, one body can only accommodate one soul. If his soul possessed the body, the original soul should be squeezed out.”

“The system was incompatible. He was stuck.” Shen Ying said.

“You mean that the original soul was trapped inside the body of the intruder like those karma?” Lonemoon suddenly thought about the karma inside that kid's body. “How could this be?” Could this intruder's spirit be stronger than all the others?

“Hmm…” Shen Ying bowed down her head and thought for a while, before replying, “maybe he was… wider.”


Lonemoon's mouth twitched as he thought about the thick layers of flesh on that shadow. “You mean because he was too fat originally, the original soul and those karma were trapped and unable to come out?”

“That's right!”

“What right!” Since when had being fat become a superpower? “Then what are we gonna do now? Are we going to leave him to stay here?” With all his karma, he might indeed become a master. “What happens to the original soul? He can't be left trapped, right?” This was his first plane mission, yet this start was so difficult.

“We wait for his consumption.”

“Consumption! You mean, we let those karma be consumed first?” Lonemoon thought about it carefully. Indeed, the intruder could trap the original soul more or less due to those karma. As he had too much karma, he naturally suppressed others, and of course the original soul was unable to resist him.

The two had already mixed, so they couldn't casually separate them. As he belonged to a different plane, the soul system was different, and trouble could easily be caused from such a separation. But should those karma disappear, the original soul would naturally resist, and then the mixing of the two would become problematic, making it easier for intervention.

“But…” He realized one more problem. “Karma does not get consumed easily. He had amazing karma in the first place, and n.o.body else could consume his karma. Unless he had someone with a similar level of karma, or an opponent recognized by himself, rousing his heart for fighting, then it would work. We can't make another genius for him!”

“We have one already!” Shen Ying suddenly turned to look towards the direction of the kitchen.


Lonemoon looked at the small figure who was cooking with a simple seriousness.

This was indeed… a wise choice!

“Chef, come, let's discuss revenge!”

If you want to consume one's karma, you've got to beat him when he was most self-satisfied, making him unable to satiate his desires. As such, he would want more and keep consuming his own karma. This opponent must be someone who inspired his urge to fight, and Chef was doubtless the best choice. Firstly, they came from the same village, so they appeared to have the same starting point.

Secondly, Chef was born a member of the dragon clan. He was meant to become a G.o.d. Even if the other party had extraordinary amounts of karma, Chef lacked only Spirit Qi, and he could improve his cultivation even if he simply closed his eyes. In terms of speed, n.o.body could surpa.s.s him.

Thirdly, it was about the impact of the karma. Theoretically, when Jing Qi became lucky, someone else had to be unlucky due to the influence of the karma. Yet Chef was a plane a.s.sistant. Although due to the conditions of his body he couldn't accept the a.s.sistant seal, there was that marking inside his body. With that marking, all worldly rules couldn't limit him, including the rules of karma, which meant that they needn't worry about him being negatively affected by the intruder's karma.

Lastly, for some unknown reason, Jing Qi indeed seemed to have a hostility towards Chef. He felt it earlier when they were in the audience hall. Chef already possessed complete hatred from the other party without doing anything himself.

Lonemoon was just contemplating whether to let Chef do a secluded cultivation, or a Foundation Establishment first, when something happened at Honesty Sect again.

The Protective Mountain Array was activated instantly, and the whole sect trembled as if someone was attacking it.

In the next moment, waves of demonic roars came from the distance, and demonic aura suddenly increased outside the mountain gates. Waves of black aura came right at the sect.

“Supremacy!” A disciple arrived hurriedly, horror written all over his face. “Many demons suddenly arrived outside the mountain gate. They surrounded the gate. Sect master told me to bring Supremacy over.”

They had come indeed…

My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 314

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